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In the current times, one of the biggest ordeals is to be a spiritual being. With so many inputs around us in the form of news, gossips, statements – it has become really difficult to grow spiritually. Not just that, the fast pace of our lives has left us with no time to explore our thoughts or the state of our minds.

What does it mean to grow spiritually?

To grow spiritually means to be more connected with self and the truest nature of the universe. A spiritual person is more aware and more in control of their own thoughts and mind. By growing spiritually, an individual is able to focus on things that truly matter. They are able to rely on love, empathy, and affection, and rise above the material world.

Why should we try to grow spiritually?

The present times are quite chaotic. Technology is advancing at a speed more than we can fathom. Human relations are losing their authenticity. We all, as a species, are feeling more alone than ever before. There are just endless reasons as to why we should be spiritual beings. In brief, we should try to grow spiritually to explore our own potential.

Through spirituality, we can find our deepest desires and become one with our existence. The noise around us fades away and we get to focus on the important things in life. If we are not spiritual, and we are just mindlessly existing through life – we miss out on a lot. We often realize, when it is too late, that we did not pay attention to the things that truly mattered. We can be blinded by material wealth or fame or negative emotions. So, it becomes crucial to add spirituality to our lives.

How can we grow spiritually?

There are many different ways through which we can grow spiritually. Some ways are intense while some are rather easy. The most common ones are meditation, positive affirmations, and hugging. While meditation and affirmations are quite famous in the spiritual world, hugging is often overlooked. Many of us did not know that hugs helping us grow spiritually. Hugs are simple, but they hold great value. They are impactful and leave a lasting impression.

Why do we need hugs? What is the science behind a hug?

Hugs helping us grow spiritually through a layered approach. Hugging is not just a socio-cultural gesture that feels good. Hugging also has a biological basis. When you hug someone, or someone hugs you – you feel good. This feeling of warmth and comfort is due to a release of a particular neurohormone, oxytocin. Oxytocin is the hormone that aids in bonding. It is highly powerful and makes us feel safe and loved.

When we talk about the power of a touch, we are talking about the power of oxytocin. Whenever we have physical contact with our loved ones, oxytocin is released. It makes us feel happy and loved. Hugs are the best way to take the advantage of this hormone. Hugs induce warmth and love – leading to greater levels of oxytocin. Hugs also aid in reducing the levels of cortisol. Cortisol is known as the stress hormone. It leads to negative emotions and anxiety. Whenever we are in a situation of distress, cortisol is released in larger quantities, making us feel tired, restless, and weak. Hugs can naturally reduce the release of stress hormones. So, the next time there is a stressful situation at hand, it is wise to ask for a hug from a loved one. Through positive and calm emotions, it is reinforced that hugs helping us grow spiritually.

Overall, hugs make us feel good. This is because they also trigger the release of our happy hormone – Dopamine. Whenever a loved one hugs us, there is the release of large quantities of dopamine. So hugs improve our moods and our state of happiness.

Ways hugs can help us grow spiritually

There are many ways through which hugs help us grow spiritually.

Feeling of security

Human connection and human touch have a lot of power. With the right touch, humans can be nourished and nurtured without any greater effort. When we are hugged with affection, we feel safe and there is a sense of security. This sense of security is a means to spirituality. It generates a safe space where we can explore our thoughts, and grow further. So through this feeling of security, our emotions are secured, and we move on the journey of spirituality – hugs helping us grow spiritually.

Instant boost of positivity

Spirituality is a journey, and there are ups and downs. Some days we need instant boosts to make us feel better. On such days, hugs are the best answer. Hugs are a way for an instant positive boost. They keep us on track with positivity and spirituality. If we do not have the energy to indulge in meditation or the space to practice yoga, we can always give or receive a hug to feel better.

Clarity of thoughts and emotions

Hugging is a simple activity with enormous benefits. The mere act of hugging can aid in clarity of thoughts and emotions. This is another indication of how hugging holds spiritual value. Through hugging, you can spiritually rise, and clear your mind. Your emotions become stable and you get back in the zone of wise decision making.

Compassion and love

Hugs are a symbol of love and compassion. Not every hug is a romantic hug between two romantic partners. Most of the hugs are between family members and friends, and even strangers. These hugs generate warmth, elude kindness, and are compassionate. It is through compassion that humans have strived so far. The compassion that we hold for each other is an important factor of spirituality. Spirituality preaches us to be compassionate to ourselves and others. It is not easy for anyone here, and it is not a competition. This human experience is a roller coaster for everyone, and so, we all should be kind. With compassion, we can understand others and uplift others. Hugs are a great way to convey support and love. Hugs helping us grow spiritually through this compassion for the people around us. There are no words needed, just this simple pure gesture.


Although hugs from loved ones hold greater value and are more impactful, self hugs are a good activity as well. You might be a shy person who does not like hugging others. You might be an introvert, and not like hugging in public spaces. Whatever be the case – you can still advantage of hugging – through self hugs.

Self hugs are exactly what the name suggests – hugging oneself. Hugging oneself might seem absurd at the start, but it is completely normal.

How to hug yourself?

Fold your arms around your body as if there is someone you are hugging. Do not keep your hands in the air, touch your sides (as far as your hands go) and rest them there. The hug can be tight, intense, or sweet and warm. It depends on your need. You can also close your eyes to intensify this experience. As you close your eyes, think of strong positive moments, and allow yourself to feel love.

Self hugs are a part of self-love. These should become a regular part of self-care. In the current times, we do not have the time to show our love to others. So, we have to at least show our love to ourselves. When we say that hugs helping us grow spiritually, it also includes self-hugs. When we are connected with our inner being, we are spiritual. We are powerful when we hold the power over our emotions and thoughts.

What happens if you don’t get enough hugs?

There is a phenomenon called touch starvation, which means a lack of touch and a need to feel the touch. If there are not enough hugs, we can feel starved of them. We feel starved of the positive emotions, love, and care that hugs bring. This can lead to an upset mind, a dull soul and spiritual derailment. Spirituality can not be achieved through a chaotic mind. The instability of emotions can be a disturbance in your spiritual journey.

Through adequate hugs, we can ensure a positive outlook for life. Hugs helping us grow spiritually by ensuring that we stay connected with others around us. We stay humble, spreading love and kindness.

There is also no set amount of hugs. It varies from person to person. Some people like to receive or give hugs daily while some do so weekly. But, it is essential to hug once in a while. When there is any crisis or a moment of sadness, we should resort to hugs. We should not overlook their benefits – both biological and spiritual.

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So, hugs are a simple way to achieve a lot of things. Hugs hold great spiritual value. They boost our positive emotions, curb our negative feelings. Hugs help us to feel a sense of belongingness. Most of all, they are the cheapest medicines. They can help us to feel better without any external input. They do not have any side effects and they are free. So, hugs should be in abundance, We all should give hugs to our loved ones as much as we can – as per their level of comfort. Also, we should not shy away from asking for hugs when it is needed as it is known that hugs helping us grow spiritually.