How To Heal Your Sacral Chakra

Have you been feeling emotionally imbalanced, creatively low, or tired without any reason? You may be experiencing an imbalance or blockage in your Sacral Chakra.

The Swadhisthana, commonly known as the sacral chakra, is the second main chakra located two-three inches below your belly button. It is responsible for your emotions, sexuality, creativity, and manifesting ability.

Failure to address the issues of your sacral chakra can lead to an imbalance in your emotions and detachment from yourself and the people around you. So to help, here’s a quick guide on how to heal your sacral chakra.

8 Ways to Heal Your Sacral Chakra

According to the Ananda Yogic Encyclopedia, the sacral chakra is one of the seven chakras that stores and circulates energy. 

It also serves as the storage for our psychological or mental tendencies, desires, and habits that originates from our subconscious mind.

Additionally, Enlightened Solutions emphasized that an unhealthy sacral chakra can lead to difficulty processing, managing, and expressing emotions. You’ll have difficulty using your skills to navigate and identify your emotions, which are crucial for effective interaction and meaningful living.

If you feel like there’s something wrong with your sacral chakra, here are easy ways you can help it recover:

1. Use Healing Crystals.

Healing crystals are known to be effective in healing the sacral chakra. According to the Tiny Rituals, Crystals for the sacral chakra, such as the Tiger’s eye, Peach Moonstone, Citrine, Amber, Orange Calcite, Coral, and Orange Aventurine, work the best. 

You can use these crystals while meditating or opt to carry them with you. While meditating, you can hold these crystals in your hand, close your eyes and imagine an orange circle in the location of your Sacral Chakra. 

After this, picture the orange energy moving throughout your body. Visualize this energy for a couple of minutes until you regain your sacral balance. You can also use sacral crystal jewelry to protect your Swadhisthana.

Note: When incorporating healing crystals with your sacral chakra healing, please note that healing crystals have no application in modern medicine and should only be used as support.

2. Incorporate the color orange.

Sarah Regan from Mind Body Green shared that one of the easiest ways to achieve sacral chakra healing is to integrate the color orange into your daily routine. This is also known as color therapy

Orange represents the sacral chakra, and surrounding yourself with it can help your sacral chakra’s recovery. 

You can do this by adding a splash of orange to your home decor, wearing orange outfits, or creating art representing the sacral color. 

Additionally, eating foods that are orange in color can also help greatly. You can try consuming peaches, carrots, ginger, mangoes, papaya, coconut, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin. You can also infuse your water with orange fruits to replenish your sacral energy.

Note: Before consuming the foods mentioned above, please ensure they are suitable for you and won’t harm your health.

3. Start journaling.

As the sacral chakra governs emotions, self-reflection through journaling will allow you to become aware of your specific concerns with your sacral energy. 

Margarita Tartakovsky from Healthline explained that the more you know yourself, the easier it will be to heal. 

Taking note of your emotions and reflecting on them through your journal will help you become mindful of how you feel and what triggers you.

A lot of people get overwhelmed by the idea of writing daily. But journaling doesn’t have to be tedious. 

You can write your daily rants or a single sentence representing your experiences for the day. You can also opt to express yourself by creating illustrations in your journal.

Remember that this is only about your self-expression, so there’s no harm in starting your journal now.

4. Express your creative side.

It’s not true when people say they don’t have a creative side because everyone has it. We have this misconception that being creative has something to do with drawing, painting, or writing.

But do you know that you can find creativity everywhere? It’s deeply embedded in the simple things you do!

There’s creativity in dressing yourself, reorganizing your space, cooking, gardening, and so on. So don’t believe your inner critic when it says you’re not creative.

Lacey Haynes explained that expressing your creativity is one of the most powerful ways to unlock your sacral energy. 

Tap into your artistic power and create something for yourself. Put on some music, sing out loud, or dance around in your room. Try painting, baking, or picking up a completely new hobby. 

Try being spontaneous, and don’t worry about the results. Break out of your daily routine every once in a while to do something different. These little acts of creativity will increase your confidence and bring emotional healing.

5. Use aromatherapy oils. 

The sacral chakra is all about exploring life with our senses. Incorporating good aromatherapy oils like orange, rosewood, ginger, and jasmine would help immensely. 

You can simply use these oils with a diffuser. Another way to use them is by adding certain oils to your skincare or bath routine.

Note: Before starting your aromatherapy session, please consult an expert practitioner first to know which methods and oils will work best for you.

6. Practice breathwork and yoga techniques.

According to Michelle Fondin of Chopra, Breathwork is a wonderful tool to balance your energies. Left-nostril breathing, particularly, is beneficial for the sacral chakra as it cultivates lunar energy (the crescent moon represents the sacral chakra).

Another great way to balance the sacral chakra is through yoga. Specific postures like the butterfly pose, the goddess pose, the cobra pose, the camel pose, and the reverse warrior pose are great for clearing sacral blocks.

Remember to focus on each pose’s progress and not worry too much about perfecting it. 

With practice, your body will become flexible, and you can do yoga poses more easily. You can also do free-flowing movements or dance that allow you to stretch and move.

7. Don’t be afraid to express your emotions.

A lot of us have been conditioned to suppress our emotions since childhood. And as we grow old, this plays out in our personal and interpersonal relationships. 

Allow yourself to feel every emotion when it arises. If you delay feeling something because you are too busy for it, chances are it will end up being suppressed. 

This results in excessive mood swings and emotional imbalance. Cleanse yourself through an emotional purge by crying, screaming, or laughing to let go of any pent-up feelings.

Any time you experience shame or guilt when you allow yourself to express them, make a note of it. Then make time to sit and figure out what caused the feeling of guilt and shame.

Be mindful of how you express your emotions and slowly learn to accept them regardless of their nature. Through this, you’ll slowly overcome your emotional imbalance.

8. Use chants and daily affirmations.

According to Sia O’Gorman from Insight Timer, Vam is the sound of the Swadhisthana, and chanting it will eliminate its blockages and help it express its powers.

You can try chanting this while you meditate or listen to sacral healing music you can find online. You can also listen to sound meditation before sleep so your brain can easily register the frequency. 

Lastly, daily affirmations can be a great help for sacral chakra healing. You can write these positive affirmations in your journal or speak them out loud every morning in front of your mirror. This will help you replace limiting thoughts with more positive ones. 

Allow yourself to feel the words. Affirmations work best when they resonate with you and when you practice them daily.

Wrapping It Up!

The Sacral Chakra, or the Swadhisthana, is the second major chakra located two-three inches below your belly button. It is represented by the color orange and is associated with the crescent moon that controls water and energy tides.

With its association with water, the sacral chakra governs our emotions. An imbalance in its energies can lead to emotional imbalances, detachment from oneself, and inability to express creativity.

So to heal your sacral chakra, it’s important to do activities that enrich your emotions and ability to express yourself. 

Also, remember to never suppress your emotions as it hurts your sacral chakra; instead, find a healthy outlet to take all your emotional burdens out.

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