Dreaming About Cats

There’s something about cats that triggers our curiosity. Their eyes seem to see beyond the physical world— and their enigmatic personality embodies the mystery of the cosmos.

Cats have long been the subject of symbolism and mythology. Dreaming of these quirky felines tells you to understand your gut feeling. And closely analyze what’s happening in your life.

Dreaming of Cats- General Meaning

In Eastern Tradition, dreaming about cats is usually a good sign. Cats often appear in our subconscious world, carrying messages about ourselves.

Cats in dreams represent gentleness and a bit of cunningness. Dreaming of many cats signifies that you can implement your goals step-by-step if you plan to establish your financial management goals. 

You don’t have to rush or be greedy. You can attain your goals without delays and problems. Keep calm and focus on the process, as cats focus on one prey.

Furthermore, cats also tell you to maintain balance in your emotions, especially during unexpected situations that might make you vulnerable.

Cats are powerful symbols of intuition and creativity. They define your strong, emotional, and powerful nature. However, sometimes cats signify bad luck, cheating, and deceit by others or you.

Dreaming about them emphasizes the presence of cheating and fake people around you. Cats caution you to avoid these people hiding their true nature in the name of friendship. 

It’s your wake-up call to address the unstable condition of your life and take action to change the course of your fate. 

The Spiritual Meaning of Cats in Your Dreams

According to The Pleasant Dream.com, dreaming about cats spiritually symbolize wisdom and intuition. They represent an independent mindset, the ability to excel in challenges, vulnerability, falsehood, and deceitful intent from the people around you. Reminding you to be careful and observant of your relationships.

Spiritually, seeing cats in your dreams symbolize:

  1. Reflection of your ego– This means you have enough strength to overcome any obstacles in life. You have a free mindset and are independent.
  1. Communication- symbolically, cats are associated with the world of spirits.
  1. Rebirth and longevity– Cats symbolize new beginnings, reminding you that there are always new seasons to come, so you must not lose hope.
  1. Seeing cats in your dreams represents sexuality, strength of character, and feminine power.

For Egyptians, cats are sacred and are said to be the messengers of the departed. Maybe the souls of your loved ones are trying to communicate with you through cats. When they visit you in your dream, they tell you to listen to your intuition and live by it.

Also, the ancient Egyptian goddess Bastet, a lunar goddess with the face of a cat and a body of a lion, is believed to be the symbol of safety and protection. 

People believe cats bring prosperity and shield the house from all evil forces. They ward off negative energy through their spiritual presence.

On a personal level, cats symbolize sensitivity, adaptation to change, and confidence. Their heightened vision reminds you to develop strong self-awareness. 

They tell you to accept change and move on from situations that are not serving you. Be flexible and be prepared for life’s challenges.

Cats in Jungian Psychology

The right way to interpret cats is by relating them to the dreamer’s life events. Cats can have positive and negative connotations depending on the person.

In Jungian Psychology, the dream analysis of cats is as follows:

  1. Self– For Carl Jung, cats mirror the self in dreams. The self contains all aspects of the human psyche established by one’s interaction with the external world. Our dreams are the window to the unconscious, where we can also find elements of the self
  1. Shadow– The dark side of self is made up of certain characteristics you try to ignore, repress, or keep hidden. You hardly wish to encounter these elements of yourself; that’s why they are kept in the unconscious.

Facing your shadow self can bring emotional suffering; that’s why you tend to pretend that this aspect of yourself does not exist.

As a representation, seeing cats in your dreams can also mean that your subconscious is revealing your shadow self from time to time.

  1. Anima– Lastly, the anima is attributed to the feminine nature of the male psyche. When a man dreams of cats, it signifies how well he relates and connects with the woman in his life. It also depicts his gentle and humble nature.

The Meaning of Various Cat Scenarios in Your Dream

Dreaming about cats is common, and people have different dream scenarios involving cats. 

It’s important to note how the events unfold in your dreams and what elements were involved. This way, you’ll be able to have the right interpretation of your dream. Here are some cat scenarios and their symbolic meaning.

Dreaming of Cats and Kittens.

Dreaming about cats and kittens warns you of impending troubles from people in your life. This dream indicates betrayal, cheating, and deceit by your family, friends, and acquaintance.

