How To Be Spiritually Minded

Have you wondered how spiritual people seem to live in complete happiness despite not having all the luxuries in the world?

The answer here is how you perceive life itself. Embracing spirituality is the best way to stand your ground amidst challenges and live with true fulfillment.

To live a fulfilled life, you must live in peace and purpose. And to live in peace and purpose, you must first walk the spiritual path.

What Does It Mean to be Spiritually Minded?

The human mind tends to wander in fantasy and rumination when spirituality is missing in their life. Negative external forces push you to lose yourself and question your purpose in our world.

That’s why embracing spirituality is one of your strongest shields to fight life’s challenges and the insidious poisons that can make you lose your vigor.  

Spirituality enables you to tap into your higher consciousness by searching for your purpose and connecting with something greater than yourself.

You are led to look inward and slowly let go of your ego that instills fear, uncertainties, and worldly desires.

According to Brian Hedges, you reach your highest potential without needing extrinsic stimulus by being spiritually minded. Moreover, you concentrate on matters more significant than the superficial and materialistic things the physical world offers you.

Spiritual-mindedness is about being intent on your spiritual path and letting go of shallow constraints that prevent you from achieving your highest potential.

Signs You are Spiritually Minded

The length of a spiritual journey depends on the person. Some may experience it for a week, while others may take a lifetime.

A person may start their spiritual journey with or without their knowledge. Some do not realize how far they have embarked on their journey. 

According to The Times of India, here are some signs indicating that you have evolved as a spiritual soul.

1. You are connected to other souls.

A spiritually minded person acts compassionately and kindly towards other humans and feels deeply connected to them. They see all human beings as equal and are mindful of the flawed nature of human life. 

If you are spiritually minded, you are likely to forgive people easily, give without expecting anything in return, and accept everyones’ differences.

2. You work on loving and improving yourself.

A spiritually-minded person never stops working on himself. He understands that the only way to love the world selflessly is to love oneself first

Spiritually minded people work on loving their flaws, accepting what can’t be changed, and changing what can. 

To truly evolve, you must have an honest and deep understanding of your nature, limitations, talents, and all.

3. You believe in letting people be.

As a spiritually minded person, you must understand that everyone is on their journey, and it’s not your job to change others. You must never impose your beliefs on your fellow human and live with an open heart and mind. 

Judgment impedes your spiritual growth. Live with openness and honesty. Focus on your journey, and remember that we are all connected by our quests. 

To truly connect with the universe, you must realize that there is no one truth. 

4. You openly accept suffering.

Denial of suffering can lead to apathy. Apathy motivates you not to pursue your highest potential.

Apathy will do its best to stop you from attaining your true purpose and reaching out to people. It will make you believe it’s better to stay in your comfort zone because it is safe and peaceful.

However, as a spiritual person, you profoundly understand that to deeply connect with others, you must be willing to share their suffering.

5. You question religious dogmas when they are wrong.

A spiritual person is different from a blind devotee. You understand that all faiths are inherently flawed.

You clearly understand what contributes to your well-being and what does not. You know what belief can harm its believers, thus questioning its credibility and seeking to find the truth. 

6. You are honest.

Honesty is the best policy for a reason. Being honest says a lot about your character and values as a person. Honesty makes you more reliable and trustworthy.

A relationship founded in lies easily crumbles. Honesty is one of the keys to building a meaningful and strong connection with others.

To walk the spiritual path, you must ensure your heart’s and mind’s purity. You must first be honest to yourself before you become honest with others.

7. You have a deep connection with nature.

You have grown spiritually minded if you develop a deep attachment to nature. You are now aware of its significance to your spiritual well-being. And aware of how it represents the constant life changes.

Nature humbles you. You become aware of your role in this world. You realize that you are only a speck in the vast realm of existence. 

8. You are grateful.

Instead of looking where the grass is greener, you now concentrate on your life. You practice gratitude in a conscious and active process. And continuously looks around for the blessing you’ve been granted and thanks the universe for it.

9. You appreciate everything.

Be it good or bad. You now see the significance of everything. You remain peaceful in facing adversities. You consider each life situation as a lesson.

You know that everything happens for a reason, and you trust what God or the universe has in store for you. 

10. You don’t need external validation for internal peace.

Seeking external validation is normal and healthy. But depending too much on it and identifying yourself with others’ opinions is not.

You have spiritually grown if you find yourself at peace with your identity. You are content with who you are inside and outside.

You are now aware that real peace and happiness do not come from the outside but from within.

11. You appreciate solitude.

When you have spiritually grown, you no longer feel isolated when alone. Instead, you take the opportunity to know yourself deeper. You now seek solitude. 

Solitude is the state of being alone without feeling empty and lonely. You know the value of having quality engagement with yourself. It enriches you and cultivates your love for yourself.

12. You trust life’s plan.

You now surrender to what is and believe in the goodness of your future. You have let go of the things you cannot control and are now noticing how life works for you rather than against you.

The Benefits of Being Spiritually Minded

According to Hannah Wabe, spiritual-mindedness allows you to be in tune with yourself and your surroundings. 

It helps you find direction and inner peace in life. Listed below are the benefits of being a spiritually-minded person.

1. Spiritual-mindedness improves your mental health.

Through spirituality, you have a tighter hold of yourself. Your deep self-awareness helps you navigate negative external factors and prevent them from harming your mental well-being.

A study by Bonelli et al. found that respondents with depression who absorbed spiritual practices had a faster recovery and reduced symptoms of depression.

Spirituality acts as a shield that protects you from negative external factors. It gives you hope and helps you become optimistic.

2. Spiritual-mindedness improves your physical health.

Poor mental health contributes to poor physical health. Studies have proven that physical health consequences are related to stress.

