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What is Millennial Spirituality?

Spirituality is a concept that has evolved over the centuries. It has no definite meaning or structure. Rather, it is a recognition of values and ways of living your life, keeping in mind your beliefs and sense of purpose. In a nutshell, Spiritualism has more to do with a way of living. The individual is aware of his or her spiritual needs and works towards leading a life that caters to these specific needs. In actuality, Spiritualism does not need a religion or a strict belief or faith system to based itself on. In a way, it has more to do with individualism than anything else. It emerges from an individual’s own belief system based upon their exposure to other cultures, faith systems and experiences in life.

Millennial Spirituality can be said to be the spiritual system that millennials have adopted. This Spirituality is an individualistic faith system that has been adopted by millennials. It is not a uniform practice or belief and can vary from person to person depending upon culture, space and even race. For example, Millennials in India have spiritual inclinations that will be quite different from Millennials in western countries like the USA or Canada. However, the struggles of Millennials can be clubbed together because of many reasons. Let us first look at the struggles of Millennials that have led them to a spiritual path different from their predecessors.

Who are Millennials?

Technically speaking, Millennials are people born between the years 1981 and 1996 (ages 23 to 38 in the year 2019).

These people have a way of looking at life that is remarkably distinct from the way that the older generations look at life. We have ‘Boomers’ or ‘Baby Boomers’ who are people born between 1946 and 1964. They are called ‘Boomers’ because it is during this time that America was beginning to enjoy a new sense of prosperity after the Second World War.

Factors that have led Millennials down this alternative spiritual path.

Listed below are some factors that will help you understand Millennials better. They will also help you identify their struggles.

  1. By this time, Education across the world has taken a definite stance.
  2. Globalization, aided by Technology has taken the front seat in the World platform.
  3. Structures like Patriarchy, systemic Racism and Oppression were beginning to lose their stronghold because of education and technology.
  4. People were beginning to be sensitized to issues like pollution, overpopulation, climate change and others.
  5. Millennials are people who have to undergo the struggles of unemployment despite having the utmost qualifications and academic workload.
  6. Thanks to technology which has opened up forums of communication, Millennials are given privy to the struggles of many cultures. In this way, they become aware of the many kinds of oppression that many oppressed groups are going through.
  7. Media has given a platform for various individuals to voice out their experiences. This helps young people across the world to be aware of the discrepancies that exist in structures.
  8. At the end, you have to understand that by the time Millennials are of age, religion and various religious structures have become redundant and questioned.
  9. The eighth point, you have to understand, is because of education, It also has to do with the fact that youngsters have become tuned to the hypocrisies of religion and other hegemonic structures.

Millennials have become disillusioned about life and existence. This is not to say that they ALL become atheistic individuals who are almost Nietzschean in their beliefs. On the contrary, Millennials seem to have adopted a different belief system that goes against all (boomer) accepted systems. An insight into this Millennial Spirituality would go to show exactly how spiritual this generation has come to be.

What is Millennial Spirituality?

Given the unbelievable circumstances, Millennials have still been able to come up with their own belief system also known as their own spiritual system or Millennial Spirituality. This is something they have come to embody and endorse, given the sordid circumstances that they are made to go through. Millennials, given their bleak prospects have come to develop a belief system or a spirituality of their own. Following are a few things that people of all generations could learn or benefit from Millennial Spirituality.

  1. Millennials are now following alternative systems like numerology or even the chakra system. These systems make use of various structures embedded in the surrounding world. These two systems use the numbering system and the various energies associated with the body to comprehend their understanding of the world.
  2. Millennials have begun to use crystals and astrology to replace religion.
  3. The use of crystals is intrinsic to the understanding that certain elements can disrupt or absorb certain energies (mostly negative). This system gives rise to the understanding that certain spaces and elements embody certain energies,
  4. Astrology is another order that uses the basic movements of planets and moon. This is a spin-off of the Hindu religion which observes the same.

Summarizing the Millennial Spirituality

Based on the above factors, Millennial spirituality is an amalgam of various belief systems that have existed for centuries. In addition to that, Millennials also have the added advantage of having experienced the world as we know it. They have come to accept that the situation of our world is such that there are things that cannot be changed. This is the reason they have decided to take those aspects of spirituality that they find most useful for their daily lives.

Millennials are an age of people who have had to undergo the most baffling of expectations.

Millennials are a bunch of entitled morons. Yes/no?

The above mentioned factors are the gradual outcome of a number of circumstances. The cliché about Millennials that goes is that they are a bunch of entitled morons with “first world problems”. This is not the case for many reasons. For example, observe various social media outputs on YouTube videos, blogs and memes. You will find that the platforms abound in so much information about Millennials. This information identifies and places the anxieties of Millennials in such a way that we begin to question where these anxieties come from. In the world of the internet, there are memes or videos that use dark humor about life and existential crises. These media are essentially those that were created by Millennials. Millennials have to go through so many hurdles to even land a job. Some of these factors are as follows.

  1. Education loans. Millennials are victims of a vicious education system. Education loans are the bane of the existence of millennials. AOC reveals the outstanding amount of her student loans despite being a highly reputed Congress member. 
  2. Millennials are victims of a system that is completely against them. Jobs are given to those with maximum experience. Considering that they do not get the most chances to express or prove themselves, this would be almost next to impossible.

So what would be the impact of Millennial Spirituality on your life?

As far as studies go, not many people would understand the extent of the impact of Millennial Spirituality on their lives. Millennial existence is something that people need to sympathize with more than anything. Once you understand this, you would be able to comprehend exactly how important it is especially in a globalized world. Following are a few aspects that a person should observe in this regard.

  1. Millennials do not care about anything besides their own sordid and looming existence. This can easily be mistaken for selfishness. However, this is not the case. Because they are so obsessed with their own lives, a millennial would never have time to bother with anyone else’s life. In this regard, you are safe even if you are not a Millennial person.
  2. Millennials are obsessed with crystals, numerology and astrology. This goes to show that they are in the search for something esoteric that would benefit them. They do not care about the materialistic aspects of life. Give them the necessities of life (like a phone, a computer and an iPad) and they should be fine.
  3. They will not go so far as to disrupt people’s lives. This is primarily because they suffer crippling depression which inhibits them from going outdoors to taunt or disturb others. In this regard, you are safe. From millennials at least.
  4. Millennials will go so far as to enable you to question certain ideals and facts about the system. This means the religion that you have taken for granted for so long. They will not back down in this regard. This is because they simply do not believe in oppression or repression of any kind.
  5. Millennials will in actuality, teach you to NOT be racist or classist or ageist. They have seen it all happen, and they will not stand for it.
  6. Last and most important, Millennials will teach you to look within yourself and believe in what you feel is right.