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What is Spirituality?

Before talking about people who are spiritually sick, let us first understand, what is spirituality? And why it is important in a person’s life?

A spiritual person is someone who is aware of the higher sense and is always connected to that sense. A higher sense which is bigger than materialism, human needs, and desires. People who are associated with this higher sense of purpose can be called spiritual people. The significance of spirituality can be determined by the fact, that Gautama Buddha left his lavish life to walk on the road of spirituality to find his purpose in life. Spirituality can be a way out of this era of materialism and selfishness. Spirituality can make your life meaningful and can have your goals clear in your mind. It puts you in a better state and serves you prosperity and peace.

Why you should never be Spiritually sick?

There are people in this world who are not spiritually sound. Then, there are people in this world who are spiritually sound. Then, comes a category of people who are spiritually sick.

What does it mean to spiritually sick and why is it important to know whether you fall into that category or not?

Because even if you are not spiritually sound, it is okay to exist in this world to some extent. But, if you are spiritually sick, then you might end up wandering in the illusion. You think that you are on the right way but ultimately will land up nowhere. This might sometimes have you ruined and exhausted in life.

This is very similar to the fact, that it is fine if you do not enter a jungle and stay out of it. But, getting lost in that jungle is dangerous. So, better stay out of the jungle rather than getting lost which could lead you to death.

How to know if you are spiritually sick?

Spiritual sickness is like how when you are sick physically. What happens when you are sick? Your body is not able to carry out daily functions and is unable to cooperate with you to achieve physical and mental well-being.

We nourish our body with healthy food and boost it with the help of exercise. This makes our bodies healthy. Similarly, we need to feed our soul and mind with healthy and positive thoughts. We have to boost it with Nobel and right actions. Our soul is driven by emotions, and it is very important to have a balance between negative and positive emotions.

You can consider yourself as a spiritually sick person when you experience the below-mentioned things in life

  • You do not want to end your suffering by giving up what you have.
  • When you are feeling lost in life and have grief for everything you come across.
  • When you are always complaining about the things going wrong in your life but are not ready to accept and change.
  • If you are considering yourself as a hopeless being and find yourself worth nothing.
  • Do you wish to end your life instead of transforming it into something worth living?
  • You are scared and jealous that people might mock you for not being the smartest guy.
  • You are scared that the world might abandon you for not following the trend.
  • Do you always dread losing people for not having agreed to them?
  • Do you not feel like connecting yourself to the higher purpose of life?
  • Are you not willing to look for flaws in yourself?

When you do not want to believe that having a bad day at work or not being able to get a good meal is okay. When you cannot be grateful for what you have always focus on lack.

These are the critical signs that you are spiritually sick and should be taken into consideration. As soon as you reach this alarming stage you should consider making changes in your life.

Causes of spiritual sickness

There are so many causes of spiritual sickness. But, we will talk about some of the most important things that disturb your spiritual and mental balance.

I know people who were very happy in their life and suddenly changed after encountering traumatic events. They have stopped believing in good, they have forgotten the power of smile and joy. They have turned themselves into someone who is waiting to sleep on his deathbed hopelessly.

Trauma is one of the biggest reasons that you start becoming spiritually sick. You lose interest in goodness. You do not want to be happy in the fear that happiness will be snatched away from you anyhow. A trauma can inculcate in you, fear and chaos. You eventually end up losing your soul. These are some main reasons that make you spiritually sick.

We have talked about the higher purpose in life. Now, let us understand what is the higher purpose and why is this higher purpose needed in life.

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How does this higher purpose look like

I will ask you few questions. You decide whether these questions bombard your mind. Has this made you so anxious in the middle of the night that you woke up with stress?

  • Have you ever thought that how will our future generations be brought up with the toxicity of social media and the bad influence of materialism?
  • Do you wonder how beautiful it would be to have all the people made to rely more on books and cultures rather than on the internet and rumors?
  • Did the think about how chaotic it is to have quarrels and fights over land and property and, not over-serving better to everyone?

