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Nature in all its magnificence is rich enough to evoke the inherent emotional and intellectual spirituality that is dormant in every being. A spiritual experience should contain an emotional response to reality that will enlighten the person about the true value of his or her inner potential.

How Nature Influenced Jesus Christ

All great religious and spiritual leaders found a great source of enlightenment and renewed knowledge in nature. Have a look at any of the parables which Jesus used to tell his disciples quite frequently. All are abundant in scenes from nature. Jesus spent his early years as a child in Galilee and worked as a carpenter among the rural folks there. Even at that age, he was a great observer of people, nature, and objects. He was greatly fascinated by the care shown by nature to all tiny and mighty forms in it. Nature in all its profuseness and force was lavish towards the fishermen, birds, vines, trees, and flowers.

Jesus Christ observed this in no uncertain words when he spoke to the men who assembled to listen to him. Matthew has recorded this in 6:28-29. Here Jesus expounded to the people about uncalled-for anxieties when the surrounding nature is brimming with examples. The flowers grow without any toil on their own. All King Solomon’s splendor could be compared to such a spectacular array of nature. The heavenly Father knows that men require drink, food, and clothes.

Nature and The Enlightened Buddha

All Buddhist scriptures point to the fact that nature is not something we have access to, but we are nature. To put the idea in simple words, nature is not something that we possess like a soul- it is what we are!

Due to an overcast sky, the sun may not be visible to the naked eye, but it is there. Similarly, wrong lifestyles and deeds may have obscured the nature in us, but it exists. Discovering our true selves can be achieved by delving deep into our being like Buddha did. The stains that obscure us from our true nature can be cleansed. This will make nature to shine brightly from within as the sun does when freed from clouds.

Buddha proved this through example. Princess Siddhartha went deep inside a jungle and sat in profound meditation beneath a sacred fig tree which later came to be known as the Bodhi tree. The princess penetrated the truth on the forty-first day and became the enlightened Buddha. This transformation can be achieved by all who have an intense desire to find our true nature.

Strengthening The Spiritual Link With Nature

The spirituality of nature cannot be learned from others who have known it. You will be able to know about the spirituality of nature by experiencing it through enhanced involvement. Every being has an inherent feeling of connection with nature which we tend to avoid most of the time. Let go and follow the hidden passion. Let the heart and vision chaperone you forward. Here are some proven voluntary acts that will give immense results in our quest to know about the spirituality of nature.

i. Perceive in your mind’s eye the universe as an all-encompassing spirit.

ii. Build a habit of spending time in solitude with nature.

iii. Connect with the spirits of the forces of nature like the wind, sky, soil, etc., and feel them to be one with you.

iv. Identify a lonely spot and sit there every day at the same time. Take deep breaths and relax your mind and body. Start observing the sights and sounds around you. This will begin a silent communication.

v. Became aware of diminutive spirits all around you and connect with them to feel the oneness.

There is no need to say that the very first thing you need to do is to fashion a commitment to identify with nature.

Proof of Right Practices

We should receive strong experiences that prove that we are on the correct path. These signs will cement our commitment to the practices that we are following. Unless the practitioner is getting empowered, the practices need to be replaced with the right processes.

Nobody can ever be truly alone. We are always encompassed by the spirits of nature even in the most obscure and lonely places. You will feel that you belong, that you are an inevitable part of the spirituality of nature- inseparable and unavoidable. There is no escaping your true tribe and clan. Nature longs for us as much as we long for nature to embrace us.

Who Will Guide Me In This Pursuit?

In the quest for the spirituality of nature, we need to realize that nature is always guiding and probing us. As Jesus spoke in parables, nature leads the way through signs and symbols. Many masters have talked about the subtle symbols that nature uses to talk to us. There are three popular signs:

i. Lucid latticework that sometimes appears above the sea.

ii. Messages compressed inside geometrical arrays of honeycombs.

iii. The graphic arrangements of capillaries that can be seen in a leaf.

These are very simple and common examples to understand the subtle signs prescribed by nature to speak to us.

The Five Messengers of Nature

Nature manifests as the five elements. They are:

i. Ether.

ii. Air.

iii. Fire.

iv. Water.

v. Earth.

These are everyday ordinary things that most of the time we tend to overlook the signs manifested by them. Let us delve into the importance of each in our lives.

All that exists are accommodated within the space. Nothing could exist without a space to contain itself. It is very easy to identify geometrical symbols and shapes of animals in the sky. The shape and flow of clouds can make our imagination soar. Look out for them and you will receive your unique message.


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Air is light and causes levitation. We experience and know air when it touches us. Air inspires our passions and reasoning.

From ancient times our societies have used jewels and crystals to enhance spiritual prowess and healing. Gemstones related to the element of air are Citrine, Zircon, Topaz, Labradorite, and Aventurine to name a few.


The best counselor among the elements is fire. When we badly need advice and insight, fire kindles our dormant potential to guide us through the labyrinths of life.

Wise men throughout history have associated fire with active energy. The element of fire ignites the below faculties for optimum output:

i. The will of creation.

ii. Unique personal power.

iii. Ingenuity.

Eastern spiritual practitioners associate fire with movement, enthusiasm, and warm feelings.


Water cleanses and washes off the dust that blocks your vision. When you pivot your attention to objects that represent water it paves the way for healing and coherence.

Ancient religious texts refer to many instances of dreams reading by knowledgeable personalities to find their intended meanings. Joseph from the Old Testament is a sparkling example. The following aspects of a dream that had water are taken into account to discover its meaning:

i. Whether it was of a calm or rough nature.

ii. The color of the water that appeared in the dream.

iii. The state of the water like ice or steam.


The last of the five elements is the earth. It symbolizes the nature of a person’s grounding in whatever surroundings. The foundation and strength of an individual can be realized from the nature of his or her earth element. It aids in bridging our associations with the following:

i. Goals.

ii. Beliefs.

iii. Grass-roots.

iv. Family.

All colors of nature represent earth, but green, brown, and black have special meanings for the energies of the earth.

These five elements are the core of all living and non-living beings that form nature. This revelation is all that is needed to confirm that you are not separate from nature.

You Are Nature

You are nature and nature, is you.

You are not part of nature, but nature itself.

There is no distinguishing between the two to the enlightened eye.

Nature is your spiritual practice and goal.

Quickly Raise Your Nature Vibrations

What is popularly known as ‘gratitude walk in nature’ is a wonderful proven method to raise your vibrations. This is a simple walk for any amount of time that suits you in any place. Simply be grateful for everything that meets your eyes. Be grateful for the touch of air on your body, the feel of the earth beneath your feet, and all other manifestations of nature that you come across.

It Is Not Experiencing But Rediscovering

The essence of the spirituality of nature is not experiencing the external world. After each planned encounter, you become a bit closer to your core and rediscover lost roots and memories.

So let us plan carefully to embark on the much-needed journey into our own inner cores to peel off acquired obstacles and make our suns shine brighter.