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We are living in a materialistic world and our brain often gets tilted towards consumerism, the modern culture. More often, we tend to live a lifestyle that aligns with our peers and the others around us. However, it is widely agreed that this behavior is intended to sync with the groups and most of the time does not carry any meaning. We guess you have been through several such experiences, don’t you? Well, if you have had such experiences, you should also have realized that the material comforts and things you do to please others give you no inner peace. It is therefore important you learn how to practice the way to a meaningful life if you want to enjoy a fulfilling and happy journey.

This article talks a lot about the importance of leading a meaningful life in today’s world. Read through if you want to know more.

What do you understand by ‘meaningful life’?

A meaningful life involves planning, accountability for your actions and taking responsibility for things carried out under your supervision. To put it in simple terms, a meaningful life is more demanding than the attractive pleasurable life and for most people, it often becomes stressful. A life with a clearly defined purpose also requires you to be patient, delay your gratification, and think ahead, into the future. So, leading a life of such kind is certainly not as easy as you can imagine. But it is not impossible too! If you are committed and have a strong will to grow personally and spiritually, leading a meaningful life comes naturally to you. In the process, you connect to your deeper positive energies, understand your soul’s purpose, and guide humanity towards the good.

A meaningful life is a life with purpose. If you are already leading a meaningful life, you very well know what you are, where you are and where you want to reach. You also know the path you need to take to reach your goal. This is a life with a meaning, life with a purpose.

Fulfillment can mean different to different individuals. While some may find meaning by spending quality time with their near and dear ones, for career-oriented people, achievement in their field can be the way to a happier life. A ‘fulfilled’ life can look simple but as you get deeper, you will realize it is much more complicated. However, if you are determined to find meaning in your life, please note, ‘fulfillment’ is not out of reach. It is within everyone’s reach provided people make efforts to realize their life’s purpose and work towards achieving the same.

Here are some tips on how to practice the way to a meaningful life:

Learn to accept

Life is not the same with everyone out there. So, stop comparing yourself with the others and focus on your life. Stop wanting for more and learn to accept the way you are. Be happy for everything the Almighty has blessed you with and lead a peaceful and happy life. When you stop comparing your life with the others, life becomes a lot easier. Your stress levels go down and you will feel you are leading a fulfilled and meaningful life.

Pause and experience life

How many times have you slowed down to admire the small and simple things in life? Is it not ages since you found happiness in a blooming flower? Have you stopped to hear to the beautiful chirping of birds in the mornings? Life is simple but we humans have made it complicated. We are running after the materialistic comforts when there is joy in every little thing around us. Just pause, take a break from your hectic routine and spend some time with your loved ones. Take a stroll in your garden, play with your pet and teach some values to your children. Life is not all about career success and money, though we agree they are priority ones. You need to find that perfect balance to find true happiness.

Be grateful

Nothing can be more satisfying than thanking someone. Learn to show gratitude and make it a practice to thank someone every day. Try to write a thank you note every single day. You will feel happy and satisfied from within.

Stop pondering over the past

If you have been regretting your past mistakes, you cannot find peace. Life is temporary and it is significant you live it peacefully. Everyone makes mistakes. Be kind to yourself and promise that you would not repeat such mistakes. Plan your life and take steps that help in your personal and spiritual development. Stop being hard on yourself and develop self-respect. If you do not respect yourself, how can you expect the others to?

Eat healthy and delicious food

Your food intake is directly related to your soul’s satisfaction. You read that right. Eat healthy and tasty food and cater to the craving of your taste buds. But if you are aiming weight loss, you know how to eat! Don’t you? Cut down on the calories but ensure to add some low-calorie delicious foods in your diet. You should not feel low or depressed because you are not eating your favorite pizza or doughnut. Plan a diet that aligns with your health and craving.

Plan a simpler living

Stop over-planning and over-analyzing. Do not complicate things. You need not have a great bank balance or luxury cars to lead a meaningful life. Live simple, guide right and often, make time to go for a relaxed dinner with your family. A stress-free simple life is more contented than a tension-filled life with luxuries.

Kick out the negativity

If you want to know how to practice the way to a meaningful life, start kicking out negative things right away. Avoid people with negative thoughts and feelings as they can easily influence your mind. Surround yourself with wise and knowledgeable people who can truly instill positivity and confidence within you. Erase negative thoughts if any in your mind and replace them with positive ones. Positive thinking offers positive results, leading you all the way towards growth.

Learn, learn and learn

Learning never stops. If you are humble and have a thirst for knowledge, you can learn every day, all your life. The world out there is big and wonderful, with a lot of scope for adventure and exploration. Learn from the young and old, bosses and philosophers, while researching on various subjects of your interest by yourself. When you enhance your knowledge base, you automatically become gentle and kind. Additionally, you will realize what life is and how to make it meaningful.

Chase your dreams, get out of the comfort zone

Don’t be scared to chase your dreams. Reaching your goals can be one of the ways to attaining fulfillment in life. But, to realize your objectives, you need to get out of your comfort cage and open your wings. Work hard towards your goals and there will be no stopping you from leading a meaningful life. Live your life the way you want to and on your own terms. Pursuing your passion also provides the ultimate joy, adds true meaning to your life and makes your life worth living.

Prioritize what matters to you

Make a list of things you like to do most. It may be watering the plants, being regular to office, teaching your children or doing yoga. Make sure to cover at least 3 of them every day. When you can make time for things you love doing, you will feel a lot happier. Life becomes meaningful when you are able to do what you want to do, pretty simple!


When you are beginning to learn how to practice the way to a meaningful life, first identify your principles. Do you value honesty and integrity? Do you practice ethics in everything you do? Then stick to them! Never compromise your values and principles in life. Be mindful of what you do and ensure to live your life in accordance with your principles and your life’s purpose. Review what you did every day and find out if there are any deviations. Take corrective actions wherever necessary.

Spend your money on relationships rather than on materialistic things

Avoid spending on materialistic things and consider spending on experiences with family and friends. This makes it more meaningful while allowing you to enjoy your life to the fullest. You will realize what true happiness is and become a satisfied person. Focus on relationships, build and maintain them for life.

Give back to humanity

While you honor your passions, find ways to give back something good for the humanity. By cultivating this habit, you will feel your life has deeper purpose and meaning.


You cannot incorporate all the above mentioned things in your life at once. Take your time and go ahead at a pace comfortable to you. Live a life of purpose and make your journey of life interesting and meaningful. Transform your hectic life and live a stress free, happy life.

Today’s world is filled with tensions, but you now know how to handle them. Don’t you?