Astral Projection for Beginners

Astral projection is a thrilling phenomenon featured in the 2016 blockbuster Dr. Strange, where characters could leave their bodies, engage in fights, and travel to different worlds.

The idea that we can leave our physical bodies during our state of dream is ancient. From our pre-historic ancestors to our generation, countless people believe in connecting with otherworldly dimensions and cosmic intelligence through vivid dreams and visions.

Unlike in the past, learning how to astral project is now within your reach. And to assist you, we have compiled all the necessary information for you, including how to astral travel through self-induction methods. 

What is Astral Projection?

Astral projection is a primitive esoteric practice native to many cultures worldwide. Today,  Astral projection is commonly used as a self-help tool to deepen one’s spiritual practice.

According to esoterism, it is an intentional out-of-the-body experience (OBE) that undertakes the existence of an astral body. An astral body has a separate consciousness and function from the physical body and can travel in the astral plane.

According to surveys, 8 and 20 percent of people claim they have experienced something like an astral projection at some point in their lives— a sensation of the spirit, consciousness, or the astral body separating from the physical body.

Most cases of astral projection occur during sleep or under hypnosis, and some claim to experience it while relaxing.

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The History of Astral Projection

The idea of astral traveling has been prevalent ever since ancient times. They may hold different names, but their concept of having an out-of-the-body experience remains the same.

Ancient Egypt

In Egyptian teachings, the soul (ba) can travel outside the physical body through the subtle body (ka). Ka is believed to be the vehicle of the soul. 


The idea of the Linga Sarira (subtle body) can be traced in ancient scriptures such as the Yoga Vashista-Maharamayana of Valmiki.

Astral projection is a known siddhi or magical power that yoga practitioners can achieve through practice and self-discipline. In the famous epic, Mahabharata, the character Drona Parva leaves his physical body to determine if his son is alive.


Taoist alchemical practice involves forming an energy body through breathing meditations and drawing energy into a ‘pearl’ that is then circulated.

An example is the case of Han Xiangzi, one of the famous Eight Immortals figures in Taoism. 

According to the scriptures, Xiangzi astral traveled during a banquet. His primordial spirit went straight into the banquet and greeted the officials—  singing Taoist songs and beating a fisher drum.

On the other hand, the officials saw his physical body sleeping and snoring like thunder. They said the two are different people but look the same. 

After that moment, the Xiangzi from the side room walked out. And the physical sleeping body woke up. The two merged into one.

Japanese Belief

An ikiryo is a manifestation of the soul of a living person, which separates from their body. 

It is believed that if someone holds a strong grudge against a person, a part or a whole of their soul can temporarily separate from their body. Then they will appear before the subject of their grudge and harm or curse this person.

Souls are also believed to leave the physical body if a person is unconscious or has a severe illness.

Amerindian Beliefs


The angakkuq, an intellectual and spiritual figure for the Inuit group, are said to travel to different places (mythological)  and share their experience with their communities. They can also cure a sick person and stop bad luck.


The Yaskomo of the Waiwai is said to have the ability to perform a soul flight. The Yaskomo use this ability to heal, consult cosmological beings, and fly to the cave of pecarries’ mountains to ask the father of peccaries for an abundant hunt and ask the help of other beings deep down the rivers. 

Western Esotericism

The modern term ‘astral projection’ was coined and promoted in the 19th century by Theosophists. Astral projection is viewed as an intermediate body of light connecting the rational soul to its physical body. 

Western Esoterics believe the astral body can travel in the astral plane, a world between heaven and earth.

Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming

Astral Projection and Lucid dreaming are often associated with one another. Although these two share some similarities, they have profound distinctions. 

Astral projection is considered a higher phenomenon. Advanced astral travelers can drift beyond the limitations of our world and enter other dimensions. 

On the other hand, lucid dreaming is widely different from normal dreams, which can typically happen when you wake up from your dream and return to sleep. When you are not fully awake, you can return and continue your dream and manipulate its outcome.

