How To Form A Deeper Connection With God

Our connection with God is similar to our need for oxygen. He is our life provider— the giver of our purpose. He’s the light of our world and the master of our soul. 

He’s our compass when we get dragged by the waves of life. And our foundation when life challenges weaken our resolve.

When you feel lost and incomplete, God will always love you perfectly. Reaching out to Him will help you feel a sense of completeness and navigate your way toward clarity.

Here are ways you can deepen your relationship with God.

6 Ways To Cultivate a Deeper Connection With God?

Molly Howard explained that God should always be the center of our relationships and actions. This is because we find purpose and strength when we put Him first in each of our actions and thoughts.

Deepening our connection with Him will fill our souls and lives with joy, peace, and grace.

1. Spend time with God through prayers.

Prayer is said to be the most important medium to communicate with God. It is simple yet powerful. Humble yet profound.

When we pray to God, we deepen our relationship and unite with Him. Just like when we talk to our loved ones, conversations become opportunities to know them better and strengthen our bonds with them.

God is powerful, yet He does not force us to spend time with Him. That’s why reaching out to Him with heart, and great intention is crucial.

According to Aaron Joseph Hall, prayer is not a means to get what we ask from God. Instead, it’s a way of realigning our hearts to Him. We open our hearts to the Holy Spirit when we reach out to the Lord and embed His presence in our souls.

Also, what’s beautiful about praying is that you can do it anytime and anywhere. You can pray while driving, walking, and even resting. Just close your eyes, open your heart, and call out to God. He’s always listening and always there to comfort you.

Most importantly, remember to pray not just to ask God for wishes but also to send your gratitude and love to Him.

2. Get to know more about God through the Bible.

God reveals Himself to us through the Bible. We get to know Him more and see His unchanging love, faith, and grace throughout the Holy Scriptures.

When we read the Bible, we strengthen our faith and learn how to live while emulating the words of God. We also fortify our spiritual resolve and keep ourselves from committing sins.

Studying the Bible can be overwhelming, but you can incorporate self-made techniques to make it enjoyable and easy to comprehend. You can also join bible study groups to get a better grasp of the Holy Scriptures and have people you can share your ideas with.

3. Listen to God’s words and obey.

According to Shante Grossett from Daily She Pursues, listening to God’s words is also important, just as it takes two to tango for relationships to work.

God always listens to us, but we sometimes fail to hear Him when He speaks. We get so distracted by external factors that they overpower His voice. That’s why spending a moment for Him is important for His words to reach us.

Also, we must remember that aside from listening, we must obey Him. God wants us to obey, not to cage our souls but to lead us to a path of righteousness and compassion.

Embracing God’s words is similar to showing our love and trust for Him. Just as Jesus said in John 14:21 NIV,

“Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me. My Father will love the one who loves me, and I too will love them and show myself to them.”

John 14:21 NIV

4. Trust God with all your heart.

Sometimes, life challenges can make us lose our faith in God. The unanswered prayers and wishes can make us feel bitter in our hearts. However, God does not give us what we want to protect us from harm.

You might think that your plans will completely make you happy, but God knows there’s something better for you. His plans are greater than your plans, and He completely knows you more than how you know yourself.

He knows your heart and soul and will give you the future you deserve. That’s why when you talk with God, do not be afraid to pour out all of your emotions. No matter how imperfect you are, He’ll still love you unconditionally.

5. Spread God’s love by serving others.

Once, Jesus Christ said,

“Thou shall love your neighbor as yourself; there is no greater commandment done this.”

Mark 12:31, NIV

Jesus Christ served and brought light to others throughout His life despite the dangers He faced.

Like Him, we can also share God’s love by serving others. Sandra Tanner and Cristina Franco explained that when we serve others, we serve God. We can also find real happiness when we give more than we receive.

Serving others does not have to be always grand, as you can always start with the simplest form of help you can extend.

You can start by helping your loved ones with chores they need help with, volunteering in advocacy groups, or donating to projects for a cause.

No matter how small or big the scale of your deeds is, what’s important is you did them to share God’s light with others.

6. Surrender yourself to God.

Being in control makes us feel we are in charge of our life. However, our need for control over things robs us of the opportunity to appreciate life. We cannot enjoy a moment because we think that easing up for a bit will make us lose our hold of everything.

But the more we try to control things, the more everything goes out of hand.

According to Alisa Hope Wagner, surrendering yourself to God means you have complete faith and belief in Him and His promises.

Surrendering to Him means you are not swayed by life challenges and see them as opportunities to make you stronger. You are not afraid to let God know all your emotions, desires, and needs, and you trust Him for His plans for you.

You let go of things beyond your control and let Him take over. You take action, yet trust His guidance and let Him wield His power in your life.

Make God the Center of Your Life.

It is important to put God at the center of our lives, relationships, and endeavors so that we will never get lost. Reaching out to God will help you feel a sense of completeness and navigate your way toward clarity. No matter how you feel about yourself, God will always love you unconditionally.

You can have a conversation with Him through your prayers and learn more about Him by reading the scriptures. As one says, reading the Bible is feeding your soul. The words of God are meant to draw us closer to Him and unite us with the Holy Spirit.

When you speak, He always listens to your prayers and your sentiments. That’s why it’s important to reciprocate when He communicates.

Follow His will and walk the path of righteousness and compassion. Spread His love by serving your fellow men. Trust Him with your heart and surrender yourself to His powers as he knows your heart and soul.

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