The Divine Feminine

“You always have access to your truth. You always have access to the divine feminine.” 

Danielle LaPorte

The Divine Feminine is a sacred force present in everything. She is the land, the ocean, the sky, and the stars. She is you— she is within all of us.

The divine feminine is finding strength in your softness and courage in your compassion. It is a part of the divine spirit linked with the body, nature, the cycles of creation, and transformation. 

Understanding and awakening your divine feminine will help you connect with yourself deeper and tap into your true essence.

Understanding the Divine Feminine (Your Inner Goddess)

According to Nina Kahn from Bustle, the divine feminine generally represents the aspect of our consciousness that links us to qualities like interconnectedness, intuition, receptivity, love, and compassion.

On the other hand, Tiny Rituals explained that the divine feminine is the energy that exists inside and outside of us. She is our softer, intuitive, nurturing, and empowered side. You can perceive her as similar to the Yin energy and the Goddess Shakti.

Tiny Rituals added that this shade of energy is the counterpart of the Divine Masculine, the divine energy that is also present in all of us and the universe.

During her interview with Jessica Ourisman, celestial mentor Andrea Donnelly described the divine feminine and divine masculine energies as the sacred polarities of creation. 

They are sometimes referred to as the heart and the brain, the world and the spirit, and the yin and the yang. When they come into harmony, we can create a sense of balance in our external and internal realities.

The Origins of the Divine Feminine

Despite being promoted by New Age Spirituality in the present, the concept of the divine feminine can be traced back thousands of years ago.

Stella Karageorgi states that since ancient times, people had already revered the divine feminine as sacred and perceived it as a matrix of creation.

Ancient civilizations, especially those from the paleolithic times, associated the divine feminine with fertility and creation and took the form of the Great Mother Goddess.

The author added that we could find the Goddess religion in different societies of the ancient world even before patriarchal religions existed. Priestesses ruled these matriarchal societies wherein women had significant roles and forged peaceful cultures.

Our ancestors believed that the divine feminine epitomizes mother earth itself. And because they had a direct and greater connection with nature, they perceived the earth as a huge female entity that continuously creates life.

They have observed how life came into existence, wilted, and came to life again in the arms of mother nature. Through this, they have connected the divine feminine with the inevitable cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

Stella Karageorgi further shared that our ancestors never took the gift of mother nature for granted. Instead, they believed her existence and gifts were blessings and thus considered themselves offsprings of the earth.

The Power of the Divine Feminine

Shani Jay explained that the divine feminine could not be seen, heard, or touched because she is felt.

She may be intangible, but in her truest form, and when she takes over, she is wild, untamed, and free. She trusts her intuition and does not let external forces lead her astray from her true purpose.

The divine feminine is whole and plants seeds of love and compassion in anyone she touches. And when she’s in harmony with the divine masculine, you will be given a world of limitless possibilities.

The Divine Feminine Is Not Gender Dependent

Despite their terms, it’s crucial to note that the divine feminine (receptive) and divine masculine (active) are not restrained to any gender or sex

Everyone possesses both, and our main goal is to create harmony between these energies.

Gabriela Herstik explained that the divine feminine and divine masculine are not about gender or biology but rather about energy

We all have a polarity within and experience these two energies in action or at rest. The unity of both energies is important in shaping our realities as spiritual beings.

During the past years, patriarchy has been in play, leading to the suppression of the divine feminine energy. Constantly taking action is preferred over stillness, thinking over intuition, and logic over feelings.

The divine feminine had been misunderstood and devalued for years and associated with negative traits of weakness, indecisiveness, and passiveness.

But today, the divine feminine is firmly re-establishing her stand— ready to express her vibrant nature and never willing to be shunned again.

The Qualities of the Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine reminds us to be still and appreciate the beauty of life. She is deeply connected with her higher self. She is firm, soft, empathetic, intuitive, and creative.

According to Tiny Rituals, here are some qualities of the divine feminine you might possess.

The divine feminine possesses sensuality.

Being sensual doesn’t mean being sexual. Sensuality means being present and comfortable with your body.

You perceive your body as a sanctuary where you are at peace and genuine to yourself.

Relating to your body and senses will help you connect deeper with yourself and the world around you.