If the cats and kittens fight in your dream, it signifies negative energy that hinders you from achieving your goals. Your life is stagnant, and you are agitated in your waking life.

However, if you dream of cuddling kittens, you are faced with your childlike and innocent self. You’re reminded of your comfort zone, which tells you to choose your path in life. One that leads you to your dreams and aspirations.

It’s time for you to explore, take chances, and focus on new beginnings.

Dreaming of a Cat Biting You.

When you dream of a cat biting you, it means that there are villains in your waking life trying to frame you for conspiracies. You are reminded to be careful and observant with the people around you, especially those you think are up to something.

This dream also signifies the presence of cunning and powerful people who may defeat you anytime and threaten your well-being.

But do not be disheartened; the cat in you tells you that you can overcome each adversity and still stand victorious.

Dreaming of a Playful Cat.

Mischievous cats symbolize your light heart and fun-loving attitude. When a cat is playing in your dream, your subconscious tells you not to be too serious about every aspect of your life. You should enjoy every moment and slow down.

Living in the moment makes you aware of your surroundings and inner world. Playful cats in your dreams remind you to stay optimistic in life.

Dreaming of Cat Eyes.

Cat eyes symbolize focus, self-confidence, and intuition. Seeing a prominent cat’s eye in your dream is s message that you will get through adversities with hard work and will.

Dreaming of cat eyes reminds you to develop your intuitive wisdom while facing tough life events.

Dreaming of a Cat Giving Birth.

This dream notifies you of changes that may occur in your life. You are entering an unexpected transition that will take your life to greater heights.

Such transitions may include a change of career, ending a toxic relationship, and moving to a new place. Cats giving birth can also signify creativity and nurturance.

Dreaming of Sleeping Cats.

Sleeping cats means peace and harmony in your waking life. You have enough time to contemplate the things of your priority. This dream also means that you are a free spirit and have a calm mind.

Constraints in your waking life do not tie you up, and you follow the path you set for yourself. Sleeping cats also reminds you not to rush things and allot more time for yourself.

Dreaming of Saving Cats.

Saving a cat in your dream means you have regained your lost independence and strength. Your dream tells you that you have become more competent and can attain success and fulfillment in life.

This dream represents protection, power, and inner strength that you can always provide yourself.

Dreaming of Wild Cats

Wild cats signify your commitment to achieving your resolutions. You are committed and have the strength and conviction to turn your aspirations into reality.

Dreaming of wild cats also represents sexual instinct, ferociousness, and survival strategies in your waking life.

Cat Colors and Their Symbolic Meanings

Black Cats

For many cultures, black cats symbolize good luck and stand as protectors of homes. They mean that you have a hidden sense of intuition helping you create wise decisions.

In Japan, women who own black cats are said to attract more suitors. While in Great Britain’s Midlands, a black cat is the perfect wedding gift; they’re believed to bring eternal happiness to the bride.

White Cats

According to dream experts, white cats represent hope and desire. When a white cat is affectionate with you in a dream, it signals enjoyment and hope. Many believe that white cats bring good fortune from the spiritual realm.

Grey Cats

For those struggling and undergoing a challenging transition, grey cats are a great symbol of hope. These mysterious felines give us hope and lead us to understand our spiritual problems and how to overcome them.

Brown Cats

The brown cat represents the goodness of staying grounded in the present and leaving a quite low-key life. Brown cats remind us to remain in the present and slow down when we become anxious about the future.

Ginger Cats

These felines embodying the color of energy represent change and excitement. They are a perfect message for people striving to create significant change in the world.

Tuxedo Cats

Like their playful nature, tuxedo cats remind the dreamer to accept a little good humor. They are a message from your subconscious to slow down, let loose, and bring out your inner child.

Tortishell and Calico

These cats are your familiar or spirit guides. They bring good luck, joy, and prosperity to those who love and dream of them.

Their white and orange patches symbolize purity, while their black patch represents their ability to look into the future. They see through their hearts and tell you who you are.


Sometimes, the great lessons in life come from a small, cuddly furball of cuteness.

If you feel lost and hopeless, follow the example of cats. Their unassuming and laid-back spirits remind you that you don’t always have to take everything seriously.

Life knocks you down— stop for a moment— contemplate your situation—  stand up! Let the cat in you overcome life’s adversities without compromising your authentic self.

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