Spiritually Gifted

Do you have a hard time connecting with others? Have you felt that the universe is trying to communicate with you? While you might feel out of place, you could be spiritually gifted.

Spirituality is a unique gift that enables you to forge a strong connection with the spiritual realm. You are more energetically charged and have so much more potential than the others. You might also have abilities you never know you possess.

Let this spirituality flow through you to channel its magic for greater things. The more you deny yourself this gift, the more you reject the guidance from the spiritual world.  Accept this knowledge and let your life takes its course.

Signs You Are Spiritually Gifted

With an assist from the Power of Positivity and Lachlan Brown from Ideapod, we have listed the signs to help you ascertain your abilities.

But before anything else, it’s crucial to remember that these signs are not perpetual. They could happen in different situations and conditions. And your case might be different from those of other spiritual people.

1. You often have vivid dreams.

It is medically proven that sleep is essential for our body as it is during this time that our body repairs itself. 

As a result, during sleep time, your body is at its most vulnerable state. Your mind is at rest and is creative during this time of the day. Dreams, therefore, come to you easily.

Dreams have been known to open communication channels between us and other dimensions. It connects you to greater messages and gives you an insight into the spiritual realm.

While your dreams are always open to interpretation, if you often have vivid dreams, it would be best to write them down when you wake up. 

This way, you can later connect the dots, decipher the meaning behind your dreams, and see how they communicate to you about the real world.

2. You experience random emotions.

This sign is a challenge for most spiritually gifted people as it prevents them from living normally. Most of the time, their emotions counter what they are experiencing in the real world.

Do you ever have an experience where you’re supposed to feel happy, yet your emotion says otherwise? Like you’re in a birthday celebration, but your feelings are mourning. And you don’t know where this feeling came from.

It can be overwhelming to have varying emotions, but don’t be afraid and don’t feel ashamed. Being spiritually gifted means being more sensitive to your feelings and emotions.

It would be best for you to learn how to express them healthily and ensure that you and the people around you won’t get hurt.

3. You often find yourself awake during the spiritual hour.

If you have a habit of waking up in the middle of the night, try to check the time next time this happens. If you consistently wake up between three and four in the morning, it may indicate that you are spiritually gifted. 

This hour is famously known as the spiritual hour or the witching hour. It is believed that during this time of the day, the veil separating our world from the spiritual world is very thin. 

Consequently, it is easier to communicate with the spiritual realm during this time. 

If you wake up during this hour, it might be because the spiritual world is trying to communicate with you. Next time it happens, focus on the message sent to you, as it might be important.

4. You are comfortable to be with.

Remember when someone just randomly sat with you, and one moment, they have already told you almost everything about themselves? Have you noticed how strangers seem to gravitate to you?

Spiritually gifted people have an aura that shines and comforts others. You are comfortable to be with, which encourages people to act towards you authentically.

Remember that the soul of strangers sometimes needs healing, and your soul is healing and rejuvenating for them.

However, while making everyone’s day better is okay, you must be careful with whom you interact. Make sure to be careful of psychic vampires.

5. You have visions. 

While dreams are the means of communication for the spiritual world when you are asleep, visions communicate with you when you are awake. 

People often confuse visions with daydreams; however, that is not the case. It is a sudden premonition that pops into your head out of nowhere. It might make you uncomfortable, but they usually warn you of impending danger. 

It is, therefore, important to take them seriously as they could be spiritual guidance to protect you. 

Visions help you by pulling you out of harm’s way even though they leave you with an unpleasant feeling.

6. You hear guiding voices.

Have you heard voices no one seems to hear? Or have you asked someone a question, yet you already know their answer before they could even speak?

It could be scary to suddenly hear voices out of nowhere, but don’t be afraid. They could be spirit guides talking to you through your ears, heart, and mind.

Always be receptive to open communication, as your spirit guides might relay messages of protection and guidance.

7. You often experience nightmares.

Remember when you were still a child and nightmares used to wake you up? Children are often believed to harbor irrational fears and are more susceptible to nightmares. 

However, there is another reason why children are more prone to getting nightmares. It is believed that kids are usually more sensitive to the spiritual world. 

Scientifically, it is proven that adults reach a state called the Delta and Theta states when they sleep. 

These states are where our mind mimics our childhood state. Hence, when a grown-up enters this state, they become spiritually aware, just like a kid. The spiritual realm uses nightmares to get your attention to communicate with you.

8. You have strong intuition.

You often find yourself calm and in tune with your instincts during tough situations. Others might be panicking and filled with anxiety, but you are at peace, as you already know what decisions to make.

The spiritually gifted can often predict the outcome of their decisions. They have a strong gut feeling that lets them know what decisions will bring them the most peace.

You may wonder why people often consult you with their matters and ask for your perspective and guidance. And this is because you are spiritually gifted.

9. You experience weird sensations.

Do you also experience unexplained and strange sensations now and then? Maybe it’s a tingling sensation similar to having butterflies in your stomach, or you feel like you have goosebumps on your skin out of nowhere.

Spiritually gifted people can often experience weird sensations they cannot explain. These sensations are a sign, a way for the spirits to communicate with you. 

You might be getting a piece of good news soon or get a warning sign from the spiritual world. This phenomenon is not to be taken lightly. Please pay attention to these messages as they grow stronger.

10. You experience synchronicity.

Some situations in our life randomly happen, while some are signs from the universe. For instance, you see the number 11:11 everywhere, which hints at new beginnings.

