Dreams of Kissing Someone

You’re in the perfect place. Despite the pouring rain, you remained staring at each other. You don’t care about what others will say because you’re in your world. Slowly, inch by inch, you closed the distance between you. Eyes closed— lips locked— hearts racing.

Kissing someone in a dream can surely make you blush once you wake up. Generally, dreaming about kissing someone symbolizes love, optimism, admiration, and contentment. 

However, there are instances where a kiss foretells betrayal. That’s why it’s crucial to decode your dream if you’ve got a kiss of love or misfortune.

What Does It Mean To Kiss Someone in Your Dream?

According to Aunty Flo, kissing in dreams is symbolic of releasing your pain. A kiss can give you pleasure and relief. In your subconscious, a kiss is a medicine for your comfort.

Kissing in a dream can represent the intensity of your love, your acceptance of yourself, new adventures, and the positive things to come.

Conversely, a kiss can mirror emotional issues, life challenges, or a brewing betrayal against you.

It’s important to get a detail of your dream, especially its elements. This way, you’ll be able to interpret it clearly.

Kissing in a Dream: Dream Symbolisms

The Pleasant Dream explains that this dream can have various connotations depending on the type of kiss, the person you kissed, and your emotion during the dream. 

While most kissing dreams hold positive meanings, some dreams make the dreamer feel unpleasant. Here are different symbolisms associated with kissing dreams.

  1. Contentment and happiness

Kissing is related to happiness here because it can mean that you are contented with your current life, grateful for your relationship, and have accepted most aspects of yourself. 

  1. Intimacy

When you kiss someone, you form a bond spiritually. Kissing is seen as a bridge of closeness and intimacy between people. It’s an expression of your deep love for the person you love.

  1. Passion and desire

In this case, kissing is a romantic feeling you have for someone.

  1. Deceit and betrayal

In the Bible, a kiss from Judas signifies betrayal. A kiss can symbolize deceit and betrayal depending on the context of your dream and how you perceive it.

  1. Breaking boundaries

For couples, a kiss signifies a breakthrough in their relationship. It can also be associated with breaking barriers in the waking world.

  1. Falling for someone you shouldn’t 

Anything is possible in the dream world, even if it’s kissing someone you cannot confess your feelings to in the real world. 

  1. Secretiveness

Kissing someone in a dream can mean you’re keeping something from others. It’s either a past or a secret that you feel will change your life for the worst if exposed to the world.

Kissing Scenarios in Dreams and Their Interpretation

The meaning of dreams varies according to the plotline and its elements. Similar to your kissing dream, a positive experience for you can be a nightmare to another and vice versa. Here are some common dream scenarios and their meaning.

Kissing yourself in a dream.

Kissing yourself in your dream might be bizarre, but this signifies that you have accepted yourself completely. You are starting to see the world optimistically and embrace yourself as it is.

Your first kiss.

Dreaming about your first kiss shows that you must be thinking of romance. You’re anticipating a romantic relationship or about to enter one.

On the flip side, kissing someone in a dream can mean you lack romance.

Someone is trying to kiss you against your will.

This dream has two meanings. First, a person in your circle could be forcing their ideas or opinions on you, and their point of view is against your principles.

Second, the person forcibly kissing you in your dream is your emotions that you’re trying to hide. They manifest themselves in your subconscious, and you don’t want to accept them.

Getting kissed on your back.

Someone kissing you on your back warns that someone in the future might drag you into a scandal or fraudulent activity. You must be careful with the people around you.

Kissing a friend goodbye.

Your friend represents your comfort zone in this dream. Kissing them goodbye implies that you’re prepared to step out of your comfort zone to pursue your goals and create the life you want.

Kissing your partner.

Kissing your partner in your dream symbolizes peace and harmony in the relationship.

Kissing your ex.

If you see yourself kissing a former lover in your dream, it signals that you must walk away from toxic things weighing you down in your waking life. It could be a job you’re unhappy with, relationships, or bad habits and behavior. It’s time to live for the better!

Kissing a stranger on the cheek.

This dream is closely attributed with respect. It could mean that you’re going to earn the regard of others or you’re going to look up to someone because of gratefulness.

Kissing a celebrity.

Kissing a celebrity means that you’re aspiring to become someone successful like them. It could also mean they have certain characteristics you want to emulate.

Kissing a foreigner.

This dream carries an auspicious message. It means you will overcome challenges and become victorious in whatever you’re working on.

Watching other people kiss.

This dream could signify that you’re unnecessarily getting involved with other people’s life and matters.

Kissing animals in your dream.

Kissing your furry balls of happiness is a sign of peace and prosperity.

Kissing someone in their hand.

Kissing someone in their hand reflects your reverence and admiration for them in waking life.

On the other hand, someone kissing your hand means that someone has sincere feelings for you and admires you with respect.

Final Thoughts

A kiss can make you or break you. Experiencing this in your dreams could give you an insight into your spiritual well-being.

A kiss for yourself is a sign of self-acceptance, while a kiss from a stranger promises good things ahead. A kiss can also be a warning, telling you to get ahold of your life.

Aside from the interpretations discussed, a kiss’ true meaning will still come from you. It will depend on your overall perception and emotion during the experience.

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