Spiritually Connect With Nature

Surviving in the modern world can be exhausting and sometimes lead you to question your existence. 

There are too many people to please, too many hindrances, too many tasks to accomplish, and too many dreams set aside. The noisy world can either forge you or push you to the edge.

That’s why it’s important to set aside time, remove yourself from the superficial and materialistic society, and find solace in nature. Here are ways you can connect with nature to strengthen your overall wellness

Ways to Spiritually Connect With Nature

Connecting with nature is a simple way to ground yourself amidst your busy life. According to the Mental Health Foundation, here are ways to connect with nature.

1. Seek nature wherever you are.

You don’t have to travel for hours and miles to get to nature. Nature is all around you! You’ll always find a glimpse of nature from your office window to your home.

If you feel down or drained at work, take a fifteen-minute break and have a short walk.  Spend time in your workplace’s garden, patio, local park, beach, or open countryside near you.

Appreciate the birds and the butterflies. Feel the rain from your window. Let yourself be enveloped by the warm sunlight each morning. Look for the unexpected and notice nature wherever you are.

2. Connect with nature through your senses.

Appreciating and reflecting on your natural surroundings using your senses is beneficial for your wellness.

On your way to work or to your office, try to listen to the birds or notice the movement of the clouds. 

Go to where nature is most abundant and feel the breeze. Inhale its life and let its energy flow into your veins. All of the good things nature offers can help you find peace and bliss.

3. Spend time in nature.

Try visiting natural places if you’re available, especially during weekends or vacations. You can spend time in natural parks, gardens, forests, rivers, and wetlands.

Most of the time, nature doesn’t require expensive entrance fees and preparation. 

Nature is mostly free. However, you must ensure that you return its goodness by being mindful of how you spend your time in it. If you arrive in a clean place, please ensure you’ll also leave it clean.

This can help you unwind and reduce the risks of mental health problems. If it’s a challenge to go outside, try going with a loved one or your pet, or pick a place you are familiar with.

4. Bring nature to you.

It can be challenging to visit natural places because of your location, work, and preferences. Despite these, you can still connect with nature by bringing it to you.

Having plants around your home is a remarkable and convenient way to have something natural to see. You can start with herbs and indoor plants from the supermarket or online stores.

If you have a garden or live near nature, think about how you can make the most of it. You can create your meditation garden and appreciate your surroundings to reflect on the beauty of life.

On the other hand, if you’re not into planting, there’s still a way to connect with nature. You can watch films or tv programs about nature or listen to nature recordings. The possibilities are endless.

5. Get moving.

If you’re physically able to exercise, try doing it in nature. You can run, cycle, or have a short walk at the nearby park or any natural place near you.

Exercising outdoors can help you reduce tiredness, anger, and sadness. It can also help you establish new connections with the people you’ll meet outside.

Nature can bring positive emotions of joy, calmness, and creativity. It also helps you concentrate and lower the risks of anxiety and depression. Here are other tips you can follow according to TRVST.

6. Live in the present.

To build a strong connection with nature, you must first detach yourself from negative thoughts and channel your energy toward your present.

You can start by allotting a few minutes of your day to detach yourself from your busy life, take deep breaths, and appreciate your surroundings. Focus all of your senses on the now.

7. Enhance your creativity with nature.

You can connect with nature in different ways. An example is integrating your creativity into your peaceful time.

You can appreciate and reflect on nature by painting, drawing, or photographing. These activities help calm your nerves and improve your mood. You can also find inspiration in nature, reflect, and gain a new perspective on your life.

8. Sit under the night sky.

If you’re a night lover, sitting under the night sky is also an excellent way to spend time with nature.

You can gather your loved ones, prepare blankets and pillows, share food and drinks, and have a great conversation. This will helpyour purpose in the universe

9. Protect nature.

Protecting nature doesn’t just benefit the environment; it will also deepen your relationship with nature and inculcate a sense of purpose. You can take part in conserving nature through the following:

  • Join local tree-planting programs. 
  • Set up a community conservation project for your local environment.
  • Perform clean-up drives within your community.
  • Create green spaces that are environmentally and animal friendly.
  • Join programs that aim to protect wildlife and the environment.

The Benefits of Connecting With Nature

Spending time in nature plays a significant role in improving your overall health. Here are a few benefits that you can gain from connecting with nature.

1. Nature reduces your stress. 

The hustle and bustle of urban life can increase your stress level and even cause depression. Connecting with nature can reduce stress and improve your mental health. 

Nature inculcates calmness and removes our attention from our daily pain and problems.

2. Nature helps you recover faster from illness.

Contact with nature significantly helps patients in recovery. A  university hospital in Sweden surveyed 160 heart surgery patients.  Researchers assigned patients to rooms with nature and abstract or no paintings.

Based on the survey, patients from rooms with nature paintings required a lesser dose of medication and were less anxious than patients in rooms with no representation of nature.

3. Nature can boost your energy levels.

While we mostly rely on coffee and vitamins to boost our daily energy, connecting with nature is also a remarkable way to improve our energy level.

According to a study at the University of Rochester, connecting with nature can make us physically and mentally alive.

4. Nature soothes you.

Despite its silence, nature offers solace to ease your pain and agony. You can seek comfort in nature when you feel down and confused. Nature will listen to your sentiments and accept your being.


In all its magnificence, nature can evoke the inherent emotional and intellectual spirituality that is dormant within us. Nature brings us back to the present and reminds us of our roots and purpose.

When you feel down, or confused about your life situation, stop for a moment, and take a deep breath. Feel your surroundings and let nature take all the pain away.

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