Sensuality means loving yourself, showing kindness to yourself, and giving your body pleasure through activities that make you feel whole.

The divine feminine energy possesses a genuine love for herself as this is the only way she can radiate that authentic love to her surroundings.

The divine feminine is intuitive.

The modern world taught us to always be logical and rational, but by doing so, we weaken our sense of intuition and suppress our feminine energy.

The divine feminine is intuitive and reminds you to connect with your senses and tap into your gut feelings. It trusts its ability to make decisions and never falters when things don’t go as expected.

The divine feminine is creative.

Creativity is always attributed to the divine feminine, as she is associated with the power of creation.

Dancing, writing, painting, anything creative that sparks your inner happiness and peace can tap your divine feminine.

The divine feminine is compassionate.

Between the polarities, the divine feminine represents the heart. The divine feminine is a nurturer and always radiates kindness without compromising her true self.

The divine feminine is forgiving.

As she is compassionate, the divine feminine is forgiving of herself and others too. She forgives not to make way for others who have hurt her but to make peace with her soul and her past.

The divine feminine is free.

The divine feminine is wild and free. She does not blindly conform to the unwritten rules and standards that society wants to box her in.

She raises her voice when needed. She’s unafraid to express herself and create changes if it’s for the common good.

How to Unlock Your Inner Goddess

You can nurture and establish stable connections with your divine feminine energy with the correct method and practice. Your aim is to bring out the good qualities that will enable you to attain your highest potential and contribute to the world.

These methods of igniting your inner goddess are gentle practices you can incorporate into your everyday life, according to Katelyn Hansen.

1. Love and take care of yourself first.

Katelyn Hansen explained that you could only truly love others if you possess unconditional love for yourself

You must first establish a sense of completeness because when you feel whole, you don’t have to seek validation from external sources and compromise yourself.

You must have an authentic and strong core belief that you are worthy and beautiful internally and externally.

Appreciating yourself and the world’s beauty enables you to form an authentic relationship with the universe.

Always remember that truth is love.

2. Adorn yourself according to your taste.

One of the best ways to express yourself is through fashion. Clothes, jewelry, makeup, hair accessories, or anything that represents your truth. Always wear them and incorporate them into your everyday getups.

You don’t have to resort to luxurious brands because anything that you’re comfortable with and boosts your confidence will be enough to make you feel like a goddess.

3. Organize and decorate your space.

Do you know that your surroundings can affect your emotions and moods? With this, a place that reflects your personality is also a great way to tap into your inner goddess.

Fill your space with everything that makes you feel good and helps you establish a sense of rapport when you feel down.

You can choose to incorporate the colors you love and the things that make you feel alive. Also, don’t forget to put something that reminds you and brings you closer to nature. It can be a bouquet of flowers or a small garden area you can tend to.

4. Establish your routine.

According to Tasha Howard, routines can help keep you mentally and physically on track, which helps make your days more productive and positive.

Routines are a great tool to improve mental health as they turn overwhelming tasks into manageable ones you can easily accomplish.

5. Spend time with the people you love.

Another great way to unlock and nurture your divine feminine energy is by exposing yourself to other divine feminine energies as well.

Spending time with your loved ones does not just strengthen your relationship with them. It also enriches your nurturing side and the love you have for them.

If you want to transcend the limitations of your comfort zone, you can meet individuals who also pursue to ignite their inner goddesses.

6. Always remember the Golden Rule!

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Always remember the law of reciprocity when interacting with others. Trust your intuition to get ahold of your positive and negative energies.

Intuition is related to emotions, which are key to meaningful interaction. That’s why when you tap into your gut feelings, your inner voice gives you a clear insight into what you feel and the consequences of your actions.

7. Establish a sense of balance.

Katelyn Hansen shared that every inner goddess has a warrior within. So to connect with and heal your feminine energy, you have to establish balance.

You can only achieve true inner peace and a sense of purpose if your divine feminine and divine masculine are in harmony.

Establishing a healthy harmony between these two energies will enable you to set boundaries, clearly communicate what you think and feel, and exert your true force of will.

Resonate with your true path of enlightenment and take actions (divine masculine) through the guidance of your intuition (divine feminine).

