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To see is to believe. We must admit that humanity has become arrogant with the advancement of technology.

Most of us cannot accept that spirituality can be connected to a rational way of thinking, which is entirely false.

Instead of being an antithesis of one another, Science and Spirituality are the two hands of a clock that work together to propel humanity toward real progress, and here’s why.

The Symbiotic Relationship of Science and Spirituality

We always have a ‘why’ in every situation. And an eyebrow raised at every bit of information not supported by science. We have attained greater heights, but our ability to be open to the unknown seems to have regressed.

However, as M.S. Dadage said, science is lame without spirituality. Science explores the physic, while spirituality cultivates the spirit. Science deals with the tangible and spirituality with the invisible.

Science is knowledge, while spirituality is wisdom. They are opposites, yet they complement one another.

M.S. Dadage added that the great Mahatma Gandhi believed in the right combination of science and spirituality. The sacred union of the two brings real progress to civilization. 

Gandhi believed that the earth could provide enough for humanity’s needs but not for our greed. That’s why there’s spirituality to put a limitation on science.

Without spirituality, our dependence and belief in science will make us succumb to greed, which could lead to suffering and destruction. Science will be solely used by humanity to satisfy individual interests.

That’s why spirituality reminds us to replace greed with love and use science for the common good.

On the other hand, science helps us achieve spirituality. Satish Kumar explained that spirituality without science is incomplete.

Without the clues of reality, our spiritual beliefs can turn to blind faith, fundamentalism, and dogmas, preventing us from achieving real spiritual fulfillment.

Satish Kumar emphasized that science without spirituality will ill-serve the earth. At the same time, spirituality without science will only decrease into dogmatic exclusivity.

The Similarities of Spirituality and Science

As you become aware of the symbiotic roles of science and spirituality to one another, it is necessary to dive deeper into their basic similarities.

Both science and spirituality seek the truth.

According to Rafael Espirecueta, science and spirituality are centered on seeking the truth and determining the essential nature of reality.

Science is based on logical evidence and conclusions. Similarly, spirituality follows the same approach. It helps people know their true selves and purpose. 

Science aims to know the true knowledge about how the world works. At the same time, spirituality aims to connect us to something bigger than ourselves by seeking the truth.

Any scientific hypothesis and spiritual pursuits first start with a question, then observation, pursuit of finding the answer, and lastly, arriving at a conclusion.

When you observe your surroundings, you are also faced with the problems associated with reality. You become aware of the chaos and peace, the positive and the negative, and the beauty and ugliness of life.

People in science and spirituality constantly look for answers, and their journey to discover keeps going. It depends on whether you will escape or accept the truth.

Both science and spirituality aim for greater mankind and a sustainable environment.

Spiritual practitioners and scientists are working for the same cause- for the common good. 

Science tries to unfold how nature works and simultaneously ensures its safety. Similarly, staying connected to the environment and protecting it is a means to the spiritual path.

Also, both science and spirituality aim to awaken humanity. Science exists to enlighten our minds, while spirituality seeks to touch and awaken our hearts, as said by Rafael Espiricueta.

Each is necessary for the full fruition of one another and the common good of humanity.

Spirituality is not orthodox and religion-oriented.

Unlike what most people believe, spirituality is not a formal belief system. You don’t have to be religious to be a spiritual person.

The definition of spirituality can be different depending on the person. For some, spirituality involves various spiritual and religious practices. Their life may be filled with mindful meditations and pilgrimages to sacred places.

While others, spirituality means extending their help to others, knowing themselves more and their purpose, or simply doing the things that complete them.

According to Frijof Capra, spirituality motivates people to look inward and find inner peace. Like science, it tends to be more open to all possibilities and truths of reality.

How Do Spirituality and Science Complement One Another?

M.S. Dadage said that the world has constantly been facing prevalent issues brought upon by the imbalance between science and spirituality for the past years.

This imbalance between knowledge and wisdom is due to our lack of self-introspection.

Our knowledge of science has produced colossal material progress, yet we are unaware of the impending danger brought upon by this progress. 

Environmental issues, child labor, human trafficking, substance abuse, and more. Our biased focus on the mundane led to immense social gaps, that solving them is almost equivalent to impossible.

M.S. Dadage further added that to battle these issues, we must determine the advantages and disadvantages of science without selfish motives and by considering the welfare of all.

Because as Satish Kumar said, science without spirituality seeks to work only for the selfish interest of humanity. It works only for toxic control, consumerism, and poisonous convenience.

Science becomes vulnerable and dangerous without spirituality.

Spirituality serves as the limiting reign of science. Without spiritual values and principles, humanity will create weapons of destruction to annihilate each other, which is extremely opposed to the supposed main purpose of science.

Spirituality Starts Where Science Ceases.

According to Meenakshi, no matter our vast knowledge, it is only limited to those of the world. Spirituality, on the other hand, transcends what science can provide us.

Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda explained that spirituality begins where science ends.

The author explained that our knowledge limits us. The universe is so wide and deep that the human mind cannot comprehend and confine its immensity.

“Science stops at the world,” said Meenakshi. “But spirituality goes beyond the world because it directs the self to the world and the realms beyond the universe.”

Everything you see has a touch of spirituality in it. Your food, your home, and your surroundings. Even your very being is composed of spiritual energy concocted by the universe.

Wrapping It Up!

 If science and spirituality go hand in hand, I am sure one can create heaven on this earth.- M.S. Dadage

Science cleans the outer self, while spirituality washes the inner self. Science improves the physical aspect of our life, while spirituality cultivates its nonmaterial aspects. Both are necessary to maintain peace and progress in the world. 

However, with our fast-paced life and materialistic reality, we tend to focus more on science and the physical aspect of life. 

We forget that there’s something beyond what reality can offer us. We became blinded by mundane pursuits, which sometimes led to emptiness and crisis of the self.

But keep hope for the spiritual path is always there. You can always return to spirituality to pick up your broken fragments and rebuild yourself when you feel lost. You just have to seek and believe.

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