Now taking these things on an individual level

  • What have you thought about your insecurities and doubts?
  • Have you been happy about the things you are surrounded with or focused on what are you lacking?
  • Do you always complain about the things that happened wrongly to you and do not try to look behind the reason?
  • Do you wish to end up your life meantime you feel you are worthless instead of finding something that could add value in your life?

You are lacking a higher purpose in life if the above-mentioned things are relevant to you. You are not synchronizing yourself with the energy you are aligned to. This energy can only be felt when you decide to quit the normality. You will never be happy if you’re not living for more than wealth, property, and luxury. People can only escape normality only when they have something worth more to live for. So, how will you know you have something worth more to live for?

The sense of something worth more

There is this famous quote saying that says “Knock, And He’ll open the door.” But, why will you knock? Make sure that your paychecks reach you after you spend every single penny from your credit card. Another reason might be to make sure that you never run out of resources to suffice your day-to-day needs.

If you knock on the door always for the fulfillment of only these many things in your life then you have not encountered the sense of something is worth more yet. Something worth more does not appeal to people who are spiritually sick. The determination of this fact whether you are spiritually sick or not depends on how you see the world.

There are so many people who are only existing in this world. They are abided by social and ethical norms. They exist for a good physical age and then die with an illusion that they have lived their life to the fullest. But this is not true. All they have done their whole life is, worked for their bread and butter. Made their endpoints meet anyhow and, marked their presence in social gatherings to have a feeling of not lagging.

People are scared of not having money, power, recognition. But, they forget that they have taken birth in the world of humanity. A place where the spiritual contribution is required to make sure that inhumanity does not take over. A place where the spiritual impact has to be there to maintain peace. The notion might be different for different people but the social gestures should be the same. Spiritually sound people strive for betterment followed by harmony.

A spiritually sound person is the happiest person as he has no fear. When he has a sense of higher purpose, he gets detached from material wealth. He has control over things that can be toxic to him. A spiritual person does not accumulate wealth or property to experience the utmost luxury. He instead believes that these things are the by-products of his hustle and are temporary. His urges can only be satisfied when he will do things out of purpose and fulfill the purpose.

Why should you be the one?

You do not have to wait for any spiritual awakening to follow. All you have to do is look inside you for what is bothering you so much and why is it doing so? What have you not attained and what is the actual purpose of you being here?

You need to look around for the loopholes to fix, flaws to work on. Not making it so complicated, I am trying to tell you to think (above) about jobs, homes, and salaries. I am telling you to look for happiness in people and service. I am telling you to be happy for having two or three friends who feel that you are a big deal for them. I am telling you to be more active while listening to someone. All I am telling you is that to be more confident when showering your love to people.

When you fill yourself with love and strength, you impact yourself, and your influence can heal other spiritually sick people. Spiritually sound people have made huge transformations in their life which has impacted the world. I am not telling you to be a millionaire who can do a lot of charity. I am asking you to follow your passion which will lead you to long-term happiness. I am telling you to be untangled with your thoughts and intuitions. I want you to connect yourself with higher consciousness. I want you to remove all the negativity from your life. I am telling you not to cry over small things which will not matter in your life after few years.

When you will have even a few of these in your life, you will be able to make a change. A change that is needed indeed. A change that will cause, happiness.

How can you fix everything?

Spiritual healing may be difficult for you when you are dealing with stones and people. But let us boil this down to the simpler form. Let us assume that you are spiritually sick. You will have to deal with things that are not going according to you. Having a clear mindset and making a strategy about your situation can help you a lot more. You need no stone or people but you need a strong reason to get out of the phase you are in. Find that strong reason and move towards it. You will start making progress as soon as you have the realization that this can change your life. The best part is, you can make people around you happy.

Make daily schedules for introspecting everything you do. Ask yourself whether your daily chores are adding value to your life or not. Having a clear vision will help you not to get affected by your external environment and when you escape this social conditioning, you have already healed yourself. Make your life worth living rather than cribbing about how bad it is. You have only one life to live and being spiritually sound will open its doors that are not visible to others. Stay happy and stay true to yourself.