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The desire for companionship and connection is the most natural of human urges. But even when you do find someone, it can be hard to decide whether the connection is true or not. If you too have wondered whether you have any spiritually connected friends in life, read on. Below, we’ve covered some signs and signals you can look out for to determine whether your connection is real or not.

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You Share Many Similarities

A soul connection is best determined by similarities between people. And these similarities can relate to really anything-the way you look at the world, approach money, your desires, needs and hopes.

Your Gut Points to a Connection

Spiritually aligned souls share a strong gut connect. If you feel an instant kinship with someone, chances are you have the potential to become spiritually connected friends. A spiritual connection is hard to quantify or explain and that’s how you’ll know it’s a true, real bond.

You Can be Yourself Around Them

A great sign that you have spiritually connected friends is if you don’t have to pretend around them. If your conversation flows naturally and you are able to talk for hours without fear or censure, chances are you have found your spiritual soulmate. An even stronger sign is if you are able to laugh together and share in joys without obligation or force.

You are at ease with each other

Spiritually connected friends are at ease with each other and happiest together. You know you have a spiritual connection with a friend when you can share everything under the sun and know you’ll receive no judgment. Spiritually connected friends understand and accept each other without conditions. Look out for a feeling of safety and security. Does your friend’s mere presence make you happy and feel lighter? If yes, chances are you have found your spiritual soulmate.

You feel like you’ve always known them

When you have spiritually connected friends, it feels like you’ve known them forever and that you were always meant to be together. This can feel like an out-of-body experience or a connection that feels as old as time.

You respect each other completely

True friends are spiritually connected souls who hold each other in deep respect. You know you have spiritually connected friends if they respect your choices and decisions without judgment. A soul connection will always be there to lend a respectful ear to your problems. Empathy is the first sign of a true soulful connection and healthy communication.

You Protect Each Other

If you have spiritually connected friends, you’ll know because you all look out for each other and protect each other in times of stress. You don’t need to voice concern or express need, it’s given without asking. This natural instinct is the most deep sign of a true and lasting spiritual connection.

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You Grow together

You’ll know you have spiritually connected friends when you encourage each other to grow. A true soul connection exists when you feel happy with each other’s successes and don’t need to compete.

There’s nothing better than finding someone who wants to grow with you, not without you and will provide you support throughout life. You’ll be able to find your purpose together. You may have been wandering through life aimlessly before, but now you feel the need to be better and become the person you want to be. And this is the mark of a true spiritual connection.

Your hold the same morals and values.

You know you have spiritually connected friends if you share the same moral values and ideas of right and wrong. You may disagree on small aspects of life but in the bigger picture, your outlook on life and truth is the same.

You trust each other completely

Spiritually connected friends trust each completely and don’t need to question each other’s motives or intentions. Being able to trust each other with your darkest secrets, deepest desires, biggest fears and insecurities is the sign of being spiritually connected by a higher power.

You share Life Goals

You know you are spiritually connected to your friend if you share big picture goals and desire the same path in life. When your ambitions and desires align, chances are you have a true soul connect.

You are able to communicate without saying a word

You know you have spiritually connected friends if you can communicate and relate to each other without saying a word. If your silence speaks louder than words and you don’t know need to expressly verbalize thoughts and emotions, chances are you have a soul connection. It’s almost as if you have a telepathic connection to your spiritually connected friend’s emotions.

You feel your happiest around them

You know you have spiritually connected friends if you feel a deep gush of joy around them. It’s the kind of complete and pure joy that you don’t feel around anyone else. A true spiritual connection feels other worldly and hard to explain. If even in the absence of your friend, you each find yourself smiling thinking of them or desiring their closeness, you know your connection is truly spiritual.

You feel that your thoughts are connected

Do you feel that your friends can read your mind and you theirs? That you can communicate via signals? If so, you have a rare connection that is truly spiritual. Spiritually connected friends think in sync and can complete each other’s thoughts without needing to over explain.

You are able to heal and better each other

If you and your friends have the ability to heal or comfort each other, you likely have a strong soul connection. If you can connect to each other and help each other through life’s worst, you are spiritually connected. Remember, it’s only a spiritual connection, if help and support is offered without desire for repayment. Your souls get each other through dark times and prepare each other for even worse.

You challenge each other

Someone you have a spiritual connection with is also someone who pushes you out of your comfort zone and challenges you to do and be better. You know you have spiritually connected friends if you are able to test each other without hurting or offending each other. Spiritually connected friends don’t have to worry about causing each other discomfort or harming each other’s ideals. They can teach other new things, make them aware of the possibilities in life and realize their true potential. Truly connected friends don’t need to worry about tough conversations as they know that their connection will protect their words.

You Feel Like You Are a Better Person Around Them

You know you have spiritