Spiritual Blockage

The world is gray, and everything seems to rob you of your truth. You’re in the middle of an ocean, and it feels like there’s no way to reach the shore.

When you are spiritually blocked, you might feel detached from the world. Something’s holding you back, and you’re enveloped by fear and uncertainties— moving forward seems impossible.

You may feel hopeless, but freeing yourself from being spiritually blocked is highly possible by having an in-depth understanding of spiritual blockage.

What Is A Spiritual Blockage?

According to Melanie Beckler, a spiritual blockage is the imprint of density and heaviness stuck in your energy field.

It is the residue of past traumas, pain, challenges, limiting perspectives, and negative emotions.

These blockages keep you from aligning with your soul’s purpose and highest truth. They prevent you from realizing your full perspective, potential, and gifts as a spiritual being on earth.

From the Christian perspective, spiritual blockage happens when the body and soul are locked up, and the spirit cannot express itself. Satan has imprisoned the spirit in a dark room to prevent the soul from leading the spirit.

Why Are You Spiritually Blocked?

Jim Tolles explained that there are various reasons why a person experiences spiritual blockage. The biggest one of them is fear.

Fear prevents people from accepting their nobody-ness and is afraid to let go of their identity created by their ego.

You are infinite when you are in a state of nobody-ness. There’s nothing to restrain you, and you free yourself from suffering. But your ego doesn’t accept this reality and instead tells you that you must be somebody to survive.

Because of fear, many people are afraid of expressing their real selves. They’re afraid of misunderstandings and feel trapped in life.

On the other hand, the Living Stream Ministry explains that the body, soul, and spirit work together. The spirit is akin to a lady of the house, and the body and soul are its servants.

When malicious spirits attack the body and soul, the spirit will have no outlets to express itself.

The enemy knows the significance of the spirit. And to separate us from God and our purpose, the enemy often targets our body and soul to lose our function. Once our spirit is blocked, we lose our vigor.

What Can Block Your Spirit?

According to the Muskoka Community Church, five insidious things can harm our spirit: doubt, apathy, busyness, entitlement, and unforgiveness.

These toxins can harm us through our actions, thoughts, and environment. They damage our relationship with God and prevent us from living fulfilled lives.


Doubts are part of life, but some of them are toxic. We have pet doubts that stop us from following God’s orders.

For instance, you feel like God’s calling is embarrassing and difficult, but deep inside, you don’t want to do it.

Your pet doubts comfort you when you disobey Him— telling you your disobedience is valid. Because of this, you find it hard to abandon your pet doubts.


Apathy originated from the Greek word apathes, which means ‘without suffering.’ Apathy motivates us to hide and not pursue our highest potential.

When you love what you do, you go beyond limitations and do your best to fulfill your goals.

Achieving your aspirations equates to suffering— physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and more.

And apathy doesn’t want this. It will do its best to stop you from attaining your highest potential and reaching out to people. It will make you believe it’s better to stay in your comfort zone because it is safe and peaceful.


Our continuous search for fulfillment in this fast-paced world makes us lose many opportunities to live the life God has planned for us.

Excessive busyness can hinder your connection with God. It stops you from appreciating what matters most in life.

You continuously search for that thing that will complete you, only to end up with nothing but regrets. 

Regret for neglected relationships with your loved ones. Regret for not pursuing what your soul is truly yearning for. And regret not living your life to the fullest.


Entitlement makes you feel like God, the world, and the universe owes you.

You become resentful and bitter when undergoing life challenges, thinking you have been treated unfairly. You blame everyone but yourself.

This negative trait steals you the gift of enjoying life. Instead of appreciating what you have, you put more attention to comparing yourself and your life to those of others.


Unforgiveness is the most poisonous enemy of your spiritual life. It’s not easy, but when you refuse to forgive someone, you also refuse to receive God’s forgiveness.

Jesus’ suffering saved us all from our debt to God. And it’s the most natural thing in the world to relieve others of what they owe us.

Unforgiveness also prevents you from making peace with your past and freeing yourself from negative emotions, which are the first steps toward the spiritual path.

Signs You Are Spiritually Blocked

As Jim Tolles explains, people experience spiritual blockage in all ways. We could suffer from the spiritual blockage of our mind, body, and emotions.

Mentally Blocked

Your thoughts can either build or destroy you. They are so powerful that they can attract what your state of being will be.

