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How to Spiritually Cleanse Your Body?

There are times in our lives when we feel down, heavy or unhappy. All people we meet, places we visit or event that occurs in our life leave a certain energy in our life. This energy has a huge impact on us physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. We come across so much negative energy on a daily basis that it builds up within us and ultimately causes discomfort and unpleasant feelings.

The main reason behind this is the fact that energy accumulates over time in our lives. If not cleared out, it will continue to build up till we get overwhelmed. However, the good news is that there are various ways using which you can spiritually cleanse your body.

Why is Spiritual Cleansing Important?

Just like we need to shower when we are covered in dirt, we need a spiritual cleansing when we are covered in negative vibes. Spiritual cleansing helps in purifying the mind, body, and soul as well as our home and work environment. Introducing Cleansing energy helps in getting rid of negative energy from your space and replace it with positive energy. This is very important and should be done regularly as energy can be highly influential and is influenced easily.

Have you ever entered a room and suddenly felt bright? Or Dark? Many times we meet someone and instantly get a negative vibe from them. On the other hand, there are some people who instantly light up a room when they enter. All this happens because of their energy. All of us vibrate on a unique frequency, which absorbs as well as emits energy. This energy affects not just us but the space we are in. When we interact with such negative energy, it clings to our body and mind as well as our space. Therefore, we must regularly cleanse our homes and bodies to remove these blockages and open them up for brighter energy.

Spiritual Cleansing Methods and Rituals

Before beginning any cleansing ritual, make sure to ground yourself first. You can do this with a 5-minute meditation or just holding love and gratitude in your heart. Whichever method you use, the key is to focus on removing negativity and attracting positive energy.

Here are some of the most popular spiritual cleansing rituals that have helped a number of people cleanse their aura.


Undoubtedly, one of the most popular techniques of spiritual cleansing is using Smoke. Most people use palo santo or sage to cleanse using smoke. These herbs have purifying qualities and help add positive energy to your space. However, you can use incense as well. Burn these herbs around you while visualizing its smoke getting rid of all negative energy. You can use this method for cleansing your home as well. Burn the herbs in different parts of the home but make sure to leave a window open to allow negativity to go out.


This is another popular method used around the world for energy cleansing. You can use finger bells, singing bowls, music frequencies, or simply your own voice. It works effectively to cleanse your aura, as well as your entire house, animals, plants, things, and even people living inside the house.


Cleansing your aura and space using a Himalayan Salt Lamp is another great ritual. You can even create your own mix of magical salts and use it to scrub your body or simply spread around the perimeter of your home. The key is to first bless the salt with positive vibes and the intention of cleansing using visualization techniques as mentioned above. You can also line your windows and doorways with this salt for protection and cleansing.

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Crystals open an entirely new world when it comes to aura and spiritual cleansing. Some crystals are endowed with the power to cleanse themselves, whereas few others have the power to cleanse animals, people, and space where they are placed. Some great crystals that have amazing vibrations to turn negative energy into positive energy are Kyanite and Selenite.

If you wish to cleanse a big space, you will need a bigger crystal. To cleanse your aura, you can use a selenite wand. Simply use it in the form of an energetic comb and run it along from the head to the toes. However, remember that you need to cleanse the crystal as well. If not done, all the negative energy they absorb will get stuck to them and they will stop functioning as intended. Crystals can be cleansed by keeping them in the direct light of the full moon.


Showers are great not just for cleansing your body, but also for your mind and soul. When the water gushes over you, fill your heart with light and love, and imagine the water washing away all the negativity. Soaking yourself in a salt bath or taking a swim in the ocean are also great ideas.

For cleansing your home, you can prepare a concoction of sacred water by placing a cup of water under the direct light of the full moon or charging with crystal energy. They dip your fingers in this sacred water and flick it all around your home till your feel the energy cleaned out.


No spiritual detox can be complete without cleansing your energy using light. You can do this by following a few simple steps. Simply take a big, deep breath, and visualize a cascading waterfall of white light flowing throughout your body. Think of the light pouring down in all the space around you while cleansing out your body, mind, as well as spirit. Imagine the light flowing through your spine, cleansing each chakra with the Divine light as it goes.

Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is another great spiritual tool. Scent has an amazing influence on our vibration. Therefore, aromatherapy is a great method for cleansing our aura as well as space. All you need to do is inhale the calming aroma of essential oil such as orange or lavender. You can also fill a diffuser and allow it to run till the oil is completely used up.


