Crying In A Dream

It’s morning, and you find yourself crying after waking up. You don’t know the reason behind your tears and why you feel empty, but you have a hint that it’s because of your dream.

Crying in your dream shows strong emotions you never thought existed. This is usually your coping method to relieve worries and ease your heart’s agonies.

When you cry in your dream, your subconscious is processing your emotions. It’s communicating with you through your tears— urging you to listen.

What Does Crying in Your Dream Mean?

According to The Pleasant Dreams, our body is conditioned to deal with physical and emotional pain by shedding tears. Most of the time, crying helps you release pent-up emotions.

Dreams reflect your waking life. You might be great at concealing your emotions in waking life, but your mind knows your sufferings.

The misery you’ve long been hiding manifests itself in your dream, seeking emotional balance.

On the other hand, Aunty Flo explained that crying in dreams indicates that you are releasing emotions in your waking life. It is the stage during sleep when you’re having dreams overflowing with various emotions and memories.

In these dreams, you express your sentiments and experience the emotional disturbances you have in your waking life.

Psychological Meaning of Crying in Your Dream

According to emotion researcher and professor Jonathan Rottenberg, in his interview with TIME, crying notifies yourself and others that you’re undergoing a situation that is temporarily beyond your ability to cope.

A study reveals that we experience these same emotions in our dreams, and often, they are more intense because we can’t consciously ignore them, so it’s no wonder you cry in your dreams.

Why do you cry in your dreams?

Sometimes it could make you wonder why you cry in your dreams. It could be influenced by external factors like the movies you’ve watched or stories you’ve read.  Or internal factors like emotional stability, helplessness, trouble, fast traumas, or fears.

You need emotional stability.

You experience mixed emotions every day. On top of this, the demands of reality can be overwhelming.

You may be concealing your emotions and trying hard to carry them in your waking life. However, once you reach the dream world, you become vulnerable. You bare yourself to your emotions without your notice, which is your subconscious method of comforting you.

The key here is to slowly acknowledge your emotions, both the good and the bad. Recognizing and accepting them are the first steps to making peace with yourself.

You feel helpless.

You cry in your dream because of helplessness in real life. You want to change your life and your situation but cannot.

You might be working hard to achieve something, but your efforts always end in vain. It’s understandable to think of giving up on this situation. But be assured; your efforts will come to fruition in no time. 

You can rest and see your goal from a different angle, but never give up, no matter what.

Someone in your circle is troubled.

Crying dreams also indicate a person who’s undergoing difficulties. A person in your circle might desperately need help, but they don’t know how and from whom to seek help.

Observe the behavior of the people around you and check on them occasionally. Always assure them that you’re always there to help them overcome their adversities.

You have past traumas.

From a psychological perspective, waking up crying could signify that you’re still experiencing a traumatic phase and haven’t moved on completely.

You keep experiencing these traumatic memories through your dreams and feel the same intensity of emotions you had at your initial trauma.

It would be best to seek the help of a trusted family member, friends, or a mental health care provider. This way, you’ll have a support system in overcoming your traumas.

You’re undergoing spiritual healing.

Aside from the sad and painful experiences, crying in your dreams can signify spiritual healing. You will notice how you feel refreshed after crying. By crying, you let go of your heavy feelings and relieve your body and soul of emotional loads.

Crying in a Dream: Scenarios and Interpretation

In dream interpretation, decoding your dream depends on its elements and plotlines. They could symbolize a decision, gaining freedom from restraining emotions, fear, and sadness in your waking life. Here are different crying dream scenarios decoded to give you a headstart!

Crying because of death in a dream.

Crying because you died in your dream can be unsettling. But despite the ominous feeling these dreams give you, dreaming of death is perceived positively by many cultures. Randomly dying in your dream could mean that your death has died. Signifying that your fate has changed for the better and that you’ll live longer.

On the other hand, Dream Moods explains that dreaming of your death represents inner changes, self-discovery, positive changes, and transformation occurring in your life.

You are undergoing a transitional period and are becoming more spiritual and enlightened about yourself. You are in for big changes and are leaving the bad past behind.

Crying loudly.

Dream interpreters suggest that the louder you cry in your dream, the luckier you get. Crying loudly in a dream symbolizes positive events that will come into your life.

You will receive new opportunities that will propel your life to greater heights.

On the other hand, some dream expert says that a single person crying loudly in their dream will soon meet their soulmate.

Crying about someone abandoning you.

This dream warns you of depressing things about your private or professional life. Crying about someone leaving you might indicate business losses or issues with your partner.

The key here is to stay calm and be prepared for what is coming into your life. You’ll overcome them no matter what.

Tears of joy.

Happy tears in dreams bring good news. It’s an omen that you will be experiencing sheer happiness within your family.

You will lead a tension-free life and attain the success you deserve. However, you can’t rely on the message of the dream alone. You must ensure that you’ll put in the right effort to work toward your goals.

Crying because you miss someone.

In this dream, your subconscious is asking you to focus on the positive aspects of your life.

Crying in your dream because you miss someone implies that some areas of your life need attention. This can be your career or dying relationships with your loved ones. You have neglected these life aspects for so long, and failure to address the issue now will lead to regrets.

Crying in bed.

Crying in bed in your dream signals you must let go of disappointments, unhappiness, and sorrow. It’s time to wipe your tears and move forward with determination and perseverance toward your goals.

The bed in your dream symbolizes your comfort zone. Your crying implies that you should learn to form positive thoughts and surround yourself with the people who’ll support your growth.

Consoling a crying person.

This dream urges you to be sympathetic to others. You are asked to be sensitive with your actions and understand that people also have their share of hardships in life.

A weeping statue.

A weeping statue in a dream symbolizes how you feel when others are cold to you in your waking life. You bend to others’ will and become submissive to avoid ruining your relationship.

This is not how you want to live. Your mind is constantly seeking ways to get you out of the situation, and this is through the form of a dream.

Your departed loved one is crying.

Your emotional bond with this departed loved one is important in this dream. Maybe you are still grieving over the passing of this person. Another interpretation is that they are crying with you to comfort you with your miseries in waking life.

Your sister is crying.

To see your sibling crying in your dream is a reflection of your loneliness. It means you’re bottling up emotions that make you needlessly worry about your loved ones.

You appear strong and courageous, but deep inside, you’re filled with pain and sadness.

This dream could also mean that you’re empathetic because you recognized your sibling’s voice, which is your subconscious talking to you.

Making someone cry.

If you made someone cry in your dream, you might have a crisis in your relationship. The person crying in your dream could be your partner or anybody you are close to.

You might have hurt them through your actions or words. Or they need a shoulder to lean on.

This dream reminds you to be mindful of your actions and always make rational decisions in your relationship.


Crying is one of the magical things about humans. We bare ourselves to the world through our crystal tears, making us more human.

When you bottle up your emotions, your subconscious feels this. And once you close your eyes to rest, your concealed emotions come to you in the form of your dreams.

In the dream world, you release all your emotions, cry, and gain clarity by eliminating negative emotions. You are creating more space for positivity, even while asleep.

For some, crying can be an embarrassing thing to do, but no. Crying is one of the most beautiful things to say that you can feel, you can love, and you are alive. 

There’s nothing to be ashamed of about crying. Because crying means you have a courageous heart.

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