Dreaming About Plants

In your dream, you find yourself in the middle of a luscious garden— birds greeting you with a melody. The cold grass hugged your feet as you got out of bed— the colorful plants gently swayed with the wind. Everything is beaming with life.

Plants bring you peace and healing. It’s a pleasant and happy dream. One that comforts you from the chaotic reality.

Dreaming about plants is mostly associated with positive emotions in life. Often, plants are considered a sign of good fortune. When plants appear in your dreams, your subconscious tries to get your attention. It wants to tell you something about yourself and your spiritual well-being.

What do plants in dreams mean?

Plants are life givers; without them, life on earth will also cease to exist. Dreaming about plants is about your personal, economic, social, and spiritual growth. 

The process plants undergo to grow and how they live represents your growth as a person. Their green color represents life and is often associated with recovery and rejuvenation. Thus, plants are mostly linked to positive interpretation. 

However, there are also instances where they might carry negative signs.

Plants with thorns that can pierce your body might signify someone trying to use you for their gain.

Dead plants warn you about loss because you’re walking the wrong path.

Moreover, seeing withering plants in your dream might mean that you’re neglecting something in your life.

But don’t feel afraid. These are merely signals reminding you that you can still change your fate. 

A crucial rule in dream interpretation is to take your dreams subjectively. Determine your emotions during the dream, especially the elements it contains. 

Ask what types of plants you encountered. How was your interaction with them? Do they have negative or positive connotations for you?

Connecting your dream to the context of your waking life is important.

Dreaming About Plants: Scenarios and Their Meanings

Dreaming about plants can be linked to a plethora of meanings. Hence, knowing what your plant dreams symbolize might be challenging without understanding their context.

Here are plant dream scenarios and their interpretation to give you a head start!

Potted Plants

Dreaming about the growth of plants in their pots translates to your domestic nature. It might be that you’re a household-oriented person. You find joy in caring for household chores and managing domestic affairs at home.

Staying at home is preferable for you to going outside. There’s nothing wrong with staying in your comfort zone.

However, if your comfort zone is hindering you from growing, doing so limits the experiences and possibilities that might happen to you. For this, it would be best to strengthen your inner core and fine-tune personal issues.

After that, you might start stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring new things to improve yourself— while having a safe place to return to.

Receiving Plant

This dream indicates direction and initiative. You are undergoing a major transformation.

Receiving a plant can also signify faithfulness in love and light-hearted companionship. The people around you will help alleviate emotional burdens, and you will have peace of mind.

Green Plants

Seeing green plants in your dream signals you of good health. The color green represents health, the mind, and the entire concept of life. Either you’re working on your health or proud of it.

Green plants are a positive omen suggesting that you’re undergoing a personal transformation and will gain something from it soon.

Evergreen Plants

Evergreen plants, such as trees and shrubs, stand for lasting value. You might have profound insight and strong personal values that you live by.

This dream also means having material possessions, projects, and relationships that will provide long-term benefits. You will be happy and satisfied. 

Plants in Water

Dreaming about plants in water means there are things you are carrying. You may be feeling overlooked in your life.

This dream could also mean that you’re staying away from social interactions. The water represents your detachment from reality, while the plants in the water represent you.

You may choose solitude for now to rebuild yourself. Or it might be that you’re feeling isolated.


A dream about planting is considered a good sign. It means you’re moving on, growing, and looking forward to your transformation. Planting a tree symbolizes long-term growth, relationships, and bonds.

The dream of planting from beginning to end signals you of times of happiness and prosperity. Despite this, you must know how to take advantage of this time to improve yourself and gain more life experiences.

Medicinal Plants

Take this dream as a sign of healing and recovery. You are emotionally and physically healing after a long illness. You are starting to recover from the trying times, and things are improving now.

Watering Plants

Watering plants in your dream could reveal the quality of your upbringing. You might have been raised in a caring, nurturing, and respectful environment as a child. 