When you are spiritually grounded, external forces cannot shake your peace. 

Spiritual-mindedness will help you monitor your emotions and thoughts. It also allows you to process your reaction and focus more on giving solutions to a problem.

A study by the American Cancer Society found the positive influence of spirituality on our health. Spirituality lowers the risk of severe cancer development.

It also helps cancer patients have higher energy levels and a more positive outlook on life.

3. Spiritual-mindedness helps you become optimistic.

Spirituality generates positive feelings of generosity, optimism, and gratefulness. These positive feelings increase your energy levels, motivating you daily.

When you have a positive outlook in life, you believe in a healthy way that you deserve the great things the universe gives. It prevents you from sabotaging yourself, allowing you to open new doors of opportunities for yourself.

You become more intentional in living your life and uplift others in need in return. 

4. Spiritual-mindedness strengthens your relationships.

Spirituality enhances empathy which is crucial to creating a meaningful relationship. It gives you a support group and a sense of acceptance and belonging.

Another way to spiritually strengthen your relationship with your loved ones is by leading by example.

For instance, you can teach your children the importance of being true to themselves. This will not only boost their self-esteem but will also help them create in-depth personal connections.

You can also teach them to become empathetic and aware of their surroundings’ state. Teach them how to contribute to their community healthily.

5. Spiritual-mindedness lets you live with purpose.

Spirituality helps people who wonder in life aimlessly. It gives you direction and guidance in achieving your highest potential.

If you know what you want, you know where you’re going. Being spiritually minded prevents you from succumbing to life challenges and helps you gain a clear picture of your purpose here in the world.

How to Become a Spiritually Minded Person?

There is no set way toward the spiritual path, but here are some steps you can follow in becoming a spiritually minded person.

1. Submit yourself to the Almighty.

We may come from different walks of life and religious backgrounds. But deep down, we all know that the universe is run by an entity greater than all of us.

Realizing the existence of this all-powerful creator is the first step on the road to spirituality. Let go of the illusions created by your ego and submit yourself to the Almighty.

God’s words can bring major spiritual transformation and acquaint you with hidden knowledge not within everyone’s reach.

The ultimate goal is to achieve peace by submitting your will to the Lord. Regardless of whether you are tested with hunger, fear, or loss of material wealth, you should remain steadfast to strengthen your spiritual side.

2. Meditate regularly. 

A mind crammed with worrisome thoughts can become a hindrance to spiritual mindedness. 

Meditation is a great way to free your mind from worldly worries. It can help you focus your attention on spirituality, thus making you more productive in the long run.

Meditation can also help you establish a profound connection with your soul and harmonize the energies flowing in your body.

When you meditate in a quiet environment, you tend to become more aware of your thoughts and feelings. You also get to develop virtues like empathy, compassion, and honesty. 

Lastly, the most profound of its benefits is that meditation can open your mind and help you realize there is more to the universe than meets the eye.

3. Foster a bond with nature.

Being spiritually minded is all about attaining inner tranquility. You can achieve this by fostering a bond with nature and reflecting on the purpose of your existence. 

Consider embarking on a week-long trip to a scenic destination with outstanding natural beauty. 

Spending time with nature and indulging in introspection can work wonders for making you spiritually minded. It can also renew your mind, making you capable of discerning hidden realities.

4. Connect with spiritual people.

Once you have begun your spiritual journey, you must surround yourself with people who emanate positive vibes.

The company of spiritually aware people will allow you to cultivate a calm and balanced mind. 

Moreover, it will boost your social skills and confidence. Your social circle will eventually expand as you meet new people involved in the spiritual sphere. 

Make sure you distance yourself from people who have toxic personalities. The influence of such people could sway you to conform to worldly norms and practices prevailing in the world. 

People not concerned with the essence of spiritual mindedness will squander your precious time and deflect you from your spiritual goals.

5. Ground yourself.

Live in the present moment and accept reality the way it is. Focusing on the present moment will help ward off worries about what the future has in store for you.

Moreover, present-moment awareness will enable you to dismantle negative strongholds and keep your mind pure.

6. Be open.

As we age and grow older, our receptiveness to people’s suggestions tends to decline. This narrows our perspectives and ultimately leads to our spiritual downfall. 

Your biggest obstacle to the spiritual path is your ego, which can erupt like a volcano when you are least aware of it. Not only can ego make you resistant to learning new things, but it can also sabotage your spirituality.

Never let ego get in the way of spirituality, as it can negatively impact personality development to an unimaginable extent. 

What you may have been taught in early life might be false or contradictory. Therefore, you should always try to transcend your childhood programming by being receptive to new ideas and facts.

Spiritual-mindedness According to the Bible

Those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit.  

To set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.

Romans 8:5-6

A life guided by your ego can lead to your miseries. But a life established in peace and harmony is everlasting.

To achieve spiritual mindedness, you must slowly let go of worldly desires. Elder José A. Teixeira explained that deciding to be spiritually minded by living a life worthy of the Holy Spirit’s guidance will guide your actions and decisions. 

Through the Holy Spirit, you can receive gifts to benefit you and those you love and serve. You will also be protected from physical and spiritual dangers that can lead to spiritual death.

Final Words

The spiritual path will be riddled with obstacles. But it is not impossible if you open yourself to possibilities and accept what the journey will teach you. 

You must always have the perspective of a student because a spiritual person allows himself to be led and taught. 

You must always seek new avenues of growth through life,  books, teachers, or your fellow spiritual pursuers. Practicing patience, self-love, compassion, and grace will also help you reach your spiritual goals.

Believe in the process, hang tight, and surrender to the higher powers. You will reach your goals in your own time so prepare for a newly awakened life.

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