Spiritual Grounding

Our life today is surely hectic. Most of our daily schedule only consists of waking up-eating-work-eating-sleeping; then the cycle goes on. Given the pressures of everyday life, it’s no wonder that most of us are stressed.

Long-term exposure to constant stress can lead to mental health problems like anxiety or depression. That’s why stopping for a moment to ground yourself will help you lower the risk of these complications.

Spiritual grounding is a technique that allows you to be present at the moment through the earth’s energy. It allows you to breathe from stress and find peace within yourself.

By learning the practices to spiritually ground yourself, you can build the foundations you’ll need in walking the spiritual path.

Spiritual Grounding (Reconnecting With Earth)

It is said that in a few decades, the world will be filled with vertical cities. Most of us will live hundreds of feet above the ground as the earth’s land area will not be able to support our growing population.

So, instead of progressing horizontally, we will rise until we touch the clouds— unfamiliar with the root of our origin; the ground.

Zevalier et al. from Chopra said that as bioelectrical beings living on an electrical planet, humans have been disconnected from the ground for a long time and maybe will be completely disconnected in the future.

We have been disconnected from the earth by our lifestyle, and this affects our psyche.

That’s why reconnecting with the earth is important because it’s a necessity. Our blood and whole being craves our connection with the earth, and we can meet this need by spiritually grounding ourselves.

According to Discovery Healing, spiritual grounding (or earthing) is a practice of gaining physical and emotional balance by linking your body to the earth. This can be through walking, lying down, or meditating in nature.

It balances out your field of energy or aura and helps keep negative energies from entering this field and corrupting your state of mind.

Despite being deemed spiritual and metaphysical, spiritual grounding is backed by real psychological and scientific principles.

Michelle Beltran from Thrive Global added that by reconnecting yourself to the earth, you’d live in stability.

Practices to Ground Yourself

Suppose you’ve been feeling stressed and wondering if there was anything you could do to improve the quality of your life, spiritual grounding might be your answer. You can ground yourself spiritually by doing the following practices:

1. Be one with nature.

Spiritual grounding is always rooted in nature. Even half an hour spent in nature can have wonderful effects on your mind and body because of its healing properties.

Most prefer walking barefoot to feel the energies of the earth when grounding themselves.

You can also connect with nature by going on daily runs or walks in a nearby nature reserve, park, or forest. You can also sit down and appreciate its beauty while clearing your mind of daily baggage.

If you want to go beyond, consider starting a small garden and bringing nature near your home by growing plants, flowers, and trees around you.

But if you live near bodies of water, you can also ground yourself by submerging yourself in water. It is said that water also has the same grounding energy as land and is also beneficial for healing yourself.

2. Feel and enjoy the silence.

Sitting quietly in silence for just a few minutes can be very difficult. You might find that your head is filled with thoughts about what you must do, various stressors, or even random musings deeply buried in your mind.

The key is to avoid all of this and focus on the present.

To do this, sit still and observe your surroundings. Notice the colors you mostly see, the first three scents you recognize, and the noises (even subtle ones) you hear. Allow your thoughts to wander, and intrusive thoughts will melt away in time, leaving your mind blank.

Keep this silence for about ten minutes, and let it slowly clear your mind and psyche. 

This grounding technique will help you be present and not give in to the myriad of thoughts floating through your mind. The better you get at this spiritual grounding technique, the more capable you’ll become of bringing focus to your life.

3. Practice breathing techniques.

There are certain breathing techniques you can use to de-stress, as well as ground yourself spiritually. Some techniques, such as the pranayama, are used in yoga practices worldwide.

In pranayama, you inhale air using one nostril while holding the other closed with your thumb. Then, in short, bursts, release the air while pushing your stomach back. 

Pranayama is a great practice for clearing your head and grounding yourself. That’s why whenever you feel stressed, try breathing deeply in and out. This will enrich your blood and brain with oxygen and help your body feel calm.

4. Practice mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness meditation is a great way to clear your mind and connect yourself to your inner psyche by entering a deep state of relaxation.

It does not require an instructor and can be easily practiced alone. In this form of meditation, keenly focusing on your thoughts is crucial while concentrating. You could also concentrate on an object by breathing slowly.

With its simple practice, meditation can give you a sense of calm and balance. It can also benefit your overall well-being and serve as emotional support to cope with stress.

5. Write in a journal

Writing can be a very cathartic experience, especially when it’s done near nature. It’s an opportunity to weave words containing a piece of your soul and your story.

Consider writing in a journal to vent all your thoughts and suppressed emotions while letting the earth absorb all negative energies to convert them into healing ones.

While you’re writing in your journal, you’ll be able to learn more about yourself and the factors that trigger negative thoughts and emotions. 

You can also build a better relationship with yourself as you know yourself deeper.

The Benefits of Spiritual Grounding

When you ground yourself spiritually, you allow your mind to feel at ease. You also strengthen your physical well-being by drawing in healing energies from the earth.

 Over time, with regular spiritual grounding, you’ll feel:

  • Less prone to stress and anxiety
  • Physically and emotionally strong
  • More focused on immediate matters
  • Your attention to detail is improved
  • You’ll be more energetic and more ready to tackle challenges in your life
  • You give yourself the precious moments you need to relax and rejuvenate

Always remember that relaxing works hand in hand with grounding yourself. By regularly practicing the spiritual grounding techniques mentioned here, you’ll be able to reduce stress and lead a happier life.

Wrapping It Up!

The overwhelming pressures from our fast-paced reality can rob you of your truth and sense of self. That’s why reconnecting with the earth is a great way to firmly stand your ground and not be dragged by the waves of life.

Spiritual grounding (or earthing) is a practice of gaining physical and emotional balance by connecting your body to the earth.  

Through the earth’s energy, this technique allows you to be present at the moment and break free from stress to find peace within yourself.

There are several ways to ground yourself, such as being one with nature, enjoying silence, practicing breathing techniques, meditating, and writing in a journal.

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