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‘Déjà Vu is a French word that, in the literal sense, means ‘already seen.’ The French philosopher and parapsychologist, Emile Boirac, created the word. So, the word, ‘Deja Vu has been in use in different contexts since then. Most of you may have never had the experience. The feeling would be that there was a moment in your life that you have already experienced before but can’t seem to remember when or where.

It is no doubt a weird feeling, but what does it signify? Could it be something wrong? You can heave a sigh of relief as experiencing déjà vu is nothing ominous. Now, let’s look at what déjà vu is and what it’s not.

What is Déjà VU?

Most people would have experienced a moment of déjà vu sometime in their lives. You have all experienced that split second in your life where you feel something is off. You feel as if you have already experienced it before. It could be anything, including a conversation, visiting a place, or even something you see in your everyday life. Try to pay attention to it and figure out what it means.

It sounds strange, but it is still true. A moment in your life, which you have already experienced that you can’t seem to recollect. Scientists and philosophers across the world have long wondered about this strange phenomenon. However, various scientific studies show that the experience occurs when your brain tries to connect the current situation with a past life.

Other evidence suggests that your intuition may be trying to tell you something. However, many people still wonder what causes déjà vu spiritually? Let’s try to explore in-depth.

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What Does Déjà vu Mean?

Specific places or situations trigger most déjà vu occurrences. For instance, imagine that you are on vacation, walking down a street that you have never seen before. You suddenly feel that you have been there before. The feeling is not limited to strange places or things alone and can occur even in familiar settings.

Here’s another good example to explain the phenomenon. When you are with a friend and you get a feeling that you have already talked about it before. However, you can’t remember where or when.

While experiencing a moment of déjà vu can mean many things, it could also be due to these five aspects.

1.   A Glimpse of the Past

While you may not know this, your soul has already been around for hundreds of years, inside different bodies. There is no best answer to what causes déjà vu spiritually. However, it could also be that  you may have already experienced the moment in another life, which is why you are getting that weird feeling.

It could be a place that looks familiar, or it could even be someone you meet that may resemble a person you met in your past life.

2.   Communicating with the Higher Self

Some experts also say that experiencing a moment of déjà vu can be good for you as you may be opening several communication channels with your soul. It means that your soul is trying to tell you that you are on the right path and with the right people. The message is subtle and most people tend to brush it aside as coincidence.

3.   Communicating with The Soul

The other most credible answer to ‘What causes déjà vu spiritually?’ lies in how the soul tends to play with the memories of your past life. Before you were born into this life, you probably had another similar experience where you would have seen and experienced many things. A déjà vu experience may be a recapitulation of all those memories. You needn’t worry, though, as your soul may be trying to remind you that everything is okay and you can keep going on with your life.

4.   Dreams

Many people in this world have clairvoyant-like abilities. It means that they can see clearly into the past or the future. Sometimes, such instances tend to occur without you even realizing it, like in your dreams, for example. So, you would have experienced a déjà vu moment without even realizing it while you were asleep.

Since the moment has occurred in your dream, you would also have no memory of it when you wake up.

5.   Frequency Matches

All things in this universe carry spiritual frequencies or energetic vibrations, and experiencing déjà vu proves it. You experience moments when your frequency or energetic vibrations match with that of another object, place, or person. When such a match in frequencies occurs, you resonate with the other person, place, or thing, and thus, you tend to get that feeling of déjà vu.

What Causes Déjà VU Spiritually?

If you are experiencing déjà vu quite too often, you must pay attention to it and try to know what it could mean. When you start to notice the divine message that the experience is trying to send to you, only then will you realize its spiritual significance. So, the next time you experience a moment of déjà vu, try to think of it in terms of these five aspects.

1.   Repeating an Action from Your Past Life

You may have done and seen a lot in your past life. So, a déjà vu experience is trying to show you that you are repeating them. You can understand the spiritual meaning of déjà vu better as soon as you realize this fact. Most people almost always never get to experience a feeling of déjà vu. However, when you do get to experience it, be sure to pay attention and think of it in terms of something you did or said to someone in your past life.

