How To Spiritually Attract Money

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”


It is said that we were all born standing on a race track. While most begin at the starting line, some were born a few meters ahead or even beyond the finish line. We don’t have equal opportunities, which is life’s reality.

However, it’s important to know that your beginnings don’t define you. You create your fate, and you have what it takes to remove yourself from your situation.

Just like the individuals who seem to know the secret formula to amass wealth, you can also attract money and propel your life to greater levels, and here’s how.

First, You Need to Understand Wealth!

The most important part of building wealth that is often skipped is having one’s clear definition of wealth.

Have you ever asked yourself what wealth is for you? Is it having a mansion and hectares of land or living in luxury while visiting different places on a whim?

Or is wealth something that allows you to support yourself and your loved ones’ needs without worrying about where you’ll get tomorrow’s finances?

Either way, both definitions of wealth are correct and acceptable.

In his book, Wealth Within Your Reach, Francisco J. Colayco, Chairman of the Colayco Foundation for Education, Inc., explained that wealth doesn’t necessarily equate to having millions and millions of money.

He says, “Being wealthy simply means having the financial resources to support your chosen lifestyle. Wealth is nothing more than having the money to fund your particular needs at any given time.”

Anyone, especially you, can plan how to attract and build consistent and sufficient wealth for your chosen lifestyle. And here are three important keys to starting your journey toward wealth, according to Francisco J. Colayco:

Foresee your future necessities. 

It’s important to be clear about your needs, as they will determine the methods and techniques you can use to build wealth.

Make plans for the resources you’ll utilize to support your future needs. 

Ask yourself about your resources. Are you currently relying upon your active income (salary earned from your job)? 

Or do you have passive income (stable earnings from a business or other sources that only require minimal labor)  to back you up?

What resources are you willing to establish to ensure your life’s stability?

Know how you can accommodate your needs according to your current resources.

Not everyone immediately has the resources they need. While others are blessed to support their lifestyles, others have difficulties making ends meet.

That’s why, while your resources are still insufficient, it’s essential to determine how you can adjust your needs so that your resources will be enough for them.

You can relate this to a Filipino proverb that states,

“While the blanket is short, learn how to bend.”

Filipino proverb

It means being content with what you have in the meantime and learning how to appreciate your blessings while working to improve your life.

Everything, especially your wealth, depends on how you spend. So, ensure that you spend according to your means.

Why Are You Not Attracting Money?

Have you ever wondered why others seem to attract money like they’re the bank itself while it seems to avoid you like the plague?

Others will say that this is associated with luck but no. Luck doesn’t guarantee anything.

Attracting money and good wealth all rely on your efforts and mindset. 

Aleise Kay says it may seem like you can’t attract the wealth you deserve despite doing everything. This is because you could be missing some aspects of your life that greatly influence how you attract money.

1. You have bad money habits.

Remember when you promised yourself that you’d surely get your financial habits right? 

You might have said this several times and attempted to improve how you’ll handle your finances, but still, there’s no progress.

This may be a sign to check your financial habits.

Ask yourself about how you handle your finances. Do you spend more on wants than on needs? Do you save a portion of your money? 

Are you an impulsive buyer? Where do most of your finances go?

How you allocate and utilize your money greatly affects how money comes to you. Because if you can’t handle the current amount you have well, what more if it’s greater?

It takes sincere responsibility to handle the money and blessings you have before you can accumulate good wealth.

2. You often complain.

It’s inevitable and normal to complain about difficult situations. However, complaining about the smallest things, especially for blessings that didn’t meet your expectations, is not.

Aleise Klays explained that your perception of the resources you have affects how you attract wealth. The scenario gets worse when you always complain that your money is insufficient.

Always be grateful for your money, even if it’s little. It may be small in amount, but you can still utilize it to meet your needs.

3. You’re so closed-fisted.

Being frugal is a valuable trait to possess, while stinginess is not. Yes, money comes hard these days, but sometimes letting some of it go to uplift others will cause you no harm.

According to Ashley Stetts from Elite Daily, in order to receive, you have to be willing to give. Being so closed-fisted with your resources, especially money, often results in a have-not mentality that affects the money that goes into your wallet.

So, if you have some amount to spare, consider giving it to good causes like charities, environmental projects, or groups that aim to uplift others’ lives.

4. You have a scarcity mindset.

A scarcity mindset is the opposite of the abundance mindset which is an integral part of how you attract money.

When you have a scarcity mindset, you often perceive that your resources, particularly your money, are insufficient or will never be enough.

Having this mindset prevents you from looking at the positive side of life, as you only focus on struggles, even though there are none.

Just as the law of attraction says, you attract what you perceive. So, fixating your mind on financial struggles will likely put you in a life full of them.

It may not be easy, but slowly learn to accept abundance in your life, physically and mentally. You will see how changing your perception of money changes the way you attract it.

5. You don’t believe in yourself and your abilities.

To attract money positively, you have to ensure that you have what it takes to receive it, especially if you’re in the field of business or a freelancer.

Have you ever experienced not being able to close deals with clients? While the reason may be most on the client’s part, your perception of yourself can be a factor too.

You see, people know if someone has what they need or if they can rely on them. What your energy radiates (confidence, insecurity, fear, calmness) greatly affects how you make connections.

If you can’t see your significance to the world, then no one else will.

You must learn to rely on your abilities and trust your instincts because money goes to those who grind and believe in themselves.

So, How to Attract Money?

