Dreaming About Animals

Dreams can be random and bizarre. From one moment, you seem to have a normal dream of driving off to work when a school of fish flies out to the sky— and a parade of dancing giraffes and singing elephants stops the whole city.

Seeing animals in your dreams represents your primal instincts, desires, and needs that are repressed in your waking life. The different animals in your dreams have various archetypal meanings, and their interpretation depends on your relationship with the animal and how you perceive them.

The symbolic meanings of each animal can be complicated, as they have specific characteristics that will guide you to what your subconscious is trying to reveal.

Animal Dreams

Dreaming about animals signals the arrival of new events in your life. If you encounter domesticated animals, its meaning is associated with your work, intimate, and family life. 

Wild animals, on the other hand, portray your need to express your authentic self. The most accurate meaning of dreams tells us what new aspects of your life will enter a drastic transition. 

The Spiritual Meaning of Animals in Your Dreams

In dreams, animals symbolize what we feel and how the world reacts. They could be related to our concealed needs, desires, and emotions that don’t fit society’s behavior standards.

According to Dream Moods, animals represent the uncivilized and untamed parts of yourself. Thus, to dream of fighting against an animal mirror a hidden part of yourself that you’re trying to push back into your subconscious. Feelings of being overwhelmed and inadequate can also trigger these dreams.

If you dream of talking animals, they indicate superior knowledge. Their message is often a source of wisdom, telling you that you have the potential to be all you can be.

On the other hand, saving an animal in your dream means successfully acknowledging certain characteristics and emotions embodied by that animal.

Setting an animal free means expressing and releasing your primal desires and emotions, no matter what the world will say. 

Your dreams tell you that you must express your choices and beliefs and not limit yourself. 

How to uncover the meaning of the animal in your dream?

Aunty Flo explains that you must remember your dream’s details to uncover its true meaning. Here are the things you must take note of:

  1. What animal/s did you dream about?
  2. Was the animal wild or tame?
  3. What was its color?
  4. What was it doing in your dream?
  5. Where did your dream happen?

Once you get all the elements and areas of your dream, it will be easier to interpret its meaning. The animal in your dream could symbolize your true behavior in real life. Consider the animal in your dream as a message from your subconscious and focus on what it’s trying to tell you.

13 Most Common Animal Dreams

Generally speaking, animals symbolize the body, instincts, and the dreamer’s character, based on the Duke of Zhou’s Catalogue of Dreams, the oldest known text on the interpretation of dreams. 

  1. Cats

Cats are a source of mystery. They haunt our subconscious world and keep us wondering with their enigmatic personality. Cats in dreams represent gentleness and a bit of cunningness.

For Easter traditions, dreaming about cats is an auspicious sign. Dreaming of many cats signifies that you can implement your goals step-by-step if you plan to establish your financial management goals. 

You don’t have to rush or be greedy. You can attain your goals without delays and problems. Keep calm and focus on the process, as cats focus on one prey.

Furthermore, cats also tell you to maintain balance in your emotions, especially during unexpected situations that might make you vulnerable.

  1. Dogs

Dreaming about dogs often represents friendship, relationship, and loyalty. Your subconscious might be signaling to examine your friendships and relationships. Or you might be asked to be disciplined and check where your loyalty lies.

These jolly and loving fur friends often represent a reliable and loyal companion or protector in your life. If the dog you dreamed about once belonged to you or was very familiar to you, it means that you treasure the memories you have with that person or pet.

Furthermore, some believe that dreaming of dogs means that you’re walking the right path with good intentions.

  1. Elephants

Elephants symbolize wisdom and patience. If you dream of elephants, it might indicate that you recognize your patience, stability, good recall ability, and careful character.

Elephants in dreams can also be associated with prosperity, good luck, big dreams, and success. On the other side, they also represent minor and major issues in life and how you are overwhelmed with all the responsibilities and duties in your waking life.

  1. Lions

Lions represent strength, dignity, and courage. For the dreamer, a lion mirrors their sense of self-worth and enthusiasm associated with their reality.

According to Crystal Clear Intuition, seeing a lion in your dream symbolizes a convergence of your determination and willpower integrated with the Divine will and cosmic support.

Lions are about taking action, strength, success, and being confident in yourself and your abilities.

