Water Dreams

Water dreams are common, yet they embody deep and intrinsic significance. In all your dreams about water, you are an observer or a subject being dragged by the waves of life. You might feel calm in your dream— or overwhelmed and scared.

Water signifies the unconscious and the concealed. It might also portray the symbol of cleansing and purification. Water epitomizes mystery and the unknown regardless of the situation in a dream.

The meaning of water depends on the person and the context of the dream. Observing your dream’s elements and content helps congregate the dream’s meaning together.

Water Dreams

To dream about water is a universal symbol of the unconscious mind and what’s hidden beyond the surface. This powerful dream symbol motivates you to examine the profundity of your emotional state of mind.

Water mirrors your daily life and might represent negative and positive connotations depending on how it is played out in your dream.

The surface of the sea and the ocean signifies what you only see consciously, as what is at the bottom holds the enigma of the unconscious.

Emotions are constantly changing— similar to water; they will continuously change according to your emotional well-being. Your inability or ability to take hold of the deeper parts of your emotions will mirror what takes place beyond the surface of the water.

The Spiritual Meaning of Water Dreams

Water dreams are symbolic of your emotions in your waking life. They are perceived to be connected to the deepest parts of your intuition and subconscious.

Water constantly changes and shifts, so it’s a great symbolic representation of life. The real-life events that make up your dream have something to do with its interpretation.

In general, water in your dreams is linked to your emotional stability. If the water is calm, you’re likely experiencing a peaceful period, and vice versa if it’s turbulent.

To understand the meaning of your dream, you’ll need to think deeply about it and what it signifies to you. Ask yourself how did you feel in the dream. Was it a positive or a negative experience?

If positive, it means you are in a meaningful life phase and prepared to enter a remarkable transition.

If negative, your dream could be a tool to improve your life to confront your inner turmoil properly. If your dream brought overwhelming feelings and anxiousness, it could be a message to break down the exact reason for your stresses and find the solutions to overcome them.

Water as a Symbol of Emotion

According to Journey into dreams, water will often symbolize feelings and emotions in your dreams. The type of water, its clarity, and your overall emotional response to the dream might hold different meanings.

You’ll gain insight into the emotions and feelings you are experiencing. And by recognizing them, you’ll be able to deal with issues you face in your waking life. 

The Meaning Behind Different Bodies of Water in Your Dream

Water dreams are universal, but they hold different meanings depending on the elements of your dream. There are various kinds of water dreams, from seeing the ocean, being in the bath, streams, or rivers to being underwater. It’s important to take note of the body of water you had in your dream.

  1. Swimming Pool

Aunty Flo says a swimming pool may represent your thoughts and inner feelings. Splashing, lounging, diving, and floating in a pool can be linked to powerful spiritual messages.

A person who swims every day will have a different meaning for this dream from someone afraid of swimming.

According to Journey Into Dreams, a swimming pool can represent your confined feelings, or you might be bottling up fears and emotions. 

On the other hand, The List explains that this dream may stem from your desire to relax, or a necessity to take the plunge and dive right in, no matter the shock you’ll experience. 

  1. Rain Dreams and Floods

Rain often represents pent-up emotions that are ready to be released and wash away the life situations that are not serving you anymore. It signifies rebirth, devotion, love, and renewal of compassion— hinting that you’re prepared to give life to anything surrounding you.

On the negative side, it might be a metaphor for sadness, depression, and hidden emotions.

As for floods, they are often associated with large amounts of emotions encompassing a wide area. This powerful force can bring destruction and turmoil. They represent aspects of your life that are out of control, overwhelming, and dangerous.

Observing the location and where the threat arises helps determine the meaning of flood and rain in your dreams. Houses are the main focus, as they imply your mind or psyche.

  1. Ocean

When you dream of the powerful ocean, you will likely have strong and deep emotions like the tides. Aunty Flo explains that this is because we are made of water and surrounded by water, with the ocean being the largest of this element.

In interpreting this dream, it’s crucial to pay attention to the state of the ocean in your dream. My Dream Symbolism expounds that a calm ocean signifies stability and balance in a situation. It means that everything is smoothly happening to you, and you won’t encounter delays.

It’s also a sign of your emotional balance and that you have control over important aspects of your life. 

However, if the ocean is stormy, with humongous waves towering over you, consider it a message that a future event will not go as planned. Despite this, it’s important to prepare yourself and remember that you are the one who holds your fate.

  1. Streams and Rivers

The stream and the river symbolically connect the dreamer to the mind, body, and spirit. They are the bridge between your emotions and consciousness.

It’s great news if you are going with the river’s flow in your dream. If the river or stream is tranquil, your life is going in a positive direction. It also signifies that you’re at peace with changes in your waking life.

However, according to Psychic Library, if the river is tumultuous, this dream can signal that your life is moving too quickly. Your subconscious tells you to slow down and regain control over some aspect of your life.

And if you’re facing difficulties crossing the river, it might mean that obstacles in life keep you from achieving your goals.

  1. Underwater

To dream of being underwater means that you are trying to escape from overwhelming circumstances in your waking life. 

Underwater dreams may signal that you must explore your untapped gifts that still have to bubble up to the surface of your subconscious. 

On the other hand, Sleep Matters Club explains that underwater dreams symbolize returning to the womb. A time in which you had no responsibilities to adhere to society’s standards or duties in your waking life. It is a time in which you are protected and sheltered.

The Color of the Water

The dream dictionary proposes that the color of the water in your dream is also a crucial factor in proving meaning to it.

  1. Clear

Clearwater represents positive life aspects. It shows clarity and emotional stability. It means you have control over important aspects of your life and live peacefully. 

  1. Dark Blue

If the color of the water in your dream is very dark, it suggests unconscious emotions that are heavy and deep. How you feel when you are in the water signifies your comfort with your emotional depth.

  1. Murky or Brown

When the water is unclear, and you’re unable to see clearly, it means you’re undergoing emotional difficulties. Your thoughts and emotions might control your situation and a large part of your life.

  1. Muddy

Muddy water means that your emotions are weighing you down. Your subconscious tells you to break free from the emotional burden and destress. Slow down and prioritize your emotional well-being first.

  1. Bloody

Red or bloody water symbolizes passion or anger. These very strong colors signify your inner emotions.

Bloody water can also stand for feelings of not being recognized for what is significant to you. You might feel overwhelmed, disappointed, and shocked. 

The dream mirrors your struggles and burdens; nevertheless, you will stand up victorious. Prepare yourself to overcome these difficulties.

The Motion and Energy of the Water

There are various ways bodies of water can move. It can be a wave, the current of a river, or remaining stagnant in a pond. The state of the water holds different meanings.

The motion of water mirrors how things are flowing in your life. Dreaming of waves often signals movement and the flow of your situation.

Moreover, water is used for energy in different ways. Water is a metaphor for the flow of our energy and emotions in our dreams.

Final Thoughts

The characterization of water is softness and humility. Water is essential for life. We are made out of it and begin our lives surrounded by water.

There are plenty of lessons you can learn from water. It teaches you how to be soft yet persistent in your aspirations. It teaches you how to adapt to the various situation life will put you in.

You’ll learn from it that there’s nothing wrong with going with the course of nature as long as you know your direction.

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