8. Embrace your emotions.

Forming strong connections with your feminine energy means accepting your feelings and emotions regardless of their nature (positive or negative nature).

In our patriarchal society, showing your emotions is often looked down upon and seen as a sign of weakness. Because of this, we become ashamed of our feminine side and hide it to feel accepted.

But we never know this creates a sense of imbalance between our polarities, which often leads to personal issues.

The divine feminine never wants this. Instead, she’s urging you to express yourself and never be afraid of exposing your flaws. Because when you are true to yourself, you have nothing to lose.

You can express yourself through journaling, art, or other healthy outlets that will help you express your soul.

9. Learn to surrender.

Surrendering doesn’t mean you’re completely letting go of your life. Instead, it means letting go of things out of your control.

Being in control is a nice and addictive feeling, but it robs you of the opportunity to truly appreciate what really matters. You become anxious about what’s beyond your abilities and may fear life.

However, when you surrender, you trust life and become proactive about your future. You connect to your divine feminine, known for her stillness and trust in her abilities.

You might think surrendering to life is a sign of weakness, but in reality, it is the strongest of all actions. 

According to Deepak Chopra, spiritual surrender is not passive resignation because when you spiritually surrender, you allow creativity, action, and inspiration to strongly and freely flow into your soul.

What Happens When The Divine Feminine Awakens?

Tiny Rituals emphasizes that unlocking your divine feminine and welcoming her elements into your life will benefit your overall well-being.

You’ll find a better balance and establish a more fulfilled life if you weave the divine feminine energy in every aspect of your life.

Furthermore, embracing your inner goddess will not only improve your place, but it will also help you radiate your love, compassion, and kindness into the universe— and bring balance into our masculine-dominated society.

Signs Your Divine Feminine is Awakening

According to Alexandra Tiodar, the awakening of the divine feminine can be intentional or spontaneous; that’s why it can be confusing to determine if your inner goddess has awakened or not. 

Here are some signs you have unlocked your feminine energy to give you a head start.

You have strong compassion.

When your divine feminine has awakened, you might feel more compassionate towards others. 

You might notice changes in yourself, especially in how you develop empathy towards others, even those who do not belong in your social circle.

You have strong gut feelings.

Even though you don’t clearly grasp a situation, you feel like you already know the answers.

You know if there’s something wrong with yourself, your surroundings, and the people around you. You trust your gut feelings, which mostly gives you the best results.

You became interested in creative pursuits.

Creativity is one of the traits of the divine feminine. You’re tapping into your feminine energy if you find yourself interested in arts and other creative activities.

Your creativity becomes an outlet to express yourself and a great tool that helps you provide solutions to issues you face.

Creativity makes you feel livelier, gives you hope, and allows you to positively anticipate your future.

You become more open to receiving.

There’s something about receiving that seems to hurt our pride at some point. It doesn’t matter if we will be the ones to give, but when we receive, there’s a hint of hesitation and guilt that strikes us.

According to John Amodeo of PsychCentral, people fear receiving because they don’t want to form attachments to the giver, establish self-imposed debts, or suspect the giver’s motive.

Yes, giving is better than receiving, but excessively depriving yourself of opportunities that arrive is not.

So if you become more open to receiving, your divine feminine energy is taking action. She’s reminding you that you also deserve love and surprises, and it’s alright to be at the receiving end from time to time.

Graciously receiving also helps you appreciate life’s gifts and let the giver feel that they brought something positive into your life.

You become more gentle.

The days you let your emotions get the most out of you are long gone. Now, you do not filter everything from your perspective but also consider others’ emotions.

You ensure that the words you speak will not break someone’s soul, and you now believe that gentleness is the new strong.

Wrapping It Up!

Since paleolithic times, the divine feminine has already been revered by our ancestors. She was seen as the force behind the creation of everything and the great provider for all living things.

As the divine masculine’s counterpart, the divine feminine is present in everything. She is loving, soft, intuitive, creative, and calm. However, those who cannot truly see her worth deemed her softness a weakness.

The patriarchal society shunned and suppressed her, but she remained and continues to establish her stand.

Connecting with your divine feminine is a great way to create balance in your spiritual well-being. It will also help you radiate your love, compassion, and kindness into the universe— and bring balance into our masculine-dominated society.

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