The famous thinker and psychologist Carl Jung coined synchronicity. Synchronicity is a significant coincidence of two or more events where something aside from the probability of a chance is involved.

Experiencing synchronicities could be a message from the spiritual realm. You could constantly have thoughts, visions, and dreams about a person. 

It is possible that this person is in danger and needs your help. You may need to reach out to this person as they hold the key to the mysteries of your life. 

The forces of the spiritual realm want you to connect with this person to make peace and embark on your respective journeys with renewed vigor.

11. You have a strong connection with animals.

Do you wonder why you can easily befriend animals? Or how they seem to be at ease towards you? This is because animals can feel your spiritual energy.

Even though we are among the most developed species, animals are much closer to nature. As a result, they are also considered closer to the spiritual world. 

It is believed that animals are spiritually gifted and can easily perceive the things in the spiritual realm that would otherwise be invisible to the human eye. 

This gift not only enables them to look at the world differently but also allows them to understand people better. 

For this reason, people believe that if animals are drawn toward you, you, too, might be spiritually gifted. Your spiritual aura makes them comfortable interacting with you.

12. You have a special connection with nature.

Just like animals, if you are bestowed with the gift of being in alignment with the spiritual world, you are also connected to nature.

Suppose you have a knack for predicting the weather. You could be spiritually gifted if you can tell that the local weather report predictions will not come true. 

Some of us can tell it will rain because we can see the dark clouds looming on the horizon. However, if you can tell it will rain even when it is sunny outside, you are blessed by the spiritual world.

Do you feel energized and blissful when the weather is great? And gloomy when the weather is bad? You also find peace and complete spiritual recovery when you’re near nature. 

This gift results from your extra sensitive self in tune with nature, telling you exactly how to know if you are spiritually gifted.

13. The lunar phases greatly impact you.

The moon is believed to have a lot of impact on nature and our planet. The gravitational pull exerted by the moon influences the tides of the sea and influences the weather.

The moon is at its strongest during the New moon and Full moon. And spiritually gifted people find it hard to rest and be at peace during these Lunar phases.

If you are spiritually gifted, you might feel an impact due to the changing phases of the lunar cycle. This is because they are highly attuned to every aspect of nature. Your mood might change, or your sleep cycle might get disturbed during the lunar cycle phases.

14. You have strong and creative imaginations.

Spiritually gifted people tend to be more creative than others. Their thoughts and imaginations can go beyond the limitations of the physical world. This is because imagination is one of the strong features of spiritual people.

Your visions and strong intuition enable you to tap into the highest thresholds of your mind and easily imagine what events can happen as consequences of your actions and decisions.

15. You can influence the things around you.

Just as their surroundings can affect them, spiritual people also have the power to influence their surroundings.

Your emotions have a lot of inherent power. As a result, you can often witness a reflection of your internal emotions on your external surroundings.

For instance, if you have a green thumb and are into gardening, you might find it hard to grow plants if you are upset. 

Even flowers in full bloom might wither away due to your pensive mood. Similar effects can be seen on pets and other animals around you.

16. You are an empath.

As mentioned above, spiritually gifted people have powerful emotions. They are equally capable of perceiving the emotional state of others around them. 

They are natural empaths and can, therefore, easily pick up on the emotions felt by people around them. Their senses are triggered by negative energy, and they can easily sense if someone feels sad, angry, jealous, or frustrated.

Sometimes they can tell merely by looking at an individual whether they are upset. If you are also good at perceiving the emotions felt by others, then you are spiritually gifted.

It could be overwhelming to sense many different emotions at the same time. It could drain you and, worse, leave you traumatized.

As a spiritually gifted individual, it’s important to set your boundaries. Remember that you are not an emotional sponge or enabler but a guide and support for others.

17. You possess wisdom beyond your years.

When you were still younger, did people tell you that your thinking seemed mature beyond your age? Or was it challenging to relate to your peers and much easier to connect with older people?

If you agree, this is because spiritually gifted people tend to possess the wisdom of their past selves. Or, to easily term it, you are an old soul.

You have a spiritual depth that renders a deep understanding of the world and the people you interact with. You may also have an affinity to share more than to receive.

18. You have great curiosity.

Those who are spiritually gifted have a thirst for knowledge. Their connections with the spiritual realm make them want to absorb all the knowledge in this world. 

They are observant and curious to know the answers to their questions. Generic answers do not satisfy their knowledge-seeking soul. Their quest is bigger than that, and they are willing to pursue the answers till they satisfy their eagerness to learn.

19. You’re starting your spiritual journey.

The most evident sign you are spiritually gifted is you find yourself walking the spiritual path (if you still haven’t started).

You might have come from a painful and toxic past, and now you’re doing your best to turn a new leaf. You’re slowly learning to love yourself and set boundaries for your well-being.

You are now finding your meaning beyond what the world can offer you and aim to live with fulfillment and purpose.

Embrace Your Spiritual Gifts

If you find any of the traits mentioned above in yourself, there is a high possibility that you have been blessed with the gift of spiritual connection. 

It could be challenging to come to terms with such revelations, but once you embrace the bountifulness of the spiritual world, you will see its magic all around you. 

These extra senses you possess will enable you to traverse the path of spiritual enlightenment only if you fully accept them. So, let go of your fears and allow the magic of the spiritual realm to powerfully and positively influence and change your life.

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