Dreams are fascinating. We all remember our dreams, whereas some recall bits and pieces after waking up. Our dreams are often filled with absurd elements and events in an amusing timeline—and one of these is flying.

Flying in your dream can mean many things. Some will find flying a joyful experience— liberating them from their miseries. While for some, it is a dream of anxiety and uncertainty— when they fall or fail to fly.

Flying in your dreams may be the gateway to communicating with your hidden self.  Giving interpretation to your dreams is a popular way to understand the mind’s subconscious functioning and the universe’s signs.


Flying in a dream is a common action. A lot of people dream of flying from different perspectives. Some dream of flying high like a bird, and others of flying and falling. There are many interpretations of flying; also, it holds meaning in a spiritual sense.

A dream of flight is one of the core cross-cultural archetypal dreams. People worldwide experience it, and it has been recorded throughout our history. 

The variations of flying dreams are sizable and include flying in a vast, clear sky, flight in vehicles, flying over a body of water, and flying happily or terrified.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Dream

When giving interpretations to your dream, it’s important to not translate it literally, but instead, translate it symbolically and based on how it made you feel. Were you happy in your dream? Were you terrified of falling?

According to Carl Jung, a dream of flight can compensate for the deficiencies of our personality. And at the same time, it can warn us of dangers in our present course.

Jung added that the psyche utilizes the dream to achieve balance. Dreamers may experience flying dreams— when here in the physical world, they are chained by problems in their daily life. Flight may mean one’s desire to be free of them.

For Sigmund Freud, this type of dream connects to a more literal sense of overcoming gravity. Freud suggested that dreams of flight may be linked to childhood experiences of being rocked by an adult or being playfully thrown into the air.

Moreover, modern analysis of dreams connects positive dreams of flight with the dreamer’s desire for freedom. The brain is attempting to find ways to free the person from their problems, thus resulting in a dream of flying.

Another interpretation is the possible yearning of a person for a wider perspective. It means that they desire to break free from their problems and not be caged by the subtleties of life. Positive dreams of flight can also mean that a transition in a person’s life is coming.

On the other hand, negative dreams of flight involve dreams of falling. They can indicate a person’s loss, lack of communication or connection with one’s friends and family, and fear that you have bitten off more than you can chew— taking on tasks that may be too big for you.

The Other Side of it

It might signify a spiritual warning if your energy is depleted when you wake up after your dream of flight. If you feel tense after the dream, it might tell you that flying is a quest for freedom. You might be feeling stuck in your stage of life. 

Something in your life could go against your beliefs and values, and you are facing a tough time adjusting to that. So, the gesture of flying becomes a gesture of breaking free.

We cannot understand our emotions sometimes. A dream can be an indication that our emotions are consuming us. There could be many reasons for this. You must identify the issue that is bothering you and try to resolve it.

Flying as a Symbol

Flying has been the symbol of freedom. Likewise, flying in a dream is considered a symbol of freedom in your being. It indicates that you are free from any boundaries and can be whoever you want and go wherever you want.

Spirituality says flying in dreams can indicate acceptance of new information. If you have discovered something new, flying means you have openly accepted it— this could be about yourself or the people around you. It means you are looking forward to it.

Common Dreams of Flight

Flying in your lucid dream.

Lucid dreaming is a dream wherein you are aware you are in a dream. The dream of flying is a common action in lucid dreaming

To experience the thrilling rush of flying, where you are in full control, you should practice the art of lucid dreaming. In lucid dreams, you can shape your dream according to your expectations. Many individuals change the pace of their flying, as they can control their dream. 

For instance, if you want to fly like a superhero in your dream, then through lucid dreaming, you can achieve it. Flying is an adventurous activity; you can interpret the dream as that.

Flying in a vehicle.

A dream of flying in a plane or any vehicle means you have the right tools to overcome your problems. It may also signify your unconscious need to take risks despite the challenging situation.

Flying and falling

Flying and falling are often intertwined in dreams. Some people might dream of flying and then end up falling. The dream of falling symbolizes the fear of failure and of giving up control. Falling in your dreams means that some fear is ruling over your mind.

Falling can also mean a decline in your personal growth and status. There may be obstacles blocking your progress and leading you to fail your pursuits. 

A dream involving flying and falling can be interpreted as a desperate attempt to break free from fears. It is difficult to overcome fears; maybe the dream indicates you are tired of fighting them. It is time to take a break and be easy on yourself.

Flying in a clear sky.

To fly in a vast, clear sky signify the dreamer’s unconscious longing to free themselves from their problems. However, flying means that the dreamer has the power to do so; they need to reflect and come up with new approaches to solve their problems.

Flying with wings.

Another common dream is flying like a bird or flying with wings. The wings are easier for our brains to imagine due to popular culture and movie references. Anyhow, flying like a bird is a positive sign in dreams. It is a sign of optimistic growth and freedom. 

It can also be an indication of empowerment. A bird faces many obstacles, then overcomes them and flies high. Similarly, your journey can feel like it. Also, according to spirituality, dreaming of angels with wings is a sign of goodness.

Flying over unstable water.

In dreams, turbulent waters signify an unaddressed emotional problem. Dreaming of flying over it means the dreamer is called upon to analyze their waking life and look for signs that they are neglecting their inner turmoil.

Final Thoughts

Dreams are divine experiences. They are a means for us to better understand our inner dialogue and a means to understand the signs. You must take a moment when analyzing and interpreting your dreams of flight.

A dream of flying is mostly seen positively and should be treated like a dream indicating independence and freedom. If you feel that your dream of flying was not a positive sign, you need not worry. Dreams are warning signs; this is a way for you to mend your ways and improve the situations around you. If you feel stuck, you must act to escape or resolve the situation. If you feel afraid of something, you must face it boldly.

So, understand your dreams, let the signs speak to you, and let them help you. You have to pick the signs and work on them. You must appreciate the situation and cherish your dreams if the signs are positive.

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