Pure Soul

Have you ever been called a pure soul before? Being given this praise might be overwhelming, but humans have the powerful ability to recognize a good heart.

In our dog-eat-dog world, goodness has become underrated, but it doesn’t mean it’s completely effaced from the heart of humanity.

Your truest form is hidden beneath the masks you wear to shield yourself from the world’s cruelties, and here are signs that prove you have a pure soul.

Signs You Have a Pure Soul

According to Judy Ponio, a professional writer from Our Father’s House Soup Kitchen, a pure soul can have different meanings depending on the context.

For some, having a pure soul means having a good heart and the willingness to contribute to the goodness of the world.

On the other hand, most people from Quora agreed that having a pure soul means having good intentions and being devoid of ulterior motives to harm others.

1. You are kind.

Kindness is the ability to have the courage and strength to celebrate and reach out to others. It is being friendly, considerate, and generous at all times.

In her LinkedIn article, marketing professional Amy Aela emphasized that kindness is the most important human virtue we must possess.

She said that each act of kindness could change how you perceive yourself and others and how others see you. It helps you feel more optimistic, confident, reliable, grateful, and compassionate.

However, being kind doesn’t mean being weak. You must always be aware of your boundaries when reaching out to others.

2. You are humble.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines humility as the quality of being humble and being free from arrogance and pride.

Louise Jackson from Hack Spirit shared that humility keeps you from getting lost in your ego. It encourages you to be more open to learning and be considerate of others’ knowledge and differences.

Also, as a key component of leadership and personal development, it helps you form meaningful and healthier relationships with others by reminding you to be authentic and appreciate the beauty of vulnerability.

3. You don’t tolerate injustice.

According to Zein Scott, having a pure soul means you can’t tolerate injustice as you believe in the importance of fairness at all times. 

When you and others suffer from injustice, your strong sense of fairness doesn’t allow you to just watch and stand by. You’ll always seek justice and fight against what you believe is unjust.

4. You’re not afraid to admit your mistakes and apologize.

Author John Amodeo from Psychology Today shared that pride prevents us from embracing our human vulnerabilities. Because of it, it becomes difficult to admit our mistakes and apologize to the people we’ve hurt.

But this is the opposite when you possess a pure soul instead of pride. Being accountable for your mistakes and making up for the people you’ve hurt is much more important than your pride.

You know pride is poison, and it’s much more meaningful to treasure the people you love.

5. You are empathetic.

According to Zein Sott, empathy is one of the most significant forces you can possess. Having empathy means seeing through other people’s souls and being able to share what they’ve been through without experiencing them physically.

As a pure soul, you don’t have difficulty connecting to others despite their experiences. You know how to interact with others effectively and give the right responses to situations.

Other people see you as comfortable to be with, and they cherish how they can be their true selves in front of you.

6. You enjoy giving without expecting anything in return.

Just as English writer Samuel Johnson said, The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.’

When you have a pure soul, giving gives you the same feeling as receiving. You find joy in bringing happiness to others even if they can’t give the same to you.

You also believe a simple act of generosity can change someone’s life, and you hope the world will thrive in happiness if everyone lends a hand to one another.

7. You are beaming with gratitude.

Louise Jackson explained that people with pure souls are the happiest and most content, and their secret is nourishing gratitude in their hearts.

Gratitude is the most important key to happiness, as it helps you see and you are deeply thankful for your life and the daily experiences you have.

Aside from these, gratitude is connected to our Jans-Beken et al. found in their study that gratitude is beneficially linked to our social, psychological, and emotional well-being.

8. You believe in the importance of experience rather than material things.

According to Angelo Caerlang from Thought Catalog, having a pure soul means you are more likely to look forward to gaining new experiences than material things.

He explained that having this perspective means you value the best feelings brought by good memories, not what your possessions can give you.

At the same time, you appreciate a person’s heart and efforts more than their physical traits, financial status, and physical background. 

You don’t care if they have a lot or not. What’s more important to you is how they make you feel.

9. You always see the good in people.

Rick Hanson explained that seeing the good in others is a simple yet potent way to feel more confident and happier. It helps you become more loving and appreciative.

Choosing to see the good in others means you’re willing to look beyond a person’s exterior. It doesn’t matter if it’s a saint or a criminal, as you’ll always see the goodness in everyone.

Also, being open to people from different backgrounds allows you to learn and form meaningful connections with others.

10. You have great intuition.

According to Stephanie Reeds from The Power of Silence, a person with a pure soul has a deep connection with their intuition.

Their inner voice governs their whole existence. They always make better decisions and solutions as their gut feelings tell them what they feel and want.

Furthermore, Anastasia Belyh shared that your intuition helps identify your purpose in life.

This is because your inner voice is linked with your subconscious, which helps pinpoint the right methods and core values aligned with your dreams.

11. You are optimistic.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines optimism as the quality of thinking that the best will happen, regardless of the situation. It is the ability to stay hopeful or see a situation’s positive aspects.

You always see that there’s not much difference between losing and winning as they are both a step forward to success.

12. You know when to let go.

You know that to appreciate everything about your life, you must let go of things that no longer serve you. You trust life and your ability to create the path you want to walk on.

You also know that surrendering is not a weakness; instead, it’s an action that takes a lot of courage to let go of the things you can’t control. 

You believe that to truly enjoy life, you must be willing to focus more on things that really matter.

Wrapping It Up!

‘The pure love of one soul can offset the hatred of millions.’

Mahatma Gandhi

A pure soul sees the goodness in everything while embracing life’s flaws. It gives light to the world amidst the darkness and spreads love when hatred is encouraged.

The purity of the soul is shown through kindness, humility, fairness, empathy, generosity, intuition, and optimism. It is found in the smallest of actions that nourish the heart.

In our seemingly chaotic society, someone like you is needed to remind humanity that the world is still worth loving.

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