Attracting money is no magic. What you need is an open mindset, a clear vision, and an unyielding effort to take your financial status to greater heights.

1. Think positive to receive.

This may be cliche to hear, but attracting money first starts in your head. You must first change your mindset about money and consider it a great blessing to open up new opportunities rather than a tool to satiate personal interests.

Tom from Dividends Diversify explained that having a positive mindset (healthy positivity) can help you appreciate everything you have, especially money.

A component of positive thinking is positive affirmations, where you can bring good things out of negative situations.

Money goes to where it is welcomed with sincerity, and developing a positive mindset will help you attract money. This is because when you are grateful for every little thing you receive, you show the universe that you are worthy to accept them.

2. Believe that you deserve to be happy.

Most of the time, we tend to fear success because of the changes it can bring to our lives. Because of this, we repel receiving blessings for fear that we won’t be able to keep up with the responsibilities attached to them.

However, continuously believing that you don’t deserve the good things in life prevents you from attracting wealth that will help you create the life you desire.

According to John D. Moore from Psych Central, an important part of attracting wealth is believing that you are deserving of happiness.

A positive self-view helps you create a healthy outlook in life and perception of the things around you. 

You begin to see success as an opportunity to leverage your life. And alongside your preparedness to receive success is the preparedness to attract money and wealth.

3. Believe in the Law of Attraction.

Elizabeth Scott from VeryWell Mind explained that the Law of Attraction is a philosophy that suggests that our thoughts greatly influence the consequences of our life. Positive thoughts bring positive results, while negative thoughts bring negative results.

According to her, the law of attraction is based on the belief that our mindset is a form of energy, and vibrating positive energy throughout the universe can help you attract success in all aspects of life.

However, you can’t fully rely on the power of the law of attraction. You must partner positive thinking with the necessary actions to manifest wealth in your life.

Creating clear goals for establishing your resources to achieve financial independence is crucial.

4. Let go of jealousy.

There are times it’s hard not to look where the grass is greener. As humans, we are wired to compete with one another and believe that success has a single criterion.

Competition leads to jealousy, and jealousy leads to self-destruction. Jealousy robs you of joy and the chance to discover more about yourself.

According to John D. Moore, you’re living an illusion if you get envious of others’ lives. Jealousy is a poisonous lie that creates false narratives to delude you that your life is worse than those of others.

Feeling jealous is normal as long as you turn your feelings into inspiration to improve yourself. However, if you use jealousy to self-pity and hinder yourself from achieving your goals, you show the universe that its blessings are not enough.

Slowly let go of negative energies and embrace the blessings of your life. You are enough, you have enough, and you can write your fate according to your dreams.

5. Get familiar with your finances.

As we mentioned earlier, you must align your mindset with your actions. The first step to physically carrying out your plan of attracting money is to familiarize yourself with your finances.

First, know your financial situation and be honest about it. Are you doing fine? Or having difficulties making ends meet?

If your finances are sufficient, how do you plan to maintain or improve them to improve your lifestyle? If it’s insufficient, what are your plans to leverage your finances?

Knowing your financial situation lets you know how to allocate and utilize your daily finances. At the same time, it will also help you plan your financial future and achieve financial independence.

Second, you must keep track of your finances. Most of the time, people do not know where their money went because they forget to track them. And often, their money is spent on unnecessary things. 

That’s why keeping a record of your expenses helps you know where your money flows. You’ll get an overview of your financial habits and know exactly where to improve.

You can keep a budget list and a financial planner in a notebook, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or other financial apps on the internet.

Third, be mindful of how you use your money. This might sound bad, but respecting (not worshiping) your money is necessary.

According to Manikaran Singal from Good Moneying, respecting your money means taking care of it appropriately.  It means being mindful of how you allocate and utilize it.

Some people cannot attract money because they have a superficial view of it. They see money as a means to achieve unnecessary wants, vices, and endeavors rather than a tool to spread the greater good or change their life for the better.

If you notice, when you have high regard for something, you treasure it and become mindful of how you use it. But if it’s something that you don’t, you tend to exploit it.

For instance, you tend to be careful about spending your hard-earned money compared to the money you just received without effort.

Respecting your money means you respect it as a blessing and are grateful for receiving it.

6. Establish your intentions.

It’s also important to understand why you’re setting your financial intentions. Spiritually impure reasons for making money will always fizzle out, but spiritually strong reasons will stay robust until you manifest them.

Some people strongly believe that all money is inherently evil and, thus, must not be desired. However, it is not money that is evil, but the hands that utilize it.

The more you associate money with negative and selfish reasons, the more you are likely to repulse money instead. Money is a powerful tool like a hammer. It has no rightness or wrongness, and it is up to the person who wields it.

That’s why setting your intentions clear will help you determine how to attract wealth in your life. Your desire to make money must always be in harmony with your spiritual beliefs or higher self

Pure reasons will empower you and provide a strong motive and backbone for the times when reality makes your convictions waver.

Wrapping It Up!

Money cannot buy happiness, but it is the road to happiness. 

According to Louise Delagran from Taking Charge, money allows us to meet our basic needs (food, shelter, clothes, and healthcare). And meeting our basic needs is crucial for our survival. 

Insufficiency in our finances can affect our overall well-being, which shows how important money is.

For you to attract money, it’s crucial to note that it doesn’t take overnight to manifest. What it takes is an open mindset, a clear vision, and an unyielding effort to take your financial status to greater heights.

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