Dreaming About Dying

Have you watched yourself on your deathbed?  Or you might have attended your funeral. Dreaming about death can give you a feeling of impending doom or cause you to fear the future. 

But worry not! Dreaming about death doesn’t mean that you or your loved ones will die. Instead, this dream might tell you something about your subconscious and inner self.

Dreaming About Death

Dreams symbolically speak to us, so it’s crucial not to take everything literally. Instead, look at the elements of your dreams. The details from your dream can offer you more insight.

The person who died in your dream is significant. If it’s you, it might indicate that something within yourself is dying or being neglected. It could be a negative habit or a positive characteristic.

If you die a violent death in your dream, your subconscious might tell you to slow down and be careful in your everyday life. If it’s a peaceful passing, then it must be that you’re moving on from something that has a great part in your life.

Sometimes, dreaming of your death could be your brain’s means of expressing the abuses and mistreatments you’ve experienced. People with emotional traumas often dream of dying due to being emotionally destroyed and feeling useless. 

To best understand your dream, it’s crucial to look at what’s happening in your waking life that might have triggered such dreams.

The Spiritual Meaning of Dying in Your Dream

While dreaming of death doesn’t necessarily mean you will die in real life, it could signify various things depending on the situation of the dream itself.

Despite the ominous feeling they might give you, dreaming of death is perceived positively by many cultures. Randomly dying in your dream could mean that your death has died. Signifying that your fate has changed for the better and that you’ll live longer.

On the other hand, Dream Moods explains that dreaming of your death represents inner changes, self-discovery, positive changes, and transformation occurring in your life.

You are undergoing a transitional period and are becoming more spiritual and enlightened about yourself. You are in for big changes and are leaving the bad past behind.

On the other side, dreaming of death might signify your fear of the unknown, grief, built-up resentment, and attempts to cope with your mortality. Your subconscious asks you to forget a person or experience you need to move on.

Who’s Dying in Your Dream?

According to Your Tango, it’s important to take note of the person who died in your dreams, as they may hold different messages.

  1. Yourself

You might have recurring dreams or nightmares about your death. It’s understandable to feel scared and anxious about your life, but you don’t have to worry— dreaming of death is a sign of change in your waking life.

It means you’re in a transitional phase redirecting your focus and energy source on your well-being and mental health. It’s leading you to focus on yourself instead of wasting your time on others while neglecting yourself.

  1. Death of a Parent

This dream is a wake-up call to give your attention to how you approach life. It signifies that you are stressed and must find ways to break free from them.

If you dream of your father’s death, it means you’re suppressing your emotions or entering a new phase of your relationship with your parent, one based on support and comfort.

If your mother died in your dream, it signifies your indecisiveness and personal transformation, or you miss a motherly figure.

  1. Death of a Sibling

A dream of a loved one eternally leaving can be unacceptable, especially if it’s your brother or sister.

A sister dying in your dream might represent your conflicts with your friends or family, and your subconscious tells you to find solutions to the situation.

If your brother dies in your dream, a brotherly friendship is being neglected in your waking life. It’s important to contemplate how you may neglect your friendships and let them die.

  1. Death of a Pet

As much as we want our moments with our furry loved ones to last forever, reality always reminds us of their mortality.

Dreaming of your pet dying could be related to your desire to become a child again. You might want to return to your childhood, where you don’t have to deal with adulthood’s constant changes and responsibilities.

This dream might also be a message from your subconscious, telling you to step out of your comfort zone and create balance in your life.

  1. Death of a Friend

When you dream of your friend’s death, it indicates that a real-life friendship is changing. Or you can also think about what aspect or characteristic of your friend represents a part of yourself. It means that a part of you is dying.

Depending on how they appear in your dream determines the way you perceive them. If your friend is always cheerful, it might signify that your cheery side is fading away because of life’s constant challenges. Your dream signals you must stop for a moment and reflect on your emotional well-being.

On the other hand, if the friend in your dream is someone who always puts you down in your waking life, you might have to end your toxic relationship with them.

  1. Death of a Child

According to the author and psychiatrist Dr. Greg Mahr, the death of a child in your dream is about your inner child dying and getting stuck in the struggles of life. Indicating that you are not nurturing yourself.

If you dream that it’s your child dying, this is also related to your inner child. However, it focuses more on your traumas from the past, asking you to move on and live a brighter and better life. 

“Children are often potential, so a dream about a child dying may express a concern that a potential within you is dying.”

Dr. Greg Mahr, The Wisdom of Dreams

What Death Symbolize in Your Dreams

If you have visualized your demise during your slumber, there’s no need to wake up in horror. According to Bustle, to better understand your subconscious, there are explanations as to what it means when you die in your dream.

  1. You’re undergoing personal growth.

If there’s plenty of growth, change, and transition happening in your life, there’s a great possibility that you’ll have dreams of death.

Death metaphorically represents the transitional phase between two major aspects of your life. Your dream shows where you are evolving into a new life or identity. Your former self, old beliefs, and habits are dying, giving way to a more mature version of yourself.

  1. You’re desperate to escape.

Dreaming of your death indicates that you’re desperately trying to escape the constant demands and responsibilities you have in your waking life. You might have major stressors, obligations, duties, or relationships that have long weighed you down.

  1. You’re sacrificing yourself too much.

Sometimes, your death in your dream is symbolic of your sacrifices. You might feel that you are always putting others’ needs before yours. Frequently doing so might lead to self-neglect. If you dream of your death, you give too much of yourself even though your efforts and feelings are not reciprocated.

  1. You have deep-seated resentments.

To dream of someone’s death might represent your resentment towards this person. You might want to end your relationship with this person, or your connection with them has become toxic, thus, needing you to move forward. 

  1. Your life is changing.

Dreams about dying can be the result of your internal growth, as well as big external transitions in your life. 

Mystical practitioner MaKayla Mcrae explains that dying in your dream indicates your life’s transformations. You might be switching jobs, moving to a new home, or entering new relationships.

It’s important to utilize these dreams as prompts to reflect on the difficult circumstances or current changes in your life. They might affect you more than you think, so you must acknowledge these transitions and be compassionate with yourself.

  1. You’re dealing with a  breakup.

Losing someone you love through a breakup can feel like death in some ways. And during this period, you’re also mourning the person that you were while you were in the relationship. 

These feelings can sometimes manifest as your death in your dream, which is normal. 

MaKayla Mcrae further added that you may dream of your death if you’re still healing from a breakup. It’s because you are still mourning, processing, or making sense of who you are without the identity of being in that relationship. 

Your subconscious tells you that you must come to terms with the closure you need in any relationship and seek a more meaningful life.

  1. You need to create changes in your life.

Death dreams tell you that you haven’t made enough changes in your life, and now’s the time to take action. If you feel stagnant or bland about life, you must step out of your comfort zone and enter a new transition that will improve your life.

To have new beginnings, you must have an active role instead of waiting for fate to make things work for you. Take the plunge and make the important decision you’ve been afraid to take. Only then will positive change occur in your life.


Dreams are our common way of processing our waking life. To die in our dreams does not signify our literal death. Instead, they mirror the unknown and hidden aspects of ourselves.

Death in dreams does not represent an end but a new beginning. You are undergoing transitions that will serve you and lead you to a more well-rounded life. Or you’re finally coming to terms with some aspects of yourself. 

Your subconscious is telling you that it’s time to choose yourself now.

Do not fear death in your dreams or even in your waking life, as it is an inevitable ingredient of life— a natural process that gives birth to a new version of yourself.

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