Dreams About Flowers

Warmth and delight fill your heart whenever you receive and see flowers. They represent all the beauty in life— from the good to the bad.

Dreaming about flowers symbolizes all the positive aspects of your life. They represent the joyful, fortunate, and beautiful pieces of yourself. Sometimes they represent your dark sides; that still deserve acceptance and appreciation.

Whenever you dream of flowers, it’s important to provide an interpretation of your dream. Doing so will give you clarity and direction to a fulfilling life.

The Meaning of Flowers In Dreams

Flower dreams are a great sign for those who appreciate life. It encourages you to sit back and look positively at the past and the present.

Life itself is transient, and you should never take it for granted. The wisdom of the flowers reminds you to express your care and devotion to the people you love. And appreciate your time here on earth.

When you dream about flowers, remember the blessings you enjoy. Blessings can be material or intrinsic. They can be in the form of success, finance, love, or support.

If you feel lacking in life, the flowers will make you remember that you are in a certain life situation for reasons. So be patient and faithful in your journey— and you will bloom.

The Spiritual Meaning of Flowers

Spiritually, flowers indicate that you will encounter happiness in life. To see a bunch of flowers is about spirituality and perfection.

Your dream could express joy, love, and contentment. It could also depict certain seasons in your life.

For your spiritual growth, flowers are a good sign. They will guide you throughout your journey and remind you that you’ll become enriched if you move forward with positive emotions.

On the opposite side, flowers can also represent the dark aspects of your life.

If the flowers fall on your dream, you are warned to watch your health seriously as you may fall sick.

Dead flowers denote bad luck and disappointments. They can also represent difficult scenarios in your waking life.

Moreover, withering flowers mean that you are not working to your fullest potential, and your abilities are going to waste.

Having dreams like this can be scary, but don’t be disheartened. 

Dreams exist to guide you. They don’t happen to make you anxious about life but to make you know that you are the one who writes your fate. Flower dreams are the means of your subconscious to make you aware of your spiritual well-being.

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Lastly, flowers hold spiritual significance in different cultures. For some, they represent life cycles, while others regard them as sacred things connecting the physical world to the spiritual realm.

Biblical Meaning

Flowers have numerous meanings in the Bible. They represent humans, life, prosperity, and death.

In the Biblical sense, flowers in dreams are great symbols. It says that the flowers we see in dreams encourage us to flourish, which signifies God’s choice and the holiness of the one called.

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The Easter Lily is considered to be the representation of Jesus Christ’s purity and divinity. It is also attributed to the Virgin Mary’s innocence and modesty. 


Flowers remain a crucial part of Hinduism. They are integral to the main Hindu prayer called puja, which means the flower act.

Specific flowers are used as offerings to specific deities as people believe that by doing so, they will be granted good health and prosperity.

Ganesha, one of the most prominent Hindu gods, favors Marigolds. These flowers are said to be the only flower of the gods that can be divided into separate petals.


Compared to some religions, flowers are less commonly used in Islamic culture. But there are instances where roses are utilized for funerals and messages, along with various palm leaves.

Roses became a favorite due to their heavily scented fragrance and are sometimes sprinkled at the end of rituals, end of religious ceremonies, and new graves.


The Lotus flower is one of Buddhism’s most recognizable symbols of enlightenment. It is mostly used for many Buddhist traditions.

Legend says that whenever the infant Buddha stepped, a lotus flower bloomed. Lotus flowers also signify rebirth and resurrection.

Flower Scenarios and Their Interpretation

You can better understand your dream by analyzing its plotline and elements. Your dream about flowers will differ from someone who also dreamed about flowers. Make sure to take note of the scenarios, the kind of flowers, and their colors in your dream.

Dreaming of A Flower Garden

Dreaming about a flower garden has one of the most positive interpretations of flower dreams. This dream indicates that positive things are coming.

Flowers represent happiness, peace, and prosperity. Therefore, a flower garden in your dream indicates that these things are present in your life.

