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Music is perhaps one of the greatest inventions by mankind. There is something phenomenal, powerful, deep, enigmatic, and incomprehensible about music. Also, music has the power to do unexplainable things to human beings. The mountains can alive when music plays. It can move people, cause them to tap their fingers, or groove and sway. The beat and rhythm of the music can be truly mesmerizing.

And, if you are wondering what role does music play in spiritual life, there is good news for you. Music is a powerful gateway to establish a profound connection to the spiritual nature of the divine source, which is unseen. It also establishes a bond with the surrounding universe, as well as, all such divine beings, which live on it with us.

Music has the ability to transform the most challenging situations and the most routine things into something deeply meaningful. The spiritual power of music is unexplainable divine, to say the least.

Read on to know what role does music play in spiritual life and in various other aspects of life.

What type of music has more spirituality in it?

People often query the type of music is more of a spiritual nature. Music can be in the form of Georgian chant, Vedic mantras, or devotional songs. Spiritual music can be also in the form of traditional Gospel hymns, Beethoven symphonies, rock and roll music, or even indigenous drums.

What we want to signify that any music, which helps to establish a connection to our divine and inner nature, our essence, can be considered as spiritual. So, for some people, the sound of a flute is the sound of Lord Krishna while for others it can be a Gospel hymn to connect them to spirituality.

No genre, culture, or religion can define music’s spiritual nature. Music is beyond such scopes and transcends and precedes such frameworks or classifications. It seems odd to draw a comparison between spirituality and music is a bit odd as they are not independent concepts.

At its essence, music can be regarded as the sound of a person’s spirit. If it is created right from the heart and there are pure intention and truth, it can be the ultimate spiritual expression of the highest order. It can be also a universal expression of spirituality.

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There are so many definitions of spirituality in the dictionary. Irrespective of what meaning one selects to define spirituality, there is a direct correlation of each to music, which is created with love and great passion. After all, music is necessary for each human being. It is also an integral part for each person to grow as an individual, as well as, part of a species.

Music has rhythm, release, and tension, which are similar to breathing. Some people even insist that the rhythmic flow of waves and the sound of human breathing are also life’s ways to express music. There are only a handful of things in human life that have the capability to directly shift or shape their emotional state apart from music.

It is true that almost all the religions, which are followed and practiced on this planet, have music in their rituals and expressions. However, spirituality goes beyond the realms of just religion. However, experts highly recommend incorporating music into whatever religious rituals or spiritual practice one follows.

After all, music is one of the most powerful means to establish a connection with our divine source – our spiritual nature as mentioned earlier. There is hardly any other medium, which can transport humans so soon to a level of their existence, which is beyond their physical body and intellect. It takes you often to an incomprehensible and blissful state of mind.

Music has great power

History has been a strong witness to the fact that it is the most beautiful and biggest creation of human beings. The actual definition of music would be creativity in the undiluted and purest form. Music is undoubtedly a crucial part of each person’s life as it helps to express our emotions, as well as, feelings.

There are many such people who regard music as a means to divert themselves from the miseries of life. Music can be a great stress buster and source of relief while it also enables a person to bring down his/her worries. It is a divine therapy, which can help a person to calm down. When a person is in a stress-free mood, music can make them feel cheerful.

Additionally, it can boost the self-confidence of a person and can also develop the mind. Thus, music has the ability to play a bigger and more significant role in human beings’ life instead of just being a medium of entertainment and recreation.

It also has the capability to transport a person’s imaginations and minds to another place or time. Music can offer a much-needed healing touch as it is helpful in easing out a person’s hurt and pains. It was the belief of the ancient Greek philosophers that music had therapeutic properties. Additionally, scientists today have also come up with ample evidence to substantiate that it is true.

Today, music therapy has become a wide-spread practice for not only helping people feel good but also to treat different types of disorders. Some of these ailments include Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, and memory loss. Music can insulate people from harmful and bad stuff.

It has the power to transform and change us. Music can change people’s temperaments from gloomy to cheerful and also from joyful to unhappy. It can not only bring happiness but can also move a person to tears. Music also has the power to lift an individual’s spirit.

It has been a known fact that music has profound impacts on humans spiritually, emotionally, cognitively, and physically. Even ancient civilizations appreciated the importance of music in people’s lives. Ancient philosophers in Greece philosophized about it.

You will come across several verses in the Bible’s Old Testament, which have a reference to playing kinds of stringed instruments, singing, and music. Music was used in battles and wars from the earliest part of mankind’s history to energize and motivate the soldiers.

Music can increase people’s creativity

We have already mentioned that music is a human’s creativity in the most unadulterated form. Thus, it may be also concluded that you may regard music as the key to creativity. It can help a person to improve his or her mind vigorously by ensuring that it is more ingenious and artistic. Irrespective of how big any invention, it needs imagination, creativity, and art, which is accomplished by music.

It is also a fact that it has the ability to enhance a person’s understanding, as well as, listening ability. Every time you here a soulful song, you make every possible effort to comprehend its lyrics. You are also curious to know what a singer is trying to convey through their song.

There is also an enhancement of a person’s understanding ability when he/she listens to any kind of instrumental music. At that time, he/she uses the brain to comprehend the message, which the musician is trying to convey without using any words.

Music can touch the soul and body

Human beings have always been aware that music has the potential to influence their daily lives. However, it is only in recent times that the advancements in modern technology and science, human beings have learned the impact of music on them. Such advanced technologies have helped human beings to measure, image, and capture the proof of the complexities of music’s impact on human beings.

Music has the power to touch the lives of human beings in fabulous ways. One of the most important phases where music can have a profound impact on humans is in their developmental years. We are referring to the teenage years and up to the early twenties when humans develop a strong sense of identity.

Teenage years up to the early twenties are a period when people are in a state of rapid development and restless exploration. The music, which enters into a person’s life during this phase, can remain ingrained in the memory for the remaining part of his/her life.

According to a most recent scientific finding and research, musical nostalgia is something quite real. Listening to such songs can take a person back to all types of emotional memories such as love, heartaches, passion, frustration, hatred, fury, individual exploration, and more.

Music helps in expressing emotions and feelings

Every time a person plays a musical instrument, he/she typically plays the music, which echoes their emotions or their thoughts. It is a way the human brain express the thoughts without uttering even a single word. When a person makes an effort to comprehend the music, research claims that it increases the creativity of his/her mind.

Music can lead to god

Indeed, music is a blessing and a fantastic gift for mankind. Humans offer this gift back to the Creator by praising and singing to his glory. When we sing, our ears also listen to it, and hands that are creating music allow us to share our heart’s spiritual joy by physically expressing it. Music has the ability to bring the spirit, body, and mind in unison while we reach out to our almighty. As mentioned earlier, almost all known religions are associated with some kind of music and singing.

Thus, the article takes a close look at what role does music play in spiritual life the role of music in a person’s life to make it better.