How To Connect With The Universe

“And when you want something, the universe conspires to help you achieve it.”

Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Dreams are one of the reasons life becomes meaningful. Every day, you wake up in faith for the future you are creating. And it is through dreams that you strive to survive amidst the currents.

You exert effort, prayers, and wishes to achieve your aspirations, and sometimes it feels like there’s no result, despite your struggles. 

Is everything in vain? 

Certainly not.

Sometimes what you need is a little push from the universe. It always listens to you, sees your hard work, and patiently waits for you to reach out.

You are the Universe Experiencing Itself

Have you read or heard about how we are connected to the universe? Of how we are made of billions of stardust and, therefore, a part of the cosmos?

Adam C. Hall from Thrive Global explained that the universe is an abundant energy domain. It has boundless potential, and as components of it, we also inherit the power of the universe.

However, as we came into existence, we forgot our connection with the universe and perceived ourselves as separate entities from it. 

For billions of years, humans have been estranged from the universe, and this is because of our ego. 

Adam C. Hall emphasized that your ego creates a sense of individuality which restricts you from connecting with the universe and finding your truest potential.

However, you can unlock infinite possibilities once you reach out to the universe. You’ll feel alive, capable, and unstoppable in achieving anything. 

Why Is It Important to Connect With The Universe?

According to Emily Dyson, writer and founder of Aglow Lifestyle, connecting with the universe is important because it will help you improve your life.

You can direct your mental and spiritual energy to the universe to achieve your goals, as it will enrich your being and keep you aligned with your passion and true essence.

When working towards your aspirations, you will feel an internal power and no longer have to depend on external influences to achieve your dreams.

Always remember that the universe is always working to help you manifest your passion; however, you must still exert the necessary effort to materialize your dreams.

Ways To Connect With The Universe

You don’t need to be a part of NASA or board a spaceship to connect with the universe. All you need is an open mind, an accepting heart, and a prepared body to get in touch with the cosmos and seek its guidance.

1. Start your day with gratitude.

The best way to face a new day with bliss is to be grateful for the gift of life. Every day is an opportunity to appreciate life and walk closer to your dreams.

After waking up and organizing your bed, you can pray, meditate, or write a note about how you’re grateful for another chance given to you. Or you can just appreciate your surroundings and, more importantly, your loved ones.

According to Quantum Physics, the energy of the emotions you project vibrates throughout the universe. What you send out comes back to you. What you think of manifests itself.

By starting your day in gratitude, you tell the universe that you are deeply happy for its help, and thus, it will return the energy by helping you manifest your dreams.

2. Spend time in nature to ground yourself.

Just like the universe, mother earth also absorbs and processes energy. It has various properties that can heal and cleanse your spiritual energy to help you connect with the cosmos.

As the children of the planet, connecting with nature is the best way to ground yourself and reconnect with mother earth.

According to Eleesha Lockett from Healthline, grounding (earthing) is a therapeutic method that grounds or electrically reconnects you to the earth.

All you have to do is go outside barefoot and feel the earth’s vibrations through your feet. You can sit still and absorb its energies by being present and mindful of your surroundings.

Allow the earth to absorb all of your negative energies and transform them into positive energy you can send throughout the universe.

3. Envision what you desire.

Do you know someone so good at manifesting what they want that it always comes true?

You might think that they are the favorite child of luck, but in reality, it’s all about the power of visualization.

Visualization is the key to manifestation, and according to Emily Dyson, envisioning what you want is crucial, as it makes your dreams more vivid in your subconscious.

Visualizing your dreams creates a strong connection between your mind, body, and spirit, which helps manifest anything you desire.

Some might say they already envision what they want, but nothing happens. Well, this is all about your emotions. 

When visualizing, it’s important to be mindful of your emotions. Are you visualizing with trust filling your heart? Or visualizing while doubting the possibility of your dreams?

Trusting your dreams, yourself, and the universe to manifest what you want is important. You must also put in the right effort and be aware of the time frame of your dreams. Some dreams can be achieved in a day, while some, for years.

4. Express your intentions clearly.

They said that it’s impossible to arrive at a destination without direction. Similar to dreaming, it’s impossible to dream without knowing your dream first. 

What is your dream?

A clear image of your dreams is crucial before you connect with the universe. It could be personal, material, or anything that your heart desires. Express your dreams to the universe and seek its help in achieving them.

But if you’re still undecided about your dreams, it’s alright. You don’t have to rush. 

There are times when what our heart is yearning for is still unclear. Still, you can ask the universe to assist you in writing your fate.

5. Communicate with the universe.

After envisioning and expressing your intentions, you can now communicate with the universe.

Talking with the universe doesn’t mean talking the same way with others. Well, you can, but silently doing it is more effective.

Every day, after you wake up, make your bed, or prepare yourself, you can have an intimate conversation with the universe through meditation or praying. You can also write a letter or journal addressed to the universe.

Ask openly and wholeheartedly for its guidance in all aspects of your life. You can also ask the universe some life questions; though it won’t answer you directly, it can communicate with you through signs, numbers, and dreams.

