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Did you know that children are hypnotized until they reach the age of seven, and to a lesser extent, 12 to 14 years? Children and adolescents alike may be pretty wise to their surroundings. Some may have what is referred to as an “ancient soul.”

The term “old soul” actually refers to a soul that has been reincarnated several times. You may notice that your kid exhibits characteristics, behaviors, and talents consistent with an older soul. It is becoming increasingly prevalent among today’s kids. So, does this question cross your mind whether you are raising a spiritually gifted child?

Children with intuitive and spiritual abilities have a new way of understanding and processing things, a new form of intellect. Perhaps your kid or adolescent can identify? Can he/she? Let’s find out if you have a spiritually gifted child in the article below.

History of Spiritually Gifted Children

In the 1970s, Nancy Ann Tappe coined the term “indigo children,” referring to youngsters with unique, strange, and occasionally supernatural characteristics or talents. The notion of Indigo children gained popularity later in the decade with the publishing of a series of books in the late 1990s and the production of multiple films. Since then, various names for such remarkable youngsters have been established, including Crystal children, Rainbow children, Star children, and Psychic children.

Over the years, SSRF and the Maharshi University of Spirituality have noticed such exceptional children (although from a purely spiritual perspective) being born in contemporary times and possessing a higher spiritual capacity. They are more spiritually advanced (i.e., they have a higher spiritual level). We invented the name’ Divine children’ for them. These youngsters do not just possess a sixth sense, telepathy, or clairvoyance. However, our spiritual study team discovered that they are born at a high spiritual level and originate from the Universe’s higher positive subtle areas through a sophisticated sixth sense. We would want to use this occasion to communicate with the world the spiritual study that has been undertaken on this spiritual phenomenon. The significance of such children, and the reason for their birth in these volatile times are important to be observed.

What Exactly Is A Spiritually Gifted Child?

More spiritually talented and enlightened kids are on the planet now than ever before. These kids are here to help address the world’s current challenges. They will be more intelligent than their predecessors. Their knowledge and comprehension of diverse notions and realities exceed the human mind’s conventional linear bounds. They do not see things in the same manner that you do.

It is natural for us to forget about our previous life. However, some very brilliant kids arrive unannounced. They retain contact with spirit and their memories of a previous life (or lifetimes) remain accessible.

A spiritually gifted child recounts experiences from their past and informs their parents or guardian, they must be trusted. They must depend on an emotionally secure individual not to respond unfavorably to them.

These children possess psychic talents such as clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling), and claircognizance (clear knowing). Several of these kids are now battling for survival. They need understanding and assistance. They do not need medication or numbing. Being informed they are mentally unwell is highly damaging to these delicate kids.

If you believe your kid is having a problem and have explored all medical options, please do not rule out the possibility that it is spiritual. Please do not assume that your kid has a mental disability. You most likely can have a spiritually gifted child.

Your kid may be here to make a significant contribution to the future of our world. Each youngster is here to contribute. However, given the status of the world at the moment, Star children must stay healthy – intellectually, physically, and emotionally – to do the mission for which they were sent here. Star children are not required to spend time attempting to mend wounds done by others around them. They need a significant amount of patience and emotional assistance.

The world is in desperate need of these kids. They are here to assist us, assist humankind as a whole, and assist the world. They may turn suicide if they do not feel believed and supported. Kindly do not allow these kids to disappear. They are the future heroes of our country.

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What To Look For In Your Child?

It might be perplexing for parents. However, if you know what to look for, intuitive and spiritual abilities are not challenging detecting. While these talents may “cluster” differently in different children, the following are some characteristics to look for:

  • Does your kid comprehend the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, and other Holy Ones, but you’re unsure where she learned them?
  • Is your kid prone to having very vivid dreams?
  • Does your child see auras?
  • Is she compelled to lay her hands on objects to assist or heal them?
  • Is your child strongly drawn to animals, or does he or she have a “thing” with them?
  • Does she report hearing sounds, seeing flashes of light, or experiencing other unexplained occurrences?
  • Is your child claiming to see ghosts?
  • Does he have an imaginary friend, or does he claim to hear voices?
  • Does she sometimes claim to have visited a location before, even though you know she hasn’t?
  • Is she influenced by crowds or loud environments?
  • Does your kid pick up on the “vibe” of other people and circumstances, even strangers?
  • Is he innovative, creative, or a thinker with a “great brain”?
  • Is your youngster very perceptive or gifted?

If you replied yes to even a couple of these questions, your kid most certainly has developed psychic or spiritual abilities. It goes without saying that if you are the parent or caregiver of a kid with remarkable talents, you will seek further information. However, before we get into the why’s and how’s of intuitive skills, you should understand something. In essence, intuitive growth and spiritual gift are synonymous.

A Few Major Abilities A Gifted Child May Possess

These are some abilities seen in most gifted children. You can look for these in your child. Just reading these out, you will remember incidents when your child did these things in the past. 

