Demonic Possessions

Demons have been the subject of ancient folklore, literature, and modern mainstream media. For thousands of years, they have been haunting us with their sinister history— trying to separate us from the Lord.

They are considered harmful entities that can corrupt us through demonic possessions. Their main goal is to deceive human beings and cause chaos in the world by influencing us to do all kinds of misdeeds against the teachings of God.

Humans cannot see demons; it’s difficult to ascertain if their influence has already enveloped one’s soul. However, despite their cunning and deceitful characteristics, one can prevent acquiring their malice by knowing the enemy.

What Are Demons?

Various cultures have different definitions and natures for demons. For some, they are depicted as evil and a harbinger of misery and despair to humanity. While for others, demons can possess good and bad natures, depending on their interactions with humans.

While there is a wide range of demons according to various cultural views, we will focus on the demons depicted in the view of Christianity. 

According to Goff et al., the term demon defines various spiritual beings. It is derived from the Greek word Daimon, a tutelary deity watching over a person or a place. However, it’s important to note that Daimon doesn’t necessarily mean evil.

Goff et al. added that the term demon describes malignant supernatural entities that seek to harm humans, as ancient mythologies and literature associate them with various problems that people encounter daily (these include childbirth, diseases, accidents, and even death.)

The New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia states that the Scripture and Catholic Theology describes demons as similar to the devil, which denotes evil spirits and fallen angels.

Furthermore, the Old Testament and New Testament have different descriptions of demons.

Author Anne Marie Kitz explained that demons were not described in the Old Testament as evil spirits because they served and did not oppose YHWH.

On the other hand, Dorian Giesler Greenbaum expounded that in the New Testament, demons appeared 55 times and 46 times for demonic possession and exorcisms.

As the enemies of Jesus Christ, demons are evil and cause misery and suffering to their victims.

The Origin of Demons

According to Chris Mueller from Ascension, angels and demons were the same beings. However, they differ in one fundamental thing.

The angels completely embrace the lordship of God, while the demons go against the will of God and continuously rebel against Him.

The demons hate God throughout their entire existence. They act against the Lord and their nature. And because of this, they live in torment.

Additionally, Graham A. Cole from Crossway explained that demons are fallen angels. They are rebellious angels led by Satan who are cast out from heaven.

Demonic Possessions

Demons can possess people, and they are subservient to Satan. Their main aim is to deceive human beings and cause chaos in the world by influencing us to do all kinds of misdeeds.

Demons usually intrude into the lives of those who succumb to lust and bodily desires for transient pleasure. In pursuing lustful pleasures, people often tend to forget their souls.

Moreover, a lack of mindful spirituality is also one of the main reasons behind the intrusion of demons into your life. Here are some revealing signs that indicate a person has demonic attachments.

1. They have abnormally high energy levels.

It has often been seen that people who are carriers of demons exhibit abnormally high energy levels. 

They move around incessantly and find staying in one place for long periods impossible. When it comes to quarrels over small matters, they may become dangerously aggressive. 

They often get physical with other people and end up doing irreparable damage. Such people do not have any control over their actions. They may overreact in normal situations with loud and angry outbursts without showing the slightest respect for the feelings of others.

2. They cannot control themselves.

According to Don Stewart from the Blue Letter Bible, a person possessed by a demon won’t be able to control themselves. The evil spirit will speak through their lips or can make them unable to speak.

3. They act impulsively and strangely.

People who undergo rapid mood swings without any apparent reason are also said to be affected by evil spirits. 

You must always watch out for people who blurt out curses and act violently in a fit of rage, as they may be under the influence of demons. Their impulsive behavior often causes them to go against accepted social norms because they are deemed unfit for society.

4. They embody a new personality.

Don Stewart emphasized that demonic possession means a new personality is introduced to the victim; they evolve into a different person. In Matthew 8:29, the Gadarene demoniac spoke and acted as if possessed by another personality.

5. They use a different voice.

Some demons use different voices when speaking through the lips of their victims. There is an occasion in Mark 5:9 when Jesus Christ spoke to a demon.

The demon said,

My name is Legion, for we are many.

The demon begged Jesus Christ not to send them away and begged him to send them among the pigs on the nearby hillside.

Jesus Christ permitted them; with this, the impure spirits possessed the herd, about two thousand in size. The demons rushed out into the lake, and they drowned.

6. They possess supernatural knowledge.

In Mark 1:23-24, a demon possessing a man recognized Jesus Christ as the Messiah when they were in a synagogue.

In fear, the demon cried out,

“What have You to do with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have You come to destroy us? I know who You are, the Holy One of God.

Mark 1:23-24

Don Stewart explained that the demon knew the true nature of Jesus Christ through his supernatural knowledge, as Jesus Christ was yet to reveal Himself to the world and His disciples as the promised Messiah during this time.

7. They gain new abilities.

People who have demonic attachments demonstrate new abilities, such as superhuman strengths.

In the Bible, a demoniac was described as follows:

“He had often been restrained with shackles and chains, but the chains he wrenched apart, and the shackles he broke in pieces, and no one had the strength to subdue him.”

“Night and day among the tombs and on the mountains, he was always howling and bruising himself with stones.”

Mark 5:4,5

The Dangers of Demonic Possession

Spiritual practices can work wonders in connect with your higher self to attain your true essence.

However, once a demonic force is transferred to your body, there is a strong likelihood that you will get distracted from your spiritual goals. 

Demons are influential enough to divert your attention from maintaining the purity of your soul and make you lose track of your spiritual life. 

Their sole motive is to lead you astray and make you forget the spiritual path. If you experience any of the signs discussed above, seek the guidance of the Lord and begin focusing on your spiritual growth for a fresh start.

How Can You Avoid Demonic Possessions?

According to Keith Thomas from the Group Bible Study, deception is a powerful tool used by the enemy. Satan is a master of fraud and deceives people worldwide.

Often, we are not aware of his deceptions. We are not aware of how he ignites and flames our misdeeds until he successfully separates us from God.

The devil blinds us from receiving Jesus Christ into our hearts and embracing the will of God until we completely lead ourselves to destruction.

Keith Thomas also emphasized that the devil is always lurking around, finding opportunities to enter our being and plant seeds of rebellion against the Lord. 

He and his demons feed from our sins, and to prevent him from gaining power over you, you must be mindful of your thoughts and actions.

Sinful thoughts that are not rejected, rebuked, and resisted, often lead to actions that bring us near to the devil. So beware of the thoughts that form in your mind and heart.

Wrapping It Up!

In Christianity, demons refer to evil spirits that seek to harm humans and bring chaos to the world. They rebel against God’s will and seek to influence humanity to separate us from Him.

Demons can possess people and intrude into the lives of those who succumb to lust and bodily desires for transient pleasure, which leads them to forget their souls.

To avoid being deceived by the devil, you must be mindful of your thoughts and emotions as he feeds on them.

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