Often, fear becomes the most destructive thought that dictates our life. Almost every one of us seems to be driven by fear. 

We live and strive to survive in fear of losing comfort, reputation, honor, and time. But as Jim Tolle said, our fear is only an illusion created by our ego.

Your ego tells you lies that separate you from God and your true purpose. Jim Tolle added that your ego is only concerned with the following:

  1. Keeping what it wants.
  2. Getting rid of what it doesn’t want.
  3. Avoiding what it doesn’t want.
  4. Getting what it does want.

If you notice, almost each of your thoughts revolves around these themes. That’s why it’s important to be mindful of your thoughts and filter out the ones that do you harm. 

Emotionally Blocked

As humans, our emotions can sometimes get the most out of us. Some of us unconsciously identify with our emotions and let them dictate how we perceive life.

We sometimes get too attached to our emotions, unable to let them go because we got used to them.

Some people live in anger, sadness, and bitterness— deepening their misery. And at the same time, some people made themselves numb to the point that they couldn’t move forward.

It’s important to learn how not to identify with your emotions. Your emotions do not define you, as they are only your fragments.

Physically Blocked

The body mirrors your mind and your heart. It can feel your emotions and thoughts. Your energy’s frequency resonates with your ability to cope with life situations.

When you feel hopeless, your body seems to be exhausted. When you are enveloped by fear, you become paralyzed, unable to move forward. But when you are beaming with passion, you feel like nothing can stop you.

You can’t control life, but you can control your thoughts and emotions.

How to Remove Spiritual Blockage

These are a few practices that will help you awaken your soul and overcome your spiritual blockage.

1. Meditate.

Meditation is the most powerful practice which helps us awaken our souls. Apart from our visible eyes, we have a third eye which is our power of intuition. 

Opening your third eye through meditation can help you attain ultimate enlightenment.

Many yogic disciplines like Kundalini Jagran (awakening) will help you awaken your chakras and purify your consciousness. 

In Vedic scriptures, Kundalini means coiled snake. This coiled snake is believed to be sitting at the base of our respective spines. 

Practicing this form of yoga will help you arouse the kundalini energy via three nerves: Ira, Pingla, and Sushumna. 

Once this energy reaches your brain, it is believed that all the seven chakras in your body will open up. And you will attain the ultimate level of consciousness.

2. Connect With Nature.

Our stress levels increase in today’s extremely materialistic world, causing us to feel suffocated and lost.

Spending too much time indoors blocks the energy circles in your body. To release this tension, consider spending some time in nature.

Nature has healing powers that help you unwind and reduce stress and anxiety. You can spend time in your garden, have a short walk in your local park, or visit nature reserves or landscapes.

If you’re in a highly urbanized city, staring at the sky and getting some sunlight will do you wonders. Notice how you feel more refreshed and awakened. 

3. Practice Breathing Exercises.

In the Vedic texts, extreme importance is given to breathing exercises or Pranayama

It is the practice of controlling your breath in varying styles and lengths. If you can control your breath, you can control your emotions and blow out stress from your systems.

Breathing exercises are great to help alleviate the commotion in your head. You can allot 10 minutes of your time every morning before breakfast for breathing exercises. If it’s not feasible, you can do so after work before dinner.

4. Laughter Therapy.

Laughter is another therapy that helps release stress and emits happy hormones. When endorphins are released, it helps your body release bad stress.

Laughter increases your oxygen intake, which is good for your lungs and heart. It also positively impacts your nervous system and helps you form stronger connections.

When you feel spiritually blocked, consider healthy humor through movies, literature, and other forms of entertainment. You can also have a great conversation with your loved ones.

Laughing is free and will help improve your mood and productivity each day.

5. Exercise.

Physical activities have many benefits, from physical health to mental well-being. According to Mayo Clinic, physical activities help with weight control, battling diseases, strengthening the immune system, and improving mental health.

Exercising will help you overcome spiritual blockage as it positively influences your overall wellness.

You can engage in various exercises, from simple to rigorous ones. Ensure to choose the ones that are suitable for your needs.

6. Remove Toxins From Your Body.

Along with physical activities, you can also physically cleanse your body. The best way to do this is fasting (not eating anything other than light fruits and juices) once a week. 

It is a good idea to abstain from meat occasionally for a week up to ten days and allow your intestines to cleanse themselves.