To water is to care, support, and dedicate yourself with the purest intentions. The dream means that you could equally take good care of the people and things around you.

Blue-Colored Plants

This dream is rare. Blue-colored plants symbolize happiness and inner peace. Your dream tells you that if you feel conflicted and anxious over things, everything will be resolved soon.

Plants Falling From the Sky

Plants falling from the sky might be bizarre, but they carry favorable signs. It means that you’ll receive new opportunities and should make the most out of them.

Plants Growing Out of Body

You might find this dream scary, but it mostly has a positive message. This dream symbolizes waking life processes like religion, spirituality, solitude, and meditation.

Any processes that involve the higher self can be associated with this dream. It means to forsake the limited consciousness of your physical human form to the world. 

Carnivorous Plants Trying to Eat You

Carnivorous plants are a very common nightmare. This dream mirrors your fear of unclean things.

You may be stuck in a big problem. It could also mean that you need more direction and things are going differently than expected.

Plants Not Growing

This dream tells you something is preventing you from attaining your goals. There may be things in your waking life that you should address to move forward. Keep doing your best, and you’ll eventually succeed in the end.

Withering Plants

When you dream about withering plants, you neglect some aspects of yourself. You will lose motivation in the task you are working on because you don’t feel fulfilled.

Your subconscious tells you through your dream that now’s the time to decide where you want to go and what you want to achieve.

Thorny Plants

Thorny plants indicate someone in your circle who’s jealous of you. These person is finding ways to ruin you. Thus, you’re being warned to stay alert and observe your connection with people.

Overgrown Plants

When you encounter overgrown plants in your dream, you have upcoming or existing problems in life. You have to find ways to overcome them to succeed in life.


Weeds are unwanted plants. Dreaming about them signals you of adversities and hindrances in your growth.

Regarding the behavior and nature of weeds, your dream might mean that there are peaceful people who will overpower you or you have uncomfortable places.

Dead Plants

Dead plants may signify loss. They could also represent neglected relationships in your waking life. You might have subconsciously realized that you have ignored an important connection, and this relationship died down.

And now, you may have realized the real value of the person you lost, and you’re trying to think if you’ll be able to rekindle the relationship.

Common Plants Seen in Dreams and Their Meaning

Plants, flowers, and other foliage represent your emotions, actions, and ideas. Each plant you see in your dream has its meaning. Surrounding yourself with plants that symbolize your personality and values can help create a positive environment.

Common Plants in DreamsMeaning
Air PlantsCreativity and Freedom
BonsaiWisdom, Harmony, and Calm
CactusEndurance and Protection
FicusPeace and Abundance
Golden PhotosLonging and Perseverance
Lucky BambooLongevity and Good Fortune
Money TreeWealth and Good Fortune
MonsteraRespect, Longevity, and Honor
Peace LilySympathy and Peace
PhilodendronGrowth and Love and Nature
Prayer PlantFocus and Devotion
Snake PlantTenacity and Cleanliness
Spider PlantHealth and Mindfulness
SucculentEndurance and Loyalty
Venus FlytrapCourage and Strength
CarnationLove and Feminity
AzaleaFemininity, Strength, and Beauty
KalanchoeEternal Love
FernLuck and Protection
GardeniaPurity and Clarity
DaisyInnocence and Purity
AloeHealing and Protection
Coffee PlantsEnergy and Activity
LavenderComfort and Relaxation
PeonyGood Relationships
RoseLove and Romance

Final Thoughts

Like animals and humans, plants also carry symbolic and spiritual meanings. Seeing a particular plant in your dream indicates something about yourself and your spiritual well-being.

Spiritually, plants bring peace and harmony to the place they are in and the person looking at them. 

They remain silent, yet their presence can fully change the environment surrounding them.  You’ll notice how they can uplift your mood whenever you are down. They communicate through the profound emotions they give you.

Through plants, you remember the beauty of life and the importance of growth and transformation.

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