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Is it time for a spiritual cleansing?

Your soul, like everyone else, needs some TLC (Tender Loving Care). We are mentally processing so many thoughts and emotions in one day. You have your share of personal and social issues as well. It is not surprising for you to feel overwhelmed one day.

This is when you know it is time to step back. Your soul needs to relax. It is good for you to know how to cleanse your soul spiritually. You can give yourself a spiritual cleansing and feel your mind refreshed.

There are a few tell-tale signs which is an indicator that you should have a spiritual detoxing of your soul. These are:

  1. You are almost constantly bored.
  2. You feel victimized in circumstances quite often.
  3. You somehow find yourself repelled by joyful and happy people.
  4. Either your heart feels sad or you are devoid of emotion.
  5. Despite trying to check your words, you often become caustic in a conversation.
  6. You’ve not enjoyed being in mid-nature for a long time.
  7. You are averse to inspirational activities like meditating or praying.
  8. You are having sleep issues.
  9. You draw pleasure from hearing about others’ misfortunes.
  10. Your friends are deserting you.
  11. You are glued to the negativity that is there on social media. You love scrolling through it.

Being ready for cleansing the mind

Decide on a day when you want to go through the cleansing. Also, be determined that you will be free from any past experiences that are troubling you on this. One of the easiest ways to release pent-up emotions is by writing a letter. You do not have to send it to anyone. This is one practice you can cultivate and use whenever you feel overwhelmed. This is why many people maintain a journal. This method is recommended by counselors too. You can gift yourself a beautiful journal. Take time out daily to vent out your worries and regrets.

How can you define spiritual cleansing?

‘What is spiritual cleansing’? This question has no clear definition. It is a process to clear the repetitive beliefs and mental patterns which are holding you back. Apart from removing the mental blockages, it will also improve the energy of your soul. Knowing how to cleanse your soul spiritually will let you connect more to your soul. You will feel more driven towards your passion. You will have a larger outlook on life.

There is no single way of doing a spiritual cleansing. There are different methods of doing it, like yoga, meditation, color therapy, Reiki, and others. You can practice color therapy because it is enjoyable and you heal yourself using colors. When you are attracted to one or a few colors, those preferred colors will point out what you are seeking subconsciously. The colors which you dislike a lot also speak heaps about what you want to avoid. You should pay more heed to the colors which repel you. Knowing what each color means will also help you understand how to cleanse your soul spiritually.

Soul cleansing to eliminate negative energy

You may not believe it but there is bound to be some negative energy in and around you. It is very crucial to remove negative energy, especially the internal one. Otherwise, it can affect your life to a great extent. When negative energy will come in contact with your soul, you will feel negative emotions like anger, fear, depression. More than one negative emotion can affect you simultaneously.

It is important to remove the negative energy as soon as possible to stop your physical and emotional health from worsening. Negative energy can also turn you into a toxic person.

Measures you can take:

If you are interested in knowing how to cleanse your soul spiritually, there are certain steps that you have to take to go through a spiritual soul cleanse. Remember kindness to yourself is important. Be compassionate when taking any measure, do your best and you will be happier. Some ways of a spiritual soul detox are:

Understand where your negative energy is coming from

You must recognize what is or are the causes for your soul’s negative energy. Negative energy can trigger negative experiences and negative emotions are linked with negative energy. The energy in your soul is quite dependent on how you react to experiences that you have.

You might have made it a habit to focus too much on the negative aspects of your life. This eventually turns into a habit that gives rise to negative energy. If you are keen on understanding how to cleanse your soul spiritually, the first thing to do is to identify the source of negative energy.

You must be mindful to put a lot of focus on the positive and not on negative things. Understand and appreciate what’s going right in your life rather than what’s not. Be less complaining. Stop holding on to your negative bias and your mind will stop feeding on negative energy.

Uplifting other people

When you connect with someone who is pessimistic and you make them feel cheerful, you will instantly feel your mood changing for the better. You should remember how and what you see in others also reflects how you truly are. When you feel that your mind needs a boost, raise someone else, try to be liberal when offering feedback.

Practice meditation

If you want to shed all those thoughts and emotions which serve no constructive purpose, you need to soothe your soul. The best way to do that is to meditate. It is almost a fact that meditation works excellently in the restoration of the mind and healing of the soul.

Meditation helps you easily connect with your inner consciousness and in organizing your thoughts. If you lead a stressful life, the stress is enough to manifest into negative energy. Meditation will calm your mind and help you de-stress.

Peek into your intelligent and beautiful soul and try to listen to what it is saying. Meditation will help you connect to your internal wisdom. So make a place and time in your home and daily schedule for meditating daily.

Seek joy

Happiness is sacred. Train your find to look for happiness even when it is difficult. Of course, your experiences will weigh you down. That is why the practice of finding joy in a challenging time will be difficult in the beginning. But with time, you will be able to understand that you are not only a physical body. You are a spiritual being with a big consciousness.

Be in the company of positive people

You feel lighter when you laugh. Surround yourself with genuine people whose company you enjoy. They are the people who can get you laughing. Do not think much as to why you enjoy being in their company, relish it.

Make yourself addicted to kindness

Yes, if you start practicing kindness, you will find that it has a magnetic quality. You have heard that love is like a drug, you will realize that kindness is too. You will see that doing a very random act or even a small act of kindness will make you feel peaceful and fantastic. It is interesting that even when you receive or see an act of kindness, serotonin is released into your body. This is why you feel happy at such a moment.

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Connect with all your senses

Enjoy being in nature. If you can’t remember when you last enjoyed nature’s beauty, it is time for a spiritual detox. That includes enjoying the weather too. Go for a walk, a jog, a run – anything. Don’t mind the sweat. Soon you will wonder how magical the whole experience is. Life is magical.

If you want to feel refreshed, you must connect or reconnect with nature. Trekking and hiking have been known to help people in depression. Take time out to go surfing or climbing a hill. You can go camping and spend a night under the moon and fall asleep by counting the stars.

Nature has very pure and clean energy. This helps to eliminate the soul’s negative energy. The more time you spend in nature, the more positive energy enters your soul.

Practice Yoga

If you are wondering why we are recommending yoga when you want to know how to cleanse your soul spiritually, let us tell how what’s the link. We advise you to do breathing exercises. There are many exercises under Yoga that help one in breathing correctly.

You already know deep breathing helps one to calm down. You can breathe out the negativity that you are feeling. It has been believed for a long time that breathing exercises like Pranayama have magical healing powers. These exercises have spiritual cleansing effects.

All these eight methods or tips are very effective for spiritually cleansing the soul. Many methods can be used for the same purpose, but we have given those which are easy to follow and have benefited many. One or two might not work for you but others will.