  • Spiritual Advancement: the capacity for profound spiritual knowledge.
  • Energy Healing: the capacity to heal by using energy, either directly or indirectly.
  • Astral Projection: the capacity of a person’s consciousness to travel to distant locations while their body remains stationary.
  • Remote Viewing: the capacity to perceive distant objects as if you were physically there.
  • Channeling: The art of getting knowledge through another entity is referred to as channeling.
  • Mediumship: is the capacity to communicate with the dead.
  • Clairvoyance: is the ability to perceive intuitively. “Movies in their heads” or “pictures in their heads.”
  • Clairaudience: is the ability to hear intuitively. Music may also be heard by spirit guides, angels, or other beings (imaginary friends, for example).
  • Clairsentience: is the ability to feel intuitive and pick up on energy. Additionally, they may hold an item and relate its tale (aka psychometry).

12 Indications That A Child Is Spiritually Gifted

1.     Forgiveness:

The capacity for forgiveness is a powerful force. A scenario such as parental abandonment exemplifies this form of forgiveness. When a spiritually endowed youngster demonstrates forgiveness in purity, their sincerity and simplicity might look otherworldly.

2.     Honest, Polite, Loving, and Kind: 

The majority of spiritually gifted children are very caring and have a genuine sense of compassion. This is because they perceive both the strengths and weaknesses of others around them. When these kids spiritually connect with you, you are given genuine warmth and civility.

Anything not done in honesty is beyond these children’s comprehension since it perplexes them that anything would be done otherwise. Children that are spiritually endowed might see truth as an insight.

3.     Powerful and Strong: 

These kids will demonstrate their strength and authority in a variety of ways. While they are strong, they are not violent and are not required to be. With knowledge of the existing system, they have no need to fight, preferring to carry out tasks as they see fit.

4.     Possessing an Understanding of How to Use Their Spiritual Gifts:

Children and adolescents who exercise and play with their spiritual abilities find it relatively simple to express them. They may be experts in reading auras or astral travel. They may manufacture scenarios and other possibilities that would otherwise be believed impossible. Their spiritual toolkit may include the gift of healing.

5.     Struggles with Community, School or Family “Rules”:

A spiritually gifted child is exempt from rules, but the rules must make sense to them. Teaching rules for the sake of teaching rules will lead you nowhere. It is not that children and adolescents lack a desire to be courteous, for example. Still, they have a stronger appreciation that being pleasant to everyone—much like a thief—is unhealthy.

Simply stating the method and methods will not suffice. They are more concerned with energy than with reasoning. They often ponder whether something “feels” correct.

6.     Sensitive: 

Spiritually endowed children are naturally sensitive and compassionate, especially toward their parents. While sensitivities are a great trait, they might sap a child’s vitality for completely thriving when they attempt to parent. Be conscious of your child’s sensitivity and appreciate and appreciate it.

 Certain odors, noises, and rhythms might be triggering. Instead of pressuring them to dismiss their sensitivity, assist them in finding a way to use their talent in a manner that is not harmful to them. Do not teach children to desensitize- this may result in undesirable vices or escapism later in life, like using drugs or alcohol and other coping techniques.

7.     Talent: 

Natural and spiritual abilities are limitless. These abilities in music, arithmetic, literature, and the arts, and everything in between are standard among spiritually gifted children. Celebrate, feed, and assist your youngster in realizing their skills are not a flaw or a problem.

8.     Beyond Their Years of Knowledge:

 Take the time to listen intently. Your kid may possess a spiritual dimension of comprehension that extends beyond their intellect or perhaps this globe. As a parent, you must inquire about your child’s spiritual and physical understandings. After discovering their information acquisition method, their want to contribute outweighs their need to receive.

9.     Reading: 

Children who like reading, regardless of their speed or slowness and dyslexia, might be deemed talented. They like the opportunity to connect with the knowledge and energy they get. Reading may also refer to different methods of acquiring knowledge, and each person will have their unique method of obtaining the information they want.

10. Intense Personal Reflection: 

Gifted children are adamant about changing immediately, with no excuses for habits, routines, or ways of doing things.

This kind of reflection is akin to binary mathematics- you have either made or have not made changes. When things are in harmony, your kid accepts them as they are. They will be candid in pointing out where you are out of harmony with yourself, and they will do it out of love, not out of cruelty or disobedience.

11.                         Questions: 

These children comprehend how to focus the attention on a single subject using a well-constructed inquiry. Although they are straightforward, these questions are intelligent and potent.

Straightforwardness is not synonymous with rivalry or argumentation. A spiritually gifted child wants you to comprehend what they are communicating. They’re interested in reflecting you precisely as you are, and if you disagree, they’ll interrogate you.

12.                         Curiosity:  

 Children are naturally interested, but spiritually endowed children use their curiosity to learn. They are adamant about recognizing what is lacking from their view of the world. They are unsatisfied with short or vague responses to their inquiries due to their unique sense of concentration.


Star Children are being born faster than ever before- the parent’s role is more critical than ever. Every kid deserves to be loved, supported, and appreciated. You are unaware of the soul entrusted to your care. You have a unique assignment. You contribute to the preservation of our beautiful world. Assume the challenge and do not disappoint us. The world is waiting for you to equip your brilliant kid with the tools necessary to serve humankind more effectively. With the assistance and knowledge of the selected parent, the talented kid will set out to fix the world’s present issues. Our prosperity is contingent upon our success. Raising a spiritually gifted child correctly is the most critical thing a parent can do. We all rely on these carefully chosen parents to get it correctly. If you perform an excellent job as a parent, the planet and all its people will benefit.