Tantric Sexuality

Tantric spirituality involves all aspects of worldly life, including sex, to lead you toward spiritual realization.

It considers sexuality a attaining spirituality, giving you access to deeper levels of energy, sensation, and your whole essence.

You’ll explore in this article what tantric spirituality is, the essence of tantric sex, and what happens during tantric sex. You’ll also get tips on tantric sex positions and practices, as well as the benefits of tantric sex.

What Is Tantric Spirituality?

?Tantric spirituality is essentially a spiritual path that teaches about enlightenment. However, it is a very rare spiritual practice incorporating sexuality instead of excluding it. 

It considers sexuality to be a gateway to spiritual awakening and personal illumination. It is an approach to attaining spirituality, giving you access to deeper levels of energy, sensation, and your whole essence.

Tantric spirituality differs from alternative and more orthodox methods of attaining spirituality in the sense that it considers a person’s sexuality to be a gateway to divine consciousness. 

While the orthodox streams of religion consider sexuality a basic instinct, tantra celebrates it as something essential. 

It allows a person to expand their consciousness by letting them open and find a way to interweave their contradictory personality traits and combine them into a unified whole.

What Is Tantric Sex?

According to certified tantra educator Leslie GraceTantric sex is a sexual practice included in the ancient spiritual path of tantra.

Tantra is a Sanskrit term that means ‘to weave.’ It aims to weave or unite the masculine and feminine forces within us.

Tantra should not be confused as a template you must follow to have sex. Instead, it should be conceived as the spiritual pathway you must undertake while conducting the act of sex.

The final goal of tantra is to allow you to reach spiritual pleasure instead of sexual pleasure. The means to that end might include sex, but never solely relies on it. 

Tantric sex ignites your sexual energy, passion, and desires, aligning them with your heart, spirit, and sense of goodness.

When these forces come into harmony, the sparks of magical energy start flying, and sex becomes a healing and beautiful process that empowers you.

What Happens During Tantric Sex?

Dan Brenman from WebMD explained that people often perceive that tantric sex involves wild, uninhibited sexual practices, but in reality, tantric techniques are more of a mental and spiritual practice that introduces you to new sensations.

Furthermore, according to Leslie Grace, tantric sex involves many erotic activities, but it doesn’t always involve the same physical stimulation and penetration that most people associate with sex.

Tantric sex typically involves subtle realms of sex. It includes gentle caresses, slow embraces, and focusing the movement of energies between you and your partner’s bodies.

Sometimes, during the session, you’re barely moving and instead focus on the devotional and meditative aspect of tantric sex.

All sexual energy is considered tantric if done with awareness.

The True Relationship Between Sex and Tantric Spirituality

Sex should not be confused and comprehended as the only essential aspect of tantric spirituality because it also teaches a person the opening of the higher chakras. 

According to Margot Anand, a famous tantric practitioner, the various sexual practices of tantra need to be kept secret and should not be taught to the uninitiated. 

Her way of thinking aligns with the Tibetan approach towards tantra. It states that before practicing such tantric sexual acts, one needs to invest heavily in preliminary education, spiritual practices, and self-purification. 

The uninitiated might consider sexual tantra a blissful experience since they have enjoyed one night of unadulterated lovemaking, but they fail to gauge the complete picture that this spiritual practice provides.

Osho, one of the greatest teachers of tantric spirituality, said that sex is akin to the fruit that hangs on a tree. 

Once the fruit has ripened, it falls off the tree, and there is no reason for it to stay on the tree anymore. 

In other words, Osho was trying to say that to truly understand tantra; people need to go to the very root of this sexual energy. They need to explore it, understand it, and only then can they fully experience and transcend it. 

It asks practitioners to explore their sexuality, live the experience to the fullest, harness that energy, and use it in every other aspect of their being.

Tips on Tantric Sex You Can Try

First, it’s crucial to know that tantric sex can also be an individual practice and can be done by people of all genders. 

You can practice tantric self-love to know more about yourself and your sexuality. Or practice it together with your partner to deepen your relationship.

Second, it’s important to read further about tantric sex. The more knowledge you have about this practice, the more you’ll feel prepared.

Here are tantric sex practices and positions you can try, according to Mind Body Green and Medical News Today.

Practices for Tantric Self-Love

Practice mindfulness

Tantric sex encourages you to be present at the moment. Focus on your breathing and bodily sensations. Think or say words of affirmation to yourself and appreciate your being.

Explore your body

Give yourself a self-massage and pay attention to your caresses. This will help heighten your physical sensations and arousal.


You may wish to engage in tantric self-love. Like with partnered sex, the goal of this may not be an orgasm. Instead, you may do this to try to feel more connected with your body and be open to yourself.

Tantric Practices and Positions for Couples

Create a safe and sacred space

Consciously detach yourselves from the physical world and enter the divine realm— the world of pleasure.

Turn off distractions, light romantic candles or incense, and gather sweet and special treats like berries, chocolate, or anything according to your and your partner’s taste.

Also, it would be best to go light or skip the substances to be fully present. 

Purify yourself by showering and dressing in something comfortable and lovely. Purify your space by tidying up.

Soul gazing

Expose yourselves by intently and softly gazing at each other. Let your eyes reflect the love in your hearts.

Gaze at your beloved, and see the sacred light in their eyes. Appreciate their beauty, and deeply carve each detail in your mind.

Savor the sacredness of this simple moment together.

Hands on your hearts

After eye gazing, put your hands to your heart while facing each other and breathe. Reach across your partner’s hand (with consent), and they can do so as well.

Synchronize your breathing and feel the love welling up in your hearts. Inhale love and let them flow into your veins. Then when you exhale, let your feelings flow into your partner’s heart.

Tantric massage

One partner gets to lie on their back during a tantric massage and receive. This act gets both of you to tune into the pleasure and feel new sensations. This relaxing and healing process will let you connect with each other on a deeper level.

Yab-yum position

This classic tantric sex position represents Shiva and Shakti’s union, the two divine masculine and feminine energies.

In Yab-yum, one partner sits with their legs crossed, and the other sits on their partner’s lap, wrapping their legs around their waist.

While in this position, you can synchronize your breathing and feel the intimate closeness of each other.

Benefits of Tantric Sex

According to Better Help, tantric practices can help you strengthen your connection with your partner as they involve the mind, body, and spirit.

You can create a more profound form of trust with each other and know yourselves on a deeper level.

Also, whether tantric or not, a healthy and safe sexual activity can give you the following:

  • Stronger immune system
  • Better cardiovascular health
  • Improve moods
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Quality sleep
  • Stress relief

Tantra: A Path To Higher Spirituality

Tantric spirituality is the soul having meaningful and healing intercourse with another soul. It is a pathway and practice that allows you to explore the higher streams of consciousness. 

It enables you to activate every chakra in your body, not just the ones that control sexual pleasure. It also allows you to attain spiritual and sexual ecstasy.

Tantric sex utilizes sexual energies to allow practitioners to connect with themselves holistically and, in the process, be able to connect with the divine consciousness that has created all life.

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