6. Plan and take action.

The one thing that matters is the effort. A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Antoine de Saint Exupery

Just as the universe assists you in your journey, it’s essential to construct your plan and execute your actions. 

You can only materialize your dreams if you work on them. You can only utilize the help of the cosmos by taking the necessary steps to achieve them.

It doesn’t matter if you can only create small actions as long as you’re consistent. They may be small, but as your actions pile up, you’ll see how you’re already near to your destination.

7. Be consistent.

Consistency may be a simple thing to do, but it’s actually hard to maintain. Many people started working toward their dreams but did not achieve them because they lost heart to continue.

The road toward your dreams will be rough. It takes discipline and perseverance to be consistent, and the universe admires those who stay true to their goals.

Be consistent, not just in taking action toward your dreams but also in connecting with the universe. Despite your circumstances (be they good or bad), always seek its help and guidance.

Signs The Universe Is Communicating With You

An effective conversation between you and the universe can only happen if you mutually understand one another.

It’s important to note that the universe does not communicate directly. Instead, it uses numbers, symbols, events, and dreams to relay its message to you. 

Here are some signs you must take note of to know if the universe is trying to tell you something.

1. You have vivid dreams that resonate with you.

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of your dreams? Sometimes dreams are so vivid that they continue to haunt us throughout the day.

They can be random and be so out of the world; still, they might possess messages from the universe if you decode them.

When we sleep, we become more in tune with our unconscious. The deeply seated emotions resurface and come to you as dreams.

For instance, seeing flowers in your dreams signifies all positive aspects of your life.

It’s important to keep track of your dreams and see what the universe has in store for you. 

2. You encounter the same numbers everywhere you go.

11:11, 10:10, 777. Familiar with these numbers? While you might just shrug your shoulders at them, you’re not frequently encountering them coincidentally.

According to Fontaine Felisha Foxworth from xoNecole, numbers are everywhere and govern the universe and every existence in it.

Through this, the universe can communicate with you through numbers by frequently showing them to you.

If you seek guidance and keep encountering the number 11:11, the universe is telling you to be aware and conscious. It also means you’re on the right path and will soon experience spiritual growth.

On the other hand, if you feel lost and keep seeing 555, you’re in for new beginnings, and your guardian angels are there to support you. The universe reminds you to trust the journey, as it’s always there to assist you.

3. You meet people who enlighten you.

Borbala from Follow Your Own Rhythm explained that the universe could communicate with us through the people we meet. It has a way of using people as means of helping and giving you answers.

This could be through people who ignite a spark in you, offer you an opportunity, inspire you, listen to, or someone you just had a conversation with, yet they manage to enlighten you about something.

However, she emphasized that not everything could be a sign. But it is a sign if someone gave answers or a clue to the questions and problems you’ve long been keeping. 

You will feel it, and your instinct will tell you to follow it.

4. Objects resonate with your emotions.

Objects can also become vehicles for messages from the universe. For instance, something you’ve long been looking for suddenly appears. Or things on your shelf suddenly fall off your cabinet despite their secure placement.

You have to focus on not the objects themselves but the emotions they trigger in you. These objects might answer your questions or give clues to the solutions to your problems.

5. Songs trigger something in you.

Music can make us experience all the possible emotions in our life. They can also serve as a time machine, taking us to the wonderful memories that we have attached to them.

Just like the others, the universe can tap into your consciousness through music. You might hear a certain melody that reminds you of home, urging you that it’s now the time to mend what’s needed to be mended at home.

Or certain lyrics you heard from the coffee shop resonate with what you’re currently feeling. Is it love? Sadness? Longing? 

You can interpret the meaning of the signs and understand them based on your perspective.

6. You experience life challenges.

Sometimes, life becomes so hateful and gray, as if all it has are negativities. You might experience tough situations where everything seems to fall apart, and you don’t know if you’ll ever stand up.

However, it is when you hit rock bottom that you get to discover different sides of yourself. It’s when you taste the bitterness that you appreciate the sweetness of life.

Defeats do not happen just to make you surrender. They happen as an invitation to look back and contemplate your life.

How have you been living? Are you pursuing your dreams or someone else’s dreams? Are you living happily right now?

Through challenges, the universe tells you to learn and walk out of situations unaligned with who you are. You are reminded to start anew with a new perspective and outlook in life.

7. You feel like everything is in place.

This is the opposite of life challenges. The universe tells you that you’re on the right path and doing the things aligned with your purpose when your life seems to fall into place.

You have found the right people, the right home, the right career, and the right voice. You are at peace and seem to have found your passion.

You might still experience setbacks, but the joy you have in your heart is much greater than the challenges you have.

Wrapping It Up!

When you feel alone in your journey, the universe is always there to guide you.  It always listens to you, sees your efforts, and patiently waits for you to reach out.

You can communicate with the universe by expressing your gratitude, being clear with your intentions, connecting with mother nature, taking action, and being consistent with your aspirations.

On the other hand, the universe sends you messages through people, dreams, numbers, objects, music, and life challenges. It’s important to be conscious of your surroundings and decode the cosmos’ possible messages.

Always remember that the universe is always working to help you manifest your dreams; however, you must still exert the necessary effort to materialize them.

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