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Frankincense is a woodsy, musky smelling substance that’s usually found in resin or essential oil form. Across centuries, Frankincense has been associated with spirituality and religion across cultures.

The Three Wise Men presented frankincense, along with gold and myrrh to the baby Jesus. Frankincense was also found in King Tut’s tomb after it was opened. From the Romans to the Greeks, mentions of the useful effects of frankincense have also been discovered in Chinese traditional, as well as ayurvedic medicine.

With such an important place in cultures everywhere when it comes to religion and spirituality, frankincense has many uses.

What is Frankincense?

Before going into what is frankincense used for spiritually, let’s look at what it is first. Frankincense in its origin form, is a kind of resin. It’s obtained from specific variety of trees that belong to the family of Boswalia plants.

These trees only grow in certain parts of Northern Africa, as well as in the Middle Eastern regions. Much sought after nearly everywhere in the world, frankincense in its original form is like a pale yellow rock. You can also find essential oil versions of frankincense, which are derived from distilling the resins. Frankincense can commonly be found in the form of incense, or as scented candles as well.

Frankincense is immensely popular not only for its associations with religion and spirituality, but medicine as well. This is a powerful anti-inflammatory substance, and can also be used to treat migraines as well.

The use of frankincense in medical applications has already been well documented by history. It’s applications in spirituality are disseminated through tradition, with cultures passing on the useful benefits of frankincense to their children.

Frankincense has a musky scent, and also has the ability to reduce stress and tension in the mind.

What Are The Spiritual Uses of Frankincense?

Frankincense is a common addition to religious rituals and spiritual practices everywhere. It carries a pleasant aroma, that has also been associated with improving focus and attention. If you need to find the perfect incense to help you relax after a long day of work, then you can’t go wrong with frankincense.

Aside from being used to remove noxious odors, frankincense is also believed to increase and enhance spiritual abilities. If you want to improve your connection with the divine, then burning some frankincense could help you make that happen.

Due to its various uses in rituals and spiritual practices, frankincense is associated with many spiritual benefits. Whether you burn frankincense in its resin form as an incense, the fragrance can calm your mind and enable you to de-stress.

There are various spiritual uses associated with frankincense. Here are ten ways that answer the question – what is frankincense used for spiritually?

1. As a Meditative Aid

If you enjoy meditating, then you know how important a peaceful ambience is when you meditate. Most people usually play some soothing music to help them with their meditation practices.

Consider burning some frankincense the next time you meditate. This will enable you to enter a deeper state of relaxation, and make the most of your meditation session.

The scent of frankincense usually lingers as well, so you can rest assured that pleasant woody smells will be accompanying you throughout your meditation session.

If you’re using meditation as a way to grow spiritually, then frankincense could be the perfect partner for your sessions. This is as this scent has long since been associated with divinity and spirituality. When you burn frankincense before your meditation sessions, you ensure that you’re mind will be more focused when you meditate.

2. While Doing Yoga

If you do yoga or are considering getting started, then why not burn some frankincense while you practice. The deeply relaxing smells will enable you to feel your movements better as you do your exercises.

Yogic exercises are also about bringing the mind and the body together. Frankincense can help you to relax more, enabling you to feel your stretches, as well as the rhythm of your breathing. Finally, frankincense also helps improve attention and memory. So if you were wondering what is frankincense used for spiritually, then as a tool to aid your yoga sessions is one of the reasons.

3. Relax After a Hard Day

Working hard through the day can be rewarding, but if you can’t get yourself to relax at the end.of the day, you could burn out. When this happens, you will no longer be spiritually centered. Negative thoughts can creep in and stress you out.

Instead, why not consider burning some frankincense after you finish work. Frankincense is known for its ability to help ease the mind. You’ll not only be able to relax, but you can also gain the energy you need to perform another day’s hard work.

4. To Enhance Intuition

What is frankincense used for spiritually includes using it as an aid to improve intuition as well. If you need to listen to your inner voice, and focus on what your spirit guides are trying to tell you, then burn some frankincense.

Not only will this immediately calm you down, but it can also help you connect with your intuition better. You can then use the knowledge you’ve gleaned to improve your life, as well as gain spiritual knowledge.

Frankincense can help you feel not just connected to yourself, but also to the Universe as well.

5. To Cleanse Negative Energies

Although sage is the most popular choice of herbs to burn to clear negative energies, frankincense follows at a close second. If you’ve been feeling like negative energies have been creeping into your home, then consider burning some frankincense resin.

Frankincense can dispel negative spiritual energies, and invite positive energies to come in its place. If you’ve been doing any shadow work, then negative energies may be lingering in your home.

Negative energies can also appear when you’re feeling stressed, sad or upset. Burning frankincense around your home can enable you to get rid of these negative energies, and build a peaceful home.

6. Develop Clarity of Thought

Frankincense also has the ability to help you think better. What does frankincense represent spiritually includes intelligence, deep thought, and freedom of expression.

This scent can enable you to express yourself better, and find solutions to communication problems in your life. If you’re looking for a scent that can help you heal and forgive, the frankincense is strongly associated with that.

7. Connect With the Divine

Frankincense is a popular addition to religious rituals across the world owing to its ability to help connect with the divine. Across cultures, frankincense is burnt during religious rituals to enable this process.

If you’ve been looking for a way to better connect with your spirit guides and angels, try burning some frankincense. The scent can help lull you into a state where it’s easier for your spirit guides to communicate with you.

You can even burn some frankincense while you’re journaling.

8. As a Manifestation Tool

Frankincense has also commonly been used as an aid that enables people to manifest better. So whether you use scripting to manifest, or you meditate on your vision board, frankincense can be a great tool to use either way.

Frankincense can help you develop better attention and focus, and allow you to manifest your dreams into reality.

9. To Spur Spiritual Growth

If you follow the spiritual path, and are trying to find ways to achieve spiritual enlightenment, then frankincense is for you. The scent, as well as the essential oil, is associated with strong spiritual properties.

Even if you’re going through a spiritual awakening, the scent of frankincense can immediately soothe you, and help you reach your spiritual goals.

10. Ground Yourself

Spiritual grounding can be difficult when your mind is not at ease. This is where frankincense steps in as a powerful tool that can help you to achieve just that. The scent of frankincense can help you feel more centered within yourself.

It can enable your mind, body and soul to connect better, allowing you to feel more grounded. The scent of frankincense is also associated with providing control over your own mind, and enabling clearer flow of thoughts.

Conclusion: What Is Frankincense Used for Spiritually?

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If you’ve been wondering what is frankincense used for spiritually, then the answer is a myriad number of things. From helping you connect with your spirit guides and the divine, to enabling you to manifest better, frankincense has a lot of spiritual uses.

Most commonly, frankincense is associated with increased clarity, spiritual growth as well as spiritual enlightenment. Frankincense imparts a woody scent that can calm the mind, and relieve stress and anxiety.

This also makes it an excellent addition to your meditation routines. Frankincense can also enable you to get in touch with yourself, and understand your inner voice better. One of the most widely used scents anywhere in the world, frankincense is strongly associated with spiritual growth and positivity.