2.   Healing of the Soul

Many times, a déjà vu moment relates to the soul. When you encounter the experience, it means that your soul is trying to send you a message, and you must figure out what it means. However, at other times, it could also mean that your soul is trying to recover from an experience from your past life, especially a bad experience.

Your soul is trying to heal from a wound afflicted from your past life. You may have had a traumatic experience that may have damaged your soul, and by experiencing that moment of déjà vu, you are letting yourself heal from the wounds of your past life.

3.   Being Where you Must Be at the Right Time

Sometimes, experiencing déjà vu also means that you are on the right path and that you must keep going. It means that you are at the right place, at the right time, and with the right people. At other times, it may also mean that you already have experience dealing with the situation at hand. However, you may have never experienced that moment before in your life.

4.   Timeline Shifts

Going through that moment of déjà vu may also show that you are experiencing a timeline shift. Here, it means that you have already experienced before whatever you are experiencing now. It is much like watching or feeling something from another dimension or a parallel universe.

It may also be that you can connect with like-minded people from another life or universe.

5.   Getting That Much-Needed Support from Your Guardian Angels

Déjà vu could also be a sign that you are getting some much-needed support and guidance from your ancestors or guardian angels. When you are going through a tough time or seem to be heading down the wrong path, your guardian angels tend to guide you and correct you. To do this, they send you a message that you may receive as a déjà vu experience.

Many philosophers and other notable people also think that déjà vu is a psychic phenomenon, much like precognition or clairvoyance.

What to Do When You Experience Déjà vu?

When you are experiencing a moment of déjà vu, you must stop worrying about it and instead focus on the situation at hand. You can also try paying more attention to it to figure out what is happening, and more importantly, why?

As déjà vu could also be a message from the soul, focus on it and the things around you when it occurs to get better faster. If you can figure out what the news is, you will probably find something useful.

What if You Have Never Had Such a Moment in Your Life?

First off, note that even if you have never had a moment of déjà vu in your life, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is your first life. Every living creature on this planet has lived countless lives before being born into their current one. It could also mean that your angel guardians have not contacted you yet.

Also, if you have never experienced a moment of déjà vu in your life, you must pay attention to other cues, such as coincidences, synchronicities, epiphanies, or any other such markers.

Remember that only your physical body has limits, not your soul. Your spirit can experience millions of things at different levels. However, your mind is not capable of grasping all of them due to its limitations.

If you want to try to understand them, you can always try meditating. It will help you in your spiritual awakening and lets you reach some level of enlightenment.

Through this enlightenment, you will learn valuable life lessons that will put you on the right path.

How is Déjà vu Connected with Sleep?

If you are experiencing the phenomenon of déjà vu more frequently than ever, it could also be a sign that you are not sleeping too well. Extreme stress and fatigue are signs that you are or could experience more déjà vu instances in the days to come. So, try not to exhaust yourself and get enough sleep.

Another factor that weighs in on the experience could also be that you tend to travel a lot. Travelers are hit by déjà vu feelings more often than others.

Also, in such cases where you are experiencing déjà vu-like feelings because of lack of sleep, it could lead to you making more mistakes due to the immense strain. So, make sure to get enough sleep and that you are careful at what you do.

People with epilepsy are more likely to encounter the experience than ordinary people. Most people with epilepsy say that they have had instances of déjà vu quite too often.

The renowned English neurologist, John Hughlings Jackson, says that people with the illness have an epileptic aura surrounding them that makes them hallucinate vividly. He further states that their experience during these hallucination episodes somehow relates to the memories of their past life.

He also says that these memory-based hallucinations can occur at any magnitude, and at least up to ten times a day, although it could also be more.

Don’t Worry About It Too Much

Nobody knows what déjà vu is or why some people experience it at times. However, if you are looking to figure out ‘What causes déjà vu spiritually?’, then make sure that you are paying attention to your surroundings when it happens. Observe every detail of the moment, including where you are, what time it is, who you are with, and any other little detail you can make sense of during the moment. However, if you still can’t figure it out, then it is best to leave it at that and accept your fate. You are also a part of this universe like the millions in it. You must also accept that you are bound to experience something strange like this, like the hundreds of millions of us. So, stop asking questions during an instance of déjà vu, and ride along. That is, accept the fact that a random thought crossed your mind, stop worrying about it, and move on with your life.