Jenny Roland


What is Frankincense Used for Spiritually?

Image Source Frankincense is a woodsy, musky smelling substance that’s usually found in resin or essential oil form. Across centuries, Frankincense has been associated with spirituality and religion across cultures. The Three Wise Men presented frankincense, along with gold and…


Ways to Get to Know Yourself Spiritually

Image Source Discovering yourself appropriately is a different ball-game altogether. In absence of any fixed textbook manual or a training program, the difficulties keep on multiplying! Well, the uniqueness of the journey to discover depends entirely on you. Self-discovery has…


Ways To Become Spiritually Self-Reliant

Image Source Introduction In the current pandemic situation, which has crippled the world, there are discussions of becoming self-reliant in every aspect of life. While we talk about becoming self-reliant physically or in terms of production in a country, we…