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Today’s daily lifestyle is quite stressful. Every individual is having a tough time juggling with his or her uncertain working hours, with no absolute time to relax, giving way to restlessness. Worse, this erratic way of life has often led to unhealthy eating hours, making you grab food on the go or more precisely end up eating fast food or junk food. This has given way to a lot of health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, etc. Daily life worsening with these health issues has made people look for alternative means in regaining their well-being through healthy food & meditation.

Why meditate?

Meditation is quite difficult to define. It could be explained as a practice where you focus your mind on an object or a thought to achieve a mentally clear state of mind. This practice will make you calmer & more relaxed. Meditation is an ancient tradition practiced all over the world in the guise of various cultures but all working towards achieving inner harmony & peace of the mind.

Meditation is described as ‘thinking about something’ or ‘focusing on your mind for a while’. As per scholarly terms, it is described as a state of mind that seeks to take a person beyond all thought processes. It is a way of achieving a more dedicated & peaceful state of mind.

There are various forms & techniques of meditation. It can be achieved through mindfulness, paying attention to breathing, and transcendental techniques. Meditation can also be achieved through postures of asanas & also by using prayer beads as a tool to focus, etc. Although there are many techniques of meditation, the most popular are the six types of meditation practice, as given below:

· Mindfulness Meditation

· Spiritual Meditation

· Focused Meditation

· Movement Meditation

· Mantra Meditation

· Transcendental Meditation

These styles of meditation require different skills & mindset and is not for everyone. So, let us understand the different types of meditation before selecting the form of practice as per your suitability & comfort.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Mindfulness, the most popular meditation practiced in the West, originated from Buddhism. Mindfulness meditation does not require an instructor and can be easily practiced alone. In this form of meditation, keenly focusing on your thoughts is crucial, while concentrating. During the process of this meditation, you could also focus on or concentrate on an object & by breathing at a slow leisurely pace.

Spiritual Meditation:

Spiritual meditation is like a form of prayer but in a silent surrounding while looking for a deeper connection with God or in totality. This spiritual practice emerged from eastern religions like Hinduism, Daoism, and Christian beliefs. In this, essential oils are also used quite frequently to enhance the intensity of the spiritual experience. Oils like frankincense, myrrh, sage, cedar, sandalwood, etc., are quite popularly used. Spiritual meditation is ideal for those seeking silence & spiritual growth and can be easily practiced at home or at a place of worship.

Focused Meditation:

Focused meditation requires a person to focus on an object or an external matter for more than a few minutes, initially. Focused meditation might look simple, but is quite difficult for beginners. It is only recommended to those looking for additional life focus.

Movement Meditation:

In this form of meditation, a movement like walking in the garden or similar gentle pattern of motions is the form of practice, while breathing passively as in yoga. Movement meditation helps retain the inner balance of your body when you practice merging your breath & your movement in rhythm. This meditation is meant for those individuals who are active but with straying minds & seeking tranquility.

Mantra Meditation:

Mantra meditation originates from the Hindu & Buddhist heritage & many other cultures of that region. Mantra meditation is about chanting phrases like Om or a mantra either silently or loudly & repeating it at regular intervals. This regular chanting makes you more alert & in tune with your surroundings, enlightening you. This can be practiced especially by those who are not bothered to meditate in a silent surrounding.

Transcendental Meditation:

Transcendental meditation is the most scientifically evaluated practice in the world & the most popular form of meditation. Transcendental meditation is an individualized form of meditation achieved by repeating a mantra or a particular series of specified words, unlike mantra meditation. This meditation can be practiced by those who are organized & serious about meditation.

How does Meditation work?

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In these troubled times, meditation helps us heal ourselves by making us aware of our inner selves. It helps us refocus and get back to the present by doing various types of meditating practices, like the ones mentioned above. In short, spiritual meditation helps you relax in the present moment while letting go of your disturbing past & worrisome future. With meditation, we are unwinding from the agony of life to know the truth, consciously becoming aware that after all, we are only mind & body.

Spiritual Meditation makes you spiritually conscious & awakens you in discovering reality, openness, and peace of mind. Spiritual Meditation helps boost your damaged body after all that it has undergone due to high levels of stress. It helps the body & nervous system relax, unwind from our stressful thoughts, and in releasing our emotions to settle down in peace.

Practicing any form of spiritual mediation daily will be very beneficial in improving your physical, emotional, and mental health.

Will Spiritual Meditation lead to Spiritual Awakening?

Yes, it can. But before that, you have to know the true essence of life. Different people have different aspects of life. In this scenario, we might all agree on one reality, that is spirituality or in our spiritual awakening. In spiritual meditation even though religion is embedded with spirituality, both have separate identities & it is spirituality that allows you to undertake the chosen religious path you wished for. From ancient times people have known the significance of spirituality in their lives & continuously tried to awaken in strengthening their perception.

Daily practice of Spiritual meditation for about 20 minutes on a daily basis will surely help in the beginning. This change of diverting from your daily stressful lifestyle will encourage you to go further in reaping the benefits leading to better health. Spiritual meditation has very good health benefits of lowering your blood pressure, easing depression, improving sleep, and reducing anxiety & pain. Regular spiritual meditation will surely help if you are looking to reduce your stress levels & looking towards achieving spiritual awakening. Spiritual meditation also helps combine various other human emotions in your journey towards achieving spiritual awakening. They are:

· Ego: This is a very negative emotion. Remove it from your life. Embrace positive nature & be submissive.

· Honesty: Being true to yourselves is very important on your journey to achieve spiritual awakening.

· Let go of your fears: Embrace your fears rather than worrying over it & feeling low.

· Forgive & forget: Do not hold grudges, keep an open mind, and forgive people & forget, while making peace.

· Detach from worldly things: Detach yourself from materialistic things, which were your happiness quotient earlier.

· Meditate: Switch off from the materialistic world through spiritual meditation & achieve mental awareness.

· Yoga: Concentrate on your inner voice & mind in achieving mental calm and tranquility by practicing yoga regularly.

Other than these, there are many other emotions attached in attaining spiritual awakening, like love & religion. Religion will surely help you attain spiritual awakening even though both have different perspectives. Similarly, knowing that love, which is the most powerful emotion of the world, & that nothing can beat true power of love, will help you in your spiritual journey.

What is a spiritual awakening?

The true essence of life can be understood only if a person is spiritually aware of himself. Spiritual awakening lets you feel your spiritual side and enlightens you to rise above your limits humanely. It helps you to understand your existence & open yourself to a truthful lifestyle. It helps to attain happiness rooted in yourselves, unlike the exterior false happiness attained through power, fame, & money.