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As humankind is becoming more advanced, our standards of living are surely rising, but what about our physical and mental health? The modern world is characterized with a fast pace life where everybody is in a hurry. With no time to rest, knowingly or unknowingly, you compromise or miss out on a lot of other important segments of your life. Some of the effects that fast life has on you might be the reasons behind your failed relationships, poor mental and physical well-being, high levels of depression, isolation, and many more.

In such a situation, it is positive spirituality that can help you get closer to your surroundings, your loved ones, and, most importantly, yourselves. So, how can positive spirituality give a new direction to your life? Let’s explore in detail the many ways in which positive spirituality can help in improving the manner you lead your life!

Positive Spirituality can help reduce Stress Levels

Today who is not dealing with stress? Working people have the pressure to meet deadlines. Homemakers have the stress that arises from caregiving. Students face the stress of assignments and exams. Therefore, it can be said that no matter how hard you try, you cannot escape stress.

But you can definitely do something to stop it from reaching catastrophic levels.

Embracing positive spirituality works wonders in relieving your body from all kinds of stress. The simple practice of breathing in and breathing out, the core of meditation, can be the best medicine in this regard. Contemplative spiritual practices such as meditation can take you away from these worldly pressures into a paradise with the chirping of birds and a pleasant atmosphere. Meditation helps in calming your mind and clearing your head from all disturbing emotions and thoughts. According to various researchers, this spiritual practice increases the gray matter density of the brain, which in turn helps in relieving stress and reducing the sensitivity to pain. With a light and calm mind that positive spirituality presents, you’ll not only bust your stress level but also help others in reducing theirs.

Positive Spirituality will help you to discover yourself

Most of the time, you allow external factors such as your surroundings and the people around you to control the direction of your life. This makes you susceptible to their demands, wants, and beliefs. In this way, your own sense of individuality blurs, which ultimately leads to dissatisfaction and a lost sense of purpose.

Spirituality, on the other hand, helps you to connect with yourself and the ultimate truth. Generally, the concept of spirituality is associated with religions, but in reality, it is beyond that. Positive spirituality helps you to clear your mind. A clear mind gives you a new perspective towards yourself and your life that is not molded by external factors. In this way, you realize your individuality and the unique purpose of your life. Additionally, it helps you to gain control and take accountability for your actions and decisions. You become the master of your own. Thus, positive spirituality gives you an added sense of autonomy and freedom from societal bondage.

Positive Spirituality will improve your relationships

Today’s world is characterized by temporary relationships and increased isolation. It is a known fact that human beings are essentially social creatures. In fact, developing and maintaining human ties is a primary psychological need. Therefore, the lack of quality relationships not only reduces psychological well-being but also leads to poor physical health.

In this regard, positive spirituality is proven to be of great help. Psychological studies show that people who engage in spirituality have better relationships with their spouses, children and other relatives. Spiritual people are known to be more forgiving and empathetic towards others, whether it be people, animals, or the environment. It helps you to lose your ego and think from the other person’s perspective. Hence, positive spirituality makes you more receptive, acceptable, adaptable, and forgiving- the keys to all healthy relationships!

Positive Spirituality will make you happier

Positive spirituality helps you in coping with stress, reducing anxiety and risk of depression, improving your relationships, and finding your sense of purpose. It allows you to get rid of all negative emotions. Your mind will no longer get distracted by negative thoughts. In fact, you will feel positivity within you, and you will emanate it all around as well. Thus, a sense of spirituality will not only make you optimistic but also the rest of the world.

Positive spirituality will make you more socially responsible and giving. It helps in reducing the negative qualities of greed, anger, jealousy, and fear. It will calm your mental turbulence and bring peace to your soul.

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Positive Spirituality will make you live longer

It is an empirically tested and proven fact that positive spirituality indeed increases longevity. By embracing spirituality, people become less prone to psychological and physical illnesses. The question is, how is it possible?

Generally, spiritual people tend to make healthier choices. They are less likely to indulge in excessive drinking, smoking, violent activities, and hence, all these do lead to positive effects on the body and mind. Moreover, they create a peaceful atmosphere within themselves as well as around them, which gives birth to positivity. All these ultimately help in boosting their immune system. A happy and healthy body is surely destined to enjoy a long life. Isn’t it?

Positive Spirituality will create a sense of belonging

Spiritual people generally associate themselves with religious or social groups and engage in community services such as volunteering and charity. Engaging in such groups and activities helps you to meet like-minded people and creates a sense of belonging with others. Moreover, volunteering and charity give a greater purpose to your life that, in turn, leads to a high level of inner satisfaction. Thus, positive spirituality removes the risk of isolation and depression. It further helps you to self-actualize.

Positive Spirituality will help you sleep better

Sleep is dear to all. However, chronic sleep problems are one of the major issues faced by people today. High levels of stress or unhealthy lifestyle can prohibit you from getting a blissful sleep. This further disturbs your biological cycle that is essential for maintaining good health.

Positive spiritual practices such as yoga, meditation, prayer, and journaling go a long way in calming the mind and the disturbance within. Journaling can especially help you express yourself without any barriers and thus, relieve the emotional baggage you are carrying before you go to bed. Similarly, yoga, meditation and prayer also help in throwing away all negativity. Overall, positive spirituality helps you process the events of your life in a positive manner and ensures you get a peaceful sleep at night.

Positive Spirituality will improve your physical health

 Today, the physical activity of people is low on average due to an increase in the opportunities of working via laptops, mobiles, and desktops. While this surely provides a lot of conveniences, it makes us lazy and negatively affects our health. 

The spiritual practice of Yoga helps in maintaining a proper body balance. It’s scientifically proven postures and breathing exercises will ensure that your mind is at ease and all the muscles in your bodies receive ample stretch. It also helps in boosting the immune system and has magical effects on your skin. 

Positive Spirituality will make you gracious

 When was the last time you thanked somebody from the bottom of your heart? God has gifted all humans with so much to feel gracious about. We have a beautiful nature around us filled with amazing creatures, pretty flowers, mighty trees, and so much more. But most of the time, we fail to acknowledge the bounty granted to us. We fail to pay gratitude to our families, friends, and our surroundings for whatever they do for us. It is not because we don’t want to. It is because most of the time, we fail to notice such small yet significant moments. 

 When you accept spirituality, you start noticing small things like how a stranger smiled at you or how bright the smile was on a child’s face when you gave him an ice-cream. All these small moments have become a big part of your life. You relish all life experiences, no matter how insignificant they might seem. You celebrate life and feel thankful for everyday you get a chance to make a difference in somebody’s life either directly or indirectly. Paying heartfelt gratitude makes realize how truly blessed you are.

The process of developing spirituality in a positive manner is surely a slow one, but it has a lot of benefits. Positive spirituality has an effect on your life at both individual and social levels. You just have to be patient enough to observe the positive effects of spirituality become fully visible. It might take longer, but it will definitely help you give a better turn to your life.