This dream is particularly pleasant if you started a relationship or you made an investment. It means that your emotional or financial investment will bring you great returns.

Dreaming About Flowers Blooming

Flowers blooming carry a promising message. Your dream assures that others see your potential and are willing to support your growth. You have a good dream, which promises good fortune and long-term happiness.

Dreaming About A Flower Bouquet

Pleasant surprises are waiting for you. Receiving flower bouquets brings instant joy to people. If you are one of them, this dream is a good sign.

Dreaming about flower bouquets reminds us of the joy we get from external things. Telling us to spend more time with people who give us this joy.

Dreaming About Planting Flowers

Planting flowers is a good way to experience peace. This dream indicates that the dreamer will soon experience growth.

For those who started a relationship, planting flowers in your dream means your relationship flourishes. 

It also signifies that things will end well, so you must trust your journey. You will have what you desire if you put in the work and the right practices.

Dreaming About Wilted Flowers

Wilted flowers are associated with sadness, disappointment, and possible relationships ending.

Dreaming about wilted flowers may remind you of your wasted potential and the things you have not accomplished and your wasted potential.

Dreaming About Artificial Flowers

If you dream of artificial flowers, there may be people who are not true to you. Their fakeness may be very believable, but your subconscious tells you they are pretentious, and you must be cautious.

On the other side, this dream could also mean that you are the one who’s pretending. You are reminded to be genuine to others and yourself.

Dreaming About Flower Thorns

Flower thorns represent the intrusive thoughts that you have. How they pierce you in your dream signifies how negative thoughts badly affect your life.

Your subconscious is asking you to let go of your grip on the flower thorns. Let go of your intrusive thoughts and clear your mind.

Dreaming About Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers in your dream signify that you must accept life more clearly. You have to pay attention to the opportunities and take advantage of them.

Dreaming About Wedding Flowers

This dream carries a good message. Wedding flowers signify charm, beauty, and love.

If you dream of catching a wedding bouquet, there’s a possibility that you’ll enter a new relationship. One that completes and uplifts you.

Flower Symbolism in Dreams

In Floriography or the language of the flowers, all flowers hold different meanings according to their type, color, or both. Floriography is the art of communicating through flower types. Dreaming about flowers may indicate certain messages for you.


Amaryllis symbolizes hard-won success, specifically in artistic endeavors. Giving a bunch of amaryllis to artists is believed to encourage their creative muse, achievements, and strength in the arts.


These fall-blooming flowers stand for faith, wisdom, and courage. This flower became a symbol of love when they were placed on the altar of the gods in Greek mythology.

Bells of Ireland

Bells of Ireland are a symbol or wish of good luck. Dreaming about them is a sign of luck for any of your endeavors.


Lisianthus represents confidence, charisma, and charms. It’s a signal that you’ll do well in your big projects.


Hydrangeas express sincere gratitude, heartfelt emotions, and understanding. These flowers may represent strong emotions that you keep.


Daffodils signify hope and new beginnings. They are best to send to someone who’s recently moved to a new home. Encountering them in your dreams means that massive transformation and transitions await you.


Freesias represent thoughtfulness, trust, and friendship. Dreaming about them reminds you that people are always there for you. You have true friends who got your back in all phases of life. Treasure them and never let go of them.


Legend says that dreaming about orchids means having a situation or relationship of great importance that needs your immediate attention.

On the other hand, seeing a lush field of orchids signifies a great amount of wealth in the future.


Dreaming about sunflowers represents warmth, prosperity, and happiness. Nonetheless, seeing a few in your dream might reflect your egotism, instances, and haughtiness.

Final Thoughts

“If you tend to a flower, it will bloom, no matter how many weeds surround it.”

Matshona Dhliwayo

Each flower is a soul blooming in nature. Thus, we have a lot to learn from their life lessons. They are the happiest things in the world, blooming in all environments and surviving harsh winds.

Flowers teach us to stay in the moment while appreciating all the beautiful things in the world. 

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