In-depth knowledge about lucid dreaming is a must because, like astral projection, careful processes are required to perform lucid dreaming.

How to Astral Project?

Astral projection can be an overwhelming experience. This is inevitable, especially when there are misconceptions, fear-based superstitions, and myths about astral projection. So to help you navigate through it, follow these guides.

Step 1. Focus on your breathing.

Take the most comfortable position for you. Turn off all devices that distract you, and then take deep, controlled breaths.

Deliberately breathe in and out slowly. Whenever you exhale, empty your mind of all thoughts beyond the sensation of breathing.

You’ll experience a sense of disconnection and feel your body getting numb. This is natural. 

Your soul is being released from its physical body.  Maintain your focus, and don’t allow intrusive thoughts to form. Just focus on the present and your breathing.

After some time, a sensation like a blanket or a heavy wave will take over your body. You might even lose consciousness of your mortal body.

Calm down, and don’t fight this sensation.

Step 2. Enter the vibrational stage.

Once you enter the vibrational stage, your astral traveling begins. You’ll start shifting your consciousness into a different vibrational frequency.

If this is your first time, this sensation might be overwhelming. Here’s how the next moments will unravel.

  • You’ll feel your body begins to shimmer and vibrate.
  • Remember to calm down. This is a natural part of the transition.
  • Focus and block out any distractions or feelings of fear.
  • Let the vibrations envelop you like a warm, comfortable blanket on a chilly night.
  • At all costs, don’t move your physical body. 
  • Focus on your breathing and nothing else.

Once this is over and you’re at the vibration stage, you can begin exercising willpower. There is no one way to do this; because you have all the freedom to choose the best way.

Step 3. Visualize yourself moving without physically moving.

This is the point that you have to take a leap of faith. Lift yourself into your new relaxed state out of your physical body. 

Remember that this won’t be easy.

Here are exercises you can do to enter this state of being.

  • Visualize your hands contracting and expanding without actually moving your physical hands. Focus on the thought until you can feel your hands moving.
  • Visualize your hands moving up slowly.
  • Visualize a rope or a bar in front or above you. Reach out and grab it with your mind.
  • Use your willpower to lift out or separate from your physical body.

Step 4. Rise from your physical body.

Your mind will fight this sensation, so remain calm and not be discouraged if your astral body is drawn back to your corporeal body.

There’s no limitation to the number of times you can explore the astral plane. However, it’s healthy to maintain a balance between the astral world and the physical world.

In your first explorations, try examining familiar things in your home from a different angle. 

For instance, try reading the name of a product from your kitchen. Then once you return to your physical body, try reading it again to see if you read the same thing.

Always remember that you have full control of your spiritual and physical body. A silver thread connects both, and no one can break it, unlike what Hollywood portrays.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Astral Projection

In performing astral projection, there are important things you must always take in mind. Here are the dos and don’ts of astral projection


  • Astral Projection is a naturally occurring phenomenon while we are asleep. It’s significant to remember to work on losing your fear of the unknown.
  • Before astral traveling, always visualize a protective circle around you. Imagine a white ring of light protecting you and two large gentle hands cleansing your aura. Remove all negative emotions and feel the comforting emotions these protective circles provide you.
  • Adopt a comfortable position in a serene place where you won’t be distracted and interrupted in your meditations. 
  • You can use music to help you with the process. Some people find it easier to enter astral projection with the assistance of music. 

While this may not work for some, it is worth considering. Look for music that complements the process and will help you enter a relaxing state; probe rhythm and sounds to help you link with the vibrations of your surroundings.

Some music that may help enter the vibrational state is music that calls on chanting or binaural beats and isochronic tones.

  •  Focus on your body and repeat a mantra to help you with the process. You can repeat the phrase, ‘My body is relaxing. I fly. I rise.’


  • Never perform astral projection while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
  • Never have negative thoughts against the process, yourself, your kin, and your surroundings.
  • Never have a malicious purpose for doing astral projection. The power of our thoughts and intentions is like fine threads that can attract the outcomes of our goals. 