  1. Monkeys

Dreaming about monkeys means you’re full of freedom, vitality, and agility. It means you have an inner desire to break free from an oppressive reality and stay away from a mediocre life situation. 

Monkeys, according to Regulardream.com, are considered important and holy animals in the Chinese zodiac system. They are believed to be the protector of children from evil spirits. So when you dream of them, it usually is a positive connotation, just like a symbol for good luck in the future.

Regarding your personality, dreaming of a monkey means you are fun-loving and playful. Monkeys tell you that you have a wit worthy of praise and a childlike personality. It also symbolizes your love for nature and that you are a person who is confident about what you want to become in the future.

  1. Bears

We often associate bears with danger and grizzlies. Dreaming about them usually means you have something to improve in yourself and pay attention to. Bears, although dangerous, are very awkward actors. Seeing them in a dream urges you to see your strength and power and to also know the boundaries along these.

They could also be associated with good luck, power, and authority. Bears also symbolize independence. Since they are known to be wild animals, seeing them in a dream may also mean that a side of you is yet to be tamed.

The situation with the bear you dream of usually defines the meaning of your dreams. There are a lot of meanings for dreaming about bears. Whether it is an aggressive bear, a peaceful one, or you hugging it, dreaming about bears encourages you to think about certain aspects of your life. 

  1. Chameleons

Dreaming about chameleons symbolizes your self-recognition of your ability to adapt easily to your environment and to change alongside it.

On the other side, a dream about chameleons is said to be a warning against the falsehood of people around you. Some people in your life will do tricks like a chameleon in disguise.

A chameleon in your dream tells you to stay careful with certain people. You must observe and be sensitive to your circle to achieve happiness and tranquility.

  1. Horses

Horses signal the energy available to the dreamer, and different meanings are attributed to the horse’s color.

A white horse symbolizes your spiritual consciousness. A brown horse mirrors your enthusiastic side. However, dreaming of a gray horse might signal death, while a winged horse symbolizes the desire of the dreamer’s soul to eliminate one’s lack of faith.

  1. Snakes

Mainstream media have painted snakes as cold-blooded animals associated with evil, deceit, and temptation. But in reality, these mysterious reptiles mostly have auspicious meanings.

For example, in Eastern culture, if a woman dreams of a snake, it’s a sign of a happy life ahead and that she’ll be able to conceive. For a business person, a snake is a message that their business venture will be successful. 

Also, the way snakes shed their skin represents transformation and rebirth. It means you will enter a new season, completely changing your life.

  1.  Dolphins

The clever and gentle dolphins signify that a dreamer will be successful with their wisdom and that they will have an auspicious and blissful life.

Dreaming about dolphins is associated with excitement and harmony. Generally, this dream indicates that your days are always happy due to your natural enthusiasm and a great relationship with the people around you.

  1. Fish

In traditional Chinese dream interpretation, fish are always related to wealth. Psychologically, fish symbolize material wealth and monetary success, and opportunity.

For some cultures, fish are associated with pregnancy and creativity. Fish give life on a large scale, and a fetus in a womb is similar to swimming fish. On the other hand, fish are attributed to creative projects because one has to be fertile with creativity to finish a big project. 

  1. Ants

In Psychology, ants are associated with troubles and unclear thoughts, suggesting that the dreamer is emotionally agitated, disturbed inside, and unable to clear their mind.

If you dream of ants on your bed, it might be a warning that work is getting in the way of your personal life. Your subconscious tells you to maintain balance, focus your time on the things that matter most to you, and enrich your well-being.

  1. Tigers

Eastern culture sees tigers as fierce animals that symbolize difficulties. If you dream of a tiger, it might signal that you will face difficulties in life.

On a personal level, tigers symbolize a situation or a person threatening to overpower you. It could be an overbearing colleague, friend, or partner. Tigers could also represent health and financial difficulties.

Despite these, it’s important to remember the tiger’s strength and inner power. Remember that, like the tiger, you’ll overcome many difficulties in life, no matter what.


We have a lot to learn from the wisdom of animals. Animals remind us to return to our authentic selves and glimpse into our deeper psyche.

Animal dreams mirror what’s hidden beneath your soul, reminding you of your primal roots and free nature. Their humility and fortitude to survive are great messages for you to stay grounded and believe in your ability to create your fate.

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