Here is a secret that not many people are aware of; our mind is powerful enough to cleanse our aura without the need for anything else. All your need is a bit of practice and some concentration. Visualize yourself in your mind’s eye as encased in a huge white bubble made of pure light. Think of the light penetrating all parts of the body as well as your space. Picture it dissolving all old and unwanted energy and replacing it with positive vibrations. Continue this exercise for a few minutes till your feel everything thoroughly cleansed.


The earth is blessed with everything that we need. It also has the amazing ability to absorb energy and transform it into a different state. Whenever you feel down, step outside, remove your shoes and ground yourself. Connecting your body and soul with the earth cleanses our vibrations as well as grounds our energy. Give your unwanted energy to the earth and allow it to be transformed.

Summon Your Angels

To get a quick and effective spiritual cleansing, invite your angels for help. Connect with them energetically to clear your vibrations and provide an energetic lift. You can even connect with Archangel Michael and request his protection. You can pray to him to cut ties from things and people that are draining you. He may also be able to vacuum your energy and help you get rid of negativity, pain, and fear. All you need to do is Ask!

When asked, your Angels would surround you and work as your team of healers who are completely aware of exactly what you need at this time. Remember that your angels are always there for your help and you can ask them for help whenever you need it.

Detox Your Body Physically

Though we are taking your spiritually cleansing, the important thing to remember is that our mind, body, and spirit are all connected. In fact, they have a huge impact and influence on each other. Whenever you feel off – emotionally, spiritually, or mentally, it would most likely manifest in your physical self as well.

Move Your Body

Another easy way in which you can spiritually detox your body is to move it. Break a sweat, get some exercise, and let your blood flow throughout your body. Not only would it help you to sweat out the toxins from your body but it would also help rid you of stress, tension, and negativity. You don’t need to perform intense or strenuous exercises. In fact, you may get even more benefit from yoga, walking, or dance; instead of forcing yourself to run on the treadmill. You can even double up the results by working out outside amidst nature.

Fill Your Mind & Space with Positivity

The world is filled with so much negativity. However, instead of allowing these outside negativities to weigh you down, get some space from them. Set the newspaper down, and turn the TV off. Instead, fill your mind with positive thoughts. Surround yourself with like-minded positive people, uplifting messages, and inspiring music. All these can have a positive effect on your energy, mind, and overall well-being as well.

If you don’t find any positive people around you, go for an inspiring book, watch YouTube videos that inspire and uplift you, or listen to inspirational podcasts. This doesn’t mean that you can never watch TV or read the news again- just pay close attention to how it is affecting your mood and energy. The important thing is to counterbalance it with things that give you positive and uplifting vibrations.

How Often Should I Spiritually Cleanse my Body & Soul?

We are not limited to just a physical body; we have thoughts, emotions, beliefs, family roots, social interactions, intuition as well as unique energy called an aura. Our aura is the unseen energy field that surrounds us. It is believed that our aura extends outwards from our body to a distance of three feet. Our auras mimic the energy that is around us, especially for more empath people.

Regularly cleansing our aura helps us release these harmful energy attachments while helping us find harmony. How often you do this depends completely on you. Some people prefer to cleanse every day, some once a week, or even once a year. Instead of being too strict about cleansing on a schedule, try to understand how your energy is making you feel and let it determine when you need to cleanse it.

When Should You Perform Spiritual Cleanse?

Though you can perform spiritual cleanse at any time, these are some specific time when it would be recommended to cleanse your aura and space.

  • After an injury, illness, or death in the home, it would be a good idea to cleanse yourself and your space.
  • When new residents move into your home (even new babies) or after some visitors have left your home, try to perform an aura cleanse for your space.
  • New moons and full moons are great times to remind yourself to perform a regular cleanse for your body, soul, as well as space.
  • After coming in contact with a toxic or negative person, make sure to cleanse yourself thoroughly.
  • Whenever a new season begins, cleansing rituals are usually performed to introduce new and fresh energy into our lives.
  • Whenever you feel depressed, anxious, or unmotivated, you can perform an aura cleanse.
  • Whenever you feel like the surrounding atmosphere has become heavy or the emotions in the place are running super-charged, make sure to perform a spiritual cleanse.
  • Before you move into a new space, it is recommended to cleanse the energy of the place before moving-in your stuff.
  • You can also perform a spiritual cleanse before and after any magical workings you experience such as potent spells, sabbats, intense divination. You can also cleanse your aura on contacting new spirits or deities.


Spiritual cleansing does not have to be a complete ritual every time. Sometimes it can be just as easy as taking a shower. Once you are familiar with a few cleansing rituals, you will figure out the ones that suit your requirements the best. Be mindful of how each ritual changes the energy around you.