If a person has ill intentions, they will likely harbor the negative effects of astral projection. However, if a person is confident in themself and has a healthy goal to astral travel, the results will be positive. 

  • Never let your fear and your intrusive thoughts get into you.
  • When returning to your physical environment, take your time since your body has been physically static for hours.
  • For beginners, it is not advisable to perform astral projection with the guidance of someone experienced.

Interpreting your Astral Projection Experience

The elements we see during astral projection can mean many things. That’s why examining and analyzing the elements you encounter during your exploration is important.

The things composing your astral plane can represent hidden emotions and unfulfilled wishes you cannot achieve in your waking life. A thorough interpretation of your dreams can help form a stronger connection to your subconscious and the world.

However, when interpreting your astral projection experience, remember that the meaning behind the elements is not literal but symbolic.

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The Benefits of Astral Projection

Astral projection is not just an amazing phenomenon to experience; it has many benefits that make it worth learning.

It can help with anxiety.

This can be specifically effective for people who fear death. Astral projection is an eye-opening experience that makes one let go of the anxiety of death.

Many astral projectors report they can de-dramatize the thought of death during astral projection. The realization that they are still conscious outside the physical plane and discovered the existence of the spiritual plane helped them ease their fear of death.

Conscientious self-bilocation— observing one’s physical body while separated from it— can lead us to many realizations about our existence. 

Some people who had near-death experiences reported that they were projected accidentally. And when they returned to the physical plane, their view of death became more optimistic. Realizing that our physical bodies are temporary while our subtle ones remain.

It helps with psychological breakthroughs.

Our vivid dreams and visions can become clearer when we discover and explore different dimensions and help our bodies to stay accepting of messages and guidance from higher places. 

It helps you with self-discovery.

We learn much about ourselves and our world when we sojourn outside our bodies and by learning about new spiritual practices and astral discoveries.

It improves and strengthens your psychic abilities.

Connections with spirit guides, opening your third-eye wisdom, and visioning and experiencing other realms beyond our world require extensive practice. The more you exercise your psychic abilities, the more they will become strong.

It boosts spirituality.

Astral traveling will help you have a deep, fuller, and wholly authentic inner spirit. Exploring dimensions outside the physical plain is a great tool to learn about yourself deeper and discover new possibilities.

Getting out of yourself and your physical body is a way to conduct self-research and examine your evolution.  Self-scientificity is a way for the projector to acquire more information about themselves and the world.

It gives you serenity.

Experiencing a state where you don’t need your corporeal body can bring peace to your physical life. Astral traveling can give meaning to the learning and evolutionary conditions gained on earth, making us realize that each physical existence is temporary but will never cease to exist after death.

It will help you achieve your goals.

Just like daydreaming, astral projection is a great tool to focus and think of our life plans and how we will achieve them. In this busy world, finding time for ourselves is hard, but you can slip outside reality through astral projection, even if for a short period.

The Risks of Astral Projection

Astral projection is a completely safe experience. But if done with the wrong purpose and methods, the projector can face risks that may harm them. Astral exploration can make it hard to return to sleep, and you might lose quality sleep if you’re too preoccupied with astral projection.

Performing one without the necessary preparations can lead to a lack of sleep, lucid nightmares, severe hallucinations, and old hag syndrome. For people with mental health issues, astral projection may blur the lines between reality and the astral plane. 


Astral projection is one of the wonders of our existence that continues to pick our curiosity and amuse us. It may be a daunting phenomenon to experience, but it’s worth exploring at least once. 

For those who seek connections, guidance, and answers from other planes, and realms, astral projection is the gateway to achieve them. Exploring outside your body and discovering new dimensions will help you better understand your place in the physical world and dive deeper into your subconscious.

We are more than our physical bodies, and engaging in astral projection will help you reach your fullest potential. You have to remember that astral projection is a process that needs the right preparations, methods, patience, and unyielding will.

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