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Dreams have always fascinated us. It is a gateway to another world- a world that is mostly unknown to us. Some dreams can be interpreted easily while others have a hidden meaning. So, what does it mean if you have been dreaming of dead relatives? Do these dreams scare you, make you feel restless, disturb you or bring in happiness? Let’s further delve into this topic and understand and interpret dreams related to dead relatives.

Different cultures across the world have their own interpretations of dreams related to dead relatives.

Christians: According to Christianity, dreams concerning dead relatives is a bad omen. This is because the dead person is seen as a ghost or a demon in disguise. These ghosts could be an “unsettled spirit” who unfortunately could not finish some work before their untimely departure. So, Christians believe, it is best to ignore such dreams before the ghost starts spreading the evil. 

Hindus: In Hindu culture, there is no deep meaning associated with dreams related to dead relatives. They are often associated with your memories if the dream is a happy and pleasant one. Often it is believed that these dreams signal the ushering of something unexpected. But overall there is no great significance associated with these dream and could simply mean nothing.

Wiccans: For the Wiccans, dreaming about dead relatives is taken very seriously. It is considered to be the actual spirit of the dead person who wishes to communicate something important to you. So, you should treat them with utmost importance, the way you would have treated them in real life. They may ask questions and you should answer them as honestly as possible.

Chinese: The Chinese consider dreams related to dead persons as a good omen. Chinese give a lot of importance to their ancestors and thus a dead relative appearing in your dream is a good sign indeed. It is believed that your family is protected and blessed if you see a dead relative in your dream.

What are the different interpretations of dreaming of a dead relative?

Dreams of a dead relative talking to you: Many often we dream of a dead relative talking to us. There are several interpretations of this dream. Many psychologists believe that, this dream may mean that the dead person is trying to reach us spiritually to communicate something to us. You may be missing your relative and this may be a way of your subconscious mind to help you deal with it. The other way to interpret this dream is probably your dead relative had an unfinished business and is seeking a closure.

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Dreams of a dead relative calling you to go somewhere: This kind of dream is usually considered to be a bad sign. It signals a grave danger in the future. It could also mean a sign of some serious sickness.

Dreams of a dead relative smiling at you: This dream is a good sign and there is no cause of worry. Most of the time we do not fully accept the death of a close family member and dreaming of them is quite common. You may see them smiling at you as you are still processing their absence in your subconscious mind. No doubt it’s a sad state but do not overthink about such dreams and try to move on.

Dream of hugging a dead relative: Dreams like these mean that you have not fully accepted the death of your beloved one. Hugging someone is a gesture of warmth, closeness and togetherness. Hugging your dead relative is a sign that you do not want to let go off that person. Such a dream can be emotionally exhausting as you are still trying to deal with the loss.

Dreams of a dead relative not talking to you: Sometimes we see a dream of a dead relative visiting us but not talking to us. This dream may signal a warning referring to some activities going on in our life which may not be appropriate. Try to read the signal and make changes in your accordingly.

Dreams of a dead relative arguing with you: If you have been dreaming of a dead relative arguing with you it simply means that you have committed a mistake. Your loved one is trying to give you a signal to alter your behavior or to amend your mistake. Take such a dream positively and introspect within to bring in a positive change.

Dreams of a dead relative in a different form: Sometimes dreams can be weird where we see a dead person appearing in our dream in a form other than their natural self. Such a dream at times could be disturbing and traumatic. But instead of worrying try to interpret the dream. Your loved one could be trying to send you a signal about an impending danger. Pay attention to such signals and try to avoid a harmful situation.

Dreams of a dead relative blessing you: It is believed that if a dead person comes and blesses you in your dream, then it’s a good omen. Such a dream signifies that you will achieve success in whatever you are doing or thinking. So, consider this as a happy dream and a blessing in disguise.

Dreams of a dead relative looking healthier and younger: Your dead relative appears far more vibrant and healthier than they were when they passed away. They want to communicate to you that they did not suffer during their last days. They are now in a safe and happy place and they can appear happy to you.

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Dreams of a dead relative telling you they are fine: Often in your dreams you get a feeling of your dead relative trying to assure you that they are okay. This dream can be simply interpreted as your dear one trying to tell you that they are fine and you need not worry about them. It is a comforting and reassuring feeling to know that your beloved, although are in a world far away from you, are happy.

Dreams related to your dead grandparents: For most of us, grandparents are the most important people in our lives. Grandparents are full of warmth and love. Grandparents are always supporting us and there for us. Not surprisingly their positive presence extends beyond their death. Dreaming of a dead grandparent is definitely a positive sign. These dreams can be interpreted as a warm and comforting presence that our grandparents are always besides us and looking after us.

Why do we dream of dead relatives?

Well, this question has no definite answers. Spiritual leaders, psychologists, dream analysists etc have stated various reasons and interpretations. A popular belief is that since dead people cannot contact us when we are fully active or awake. It is only when we are dormant that the departed soul can connect with us. Hence, dreams are a medium through which dead people communicate to us.

Psychological reasons could be another factor. Most of the dreams concerning dead people are in our subconscious mind. When we dream of a dead relative it is in fact a manifestation of our sorrow, guilt or repentance.

Spiritual reasons are yet another reason for seeing a dead relative. An untimely death or an unfulfilled wish could be a reason the dead people are contacting us through our dream.

If you are loved one visits you in your dream then instead of getting stressed you should feel comforted and protected. You can be assured that there is a life after death and your beloved person is safe there. He/she is looking after you from heaven and protecting you from all adversities.

When should you seek help?

If you are repeatedly dreaming of a dead relative then this could be an indication that they are trying to communicate something important to you. In such cases, it may be disturbing for you and can cause a lot of metal stress. But try to stay calm and seek for a solution. You can reach out for help and talk to a psychiatrist, a spiritual leader or a dream interpreter. They help you interpret your dreams and find solace.

In conclusion, in most cultures dreaming of a dead relative is not harmful or a cause of worry. Take these dreams in a positive way and a blessing and an opportunity to meet your beloved ones. There is always a purpose for which they are visiting you and you should express your gratitude on meeting the departed soul. Always remember, if the person, when alive, did not cause any harm to you then why should he/she harm you after their departure? So instead of burdening yourself with sadness, live your life to the fullest and make the departed souls and your beloved ones feel proud of you. The death of a close family member can be extremely painful, but hopefully if you are able to interpret your dreams it will lessen your pain slightly.