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Spirituality can be a life long quest. And it’s possible for people to not realize how far they’ve come on their journey or that they’ve even embarked on one. But there are some signs that point to the fact that you’ve evolved as a spiritual soul. Read on as we discuss the subtle changes that will show that you’ve grown or are a spiritually minded person.

You are compassionate and connected to other souls

A spiritually minded person is one who not only acts compassionately and kindly towards other humans but also feels deeply connected to them. He/she sees all human beings as equal and is mindful of the flawed nature of human life. If you are spiritually minded, you likely forgive people easily, give without expecting anything in return and accept differences with his common man.

You work on loving and bettering yourself

A truly spiritually minded person never stops working on himself. He understands that the only way to love the world selflessly is to love oneself first. Spiritually minded people work on loving their flaws, accepting what can’t be changed and changing what can. In order to be truly evolved, an individual must have an honest and deep understanding of his own nature-limitations, talents and all.

You believe in letting people “Be”

A truly evolved human understands that everyone is on their own journey and it’s not his job to change others. A spiritually minded person will never impose his beliefs on his fellow human and live life with an open heart and mind. In order to truly connect with the universe, it is important for human beings to realize that there is no one truth. Judgment impedes spiritual growth. But if you live with openness and honesty, you are likely a spiritually minded person already. Focusing on the journey and that we are all connected by our own quests is what makes a truly evolved human.

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You accept suffering as openly as bounty

A spiritually minded person realizes that to be able to enjoy the gifts of God, one must also accept the suffering meted out. He/she accepts the changes in fortune with as much equanimity as the abundance and good. A person who accepts his due with grace, patience and peace is well on his way to enlightenment.

You question religious dogmas where they are wrong

A spiritual person is different from a blind devotee. A spiritually minded person understands that all faiths are inherently flawed and trusts only the voice of God. He/she understands the difference between religion and God. One is man made and impersonal, one is intimate and personal. In order to lead a better, more kind life, a person must examine the rules and laws made by his fellow man.

Your practice honesty

A spiritually minded person understands the importance of honesty and truth. He/she realizes actions speak louder than words and that both should match. Your actions must be just as pure as your thoughts. Learning good and then doing good is the only way to attain spiritual enlightenment

You feel a deep connection with nature

Nature is the purest essence of God and a spiritually minded person understands that. You will find spiritual people to have the deepest connection to natural wonders and the pure gifts of God. In order to respect his fellow man, he must first accept the earth he lives in and the natural wonders around him-all gifts of the Almighty.

You practice gratitude

A spiritual person is one who practices gratefulness throughout. Practicing gratitude is a conscious and active process. An evolved person is forever looking around for the gifts he’s been granted and thanks the universe for it.

You accept what you get without complaint

A spiritually minded person is peaceful in the face of adversity and accepts the circumstances good or bad without complaint or question. He trusts in God’s plan and will and faces difficult circumstances with courage and surrenders to the world.

You don’t external validation for internal peace

A spiritually evolved person doesn’t look for external validation for a peaceful existence. He practices contentment from within and is able to heal and satisfy his own self. If you know your purpose or goal in life, nothing external can sway or affect you. And that’s when you’ll have attained true spiritual growth.

You trust in life’s plan

A spiritual person knows that life has bigger plans than what he/she can determine for himself. He is willing to give up control and puts faith in higher powers.

You accept your life with sincerity and humility

A spiritual person lives life with humility and understands the importance of remaining true to himself. The search and quest of truth and simplicity is intrinsic to a spiritually minded person.

You accept that there is no good or bad

You accept that there is no good or bad in the world, just circumstances. A spiritual person accept that life is made up of varied experiences, each holding importance for the growth of man. He treats both the good and bad with equanimity and looks for teachings and answers everything.

You’re more intuitive than others

A truly spiritual person possesses deeper intuition than others because of his keen insight into self. He knows himself inside out and is tune with his needs and desires.

You recognize inauthenticity in others

A spiritually minded person is on a higher plane than others and accordingly senses deceptive and disingenuous qualities in others. As he has attained higher degree of awareness, a spiritual, he can ascertain inauthenticity in others.

You believe in giving in order to continue the cycle of good

A spiritually minded person believes in giving back and promoting the cycle of good. He/she knows that the only way for the world to become better is for all man to give when he’s able.

You want to learn from everyone

A spiritual person is open to learning from his fellow man. He is forever seeking answers and is willing to grow with each new piece of information uncovered. Spiritual people realize that one person alone can never have all the answers and accepts instruction with humility and openness.

You have a newfound curiosity

You are curious about the world and novel experiences. A spiritually minded person is not closed off and appreciates the process of learning. He/ she is searching for newness and beauty everywhere he goes and through that become awakened.

You have let go of material attachments

The more you grow on your spiritual journey, the easier it will be for you to let go of the earthly things that bind you. A truly evolved person does not assess his self worth by what he earns, his home or other material belongings. His self worth and happiness comes from within and is therefore longer lasting. A spiritual person doesn’t look for the outside universe, the media, the world to define what is true or important. He/she knows its his own beliefs that will give him true peace of mind.

You love without any expectation

A spiritual person is able to love, give love and passion without needing anything in return. You will know you are spiritually minded if you love for love’s sake and without limitation or conditions.

You actively look for quiet and solitude

A spiritual person finds himself most at peace away from chaos and in the quiet of exploration. He/she believes that the noise of the universe is not conducive to enlightenment or growth.

How to welcome spiritual awakening?

The path to becoming a spiritually minded person is riddled with obstacles. After all, enlightenment comes at a price. But it is not impossible if you let yourself be open and accepting. A spiritual person allows himself to be led and taught. He/ she makes space for enlightenment to find him through meditation and self reflection. Mindfulness, gratitude and self awareness are other ways through which a person can open themselves to the wonders of spirituality.

A person in search of spirituality will also surround himself with like minded people who can aid him in his quest. He believes in looking for all avenues of growth, be it books, teachers or his fellow spiritual man. Practicing patient, self love, compassion and grace will also help you reach your spiritual goals. In order to lead a more harmonious life, one must forever be on the lookout and actively hone his intuition any chance he gets.

It goes without saying that spiritual awakenings are complicated, profound and life changing which is what makes them so highly coveted. After all, doesn’t everyone want to feel happy, content and at peace. Its the most noble of goals and therefore requires trial and errors, consistent effort and devotion to attain. Believe in the process, hang tight, surrender to the higher powers and you will reach your goals in your own time. prepare for a newly awakened life.