Considering ancient ayurvedic treatments to cleanse your body could help you. You can also opt for hot herbal oil massages and baths with herbal water. It will cleanse your pores and improve blood circulation.

Detoxification, like physical activities, greatly contributes to your overall wellness, which is fundamental to breaking free from spiritual blockage.

7. Ensure You Have Quality Sleep.

A day without sleep makes you feel exhausted. Three days without sleep limits your ability to think, concentrate, and function. Chronic sleep deprivation leads to health decline, long-term illnesses, and spiritual blockage.

Quality sleep is important for your overall wellness. It gives you a better mood daily, increases productivity, and strengthens your body.

If you are not getting proper sleep, try to take a hot bath before bedtime. Read something light before going to bed to help your mind drift away from the incidents of day-to-day life.

You can also listen to soothing music and light sleep-inducing incense to help induce deep sleep. 

8. Practice Dancing.

Dancing is a fun and healthy activity. It’s an expression of self and a medium that eases burdens.

You don’t have to be a professional dancer to perform this activity. All you need is your favorite music and the will to release stress and negative emotions. Dance around your room and forget about the world for a moment.

Once you liberate your inhibitions and start dancing, you will feel more connected with your soul. 

Your mind, body, and soul will sync, and you can pour more positivity into your thoughts and actions.

9. Express Your Gratitude.

Each morning when you wake up, before leaving the bed, thank the Almighty or the Universe for all the abundance in your life. 

Express your appreciation as much as possible. Say thank you to the office janitor, courier boy, parcel delivery boy, food delivery boy, or your friends and colleagues at work. At home, thank your family for all the love and care.

A factor that also causes spiritual blockages is discontent, which leads to bitterness, envy, and other intrusive emotions.

Expressing gratitude helps you appreciate your life more. It also helps you to ground yourself in the present and focus on your life path.

10. Help Others.

Nothing makes you feel better than sharing your blessings with those in need. Spend some of your time and efforts volunteering, and you will see how it enriches your life. 

There is nothing bigger than the joy of giving. Teach your children to value what they have. Teach them to appreciate their abundance and encourage them to share it with the community.

Becoming a ray of hope to others despite your situation proves how strong of a person you are. You are leaving your comfort zone, which is the first step in unblocking your spirit.

11. Visit Your Place of Worship.

Places of worship have this sacred and tranquil atmosphere that makes us feel closer to God or the Higher entities we believe in. They give us a safe place to stop, think, and contemplate our life situation.

When you are spiritually confused, overwhelmed, and in doubt, visit your place of worship and let go of your burdens. Ask for guidance in your spiritual journey and comfort for your soul.

12. Practice forgiveness.

When you forgive those who have wronged you, including yourself, you are letting go of useless baggage that has been weighing you down for a long time.

It isn’t easy. But do yourself a favor. You can only free yourself from spiritual blockages by letting go of grudges and surrendering to life

13. Be transparent and truthful.

It is said that our words create the world. Value your words and keep your promises. Do not lie to people, and do not say things you do not mean. 

Emotions are regarded as energy in motion. Real troubles arise when you fail to release this particular energy healthily and properly.

At times, you feel uncomfortable in recognizing the feeling of happiness for a prolonged period. This happens because you are busy taking note of aspects of your life. 

When this occurs, you might become so centered on yourself and fail to exhibit kindness towards your loved ones, thus feeling spiritually stuck.

Here are a few reminders when dealing with your emotions:

  1. Do not hide your emotions. Instead, write them down every morning and contemplate them.
  2. Do not suppress your anger. Find healthy outlets for anger. 
  3. Start exercising vigorously. As you sweat, it releases all toxins from your body.
  4. Do not be judgmental in taking out all of your emotions.

Keep your dealings transparent and emotionally intelligent. Empathize with others and give them a shoulder to lean on. You can only radiate your true self by being authentic.


Spiritual blockage occurs when you are enveloped with negative emotions such as fear, doubt, and pride. It is an illusion created by your ego, which tells you to pursue things misaligned with your real purpose and life path.

To break free from spiritual blockages, you must first overcome the strong need to take control over each aspect of yourself. You must learn to stay in the present, surrender to life, and trust what the future has in store for you.

You can only achieve true spiritual liberation by letting go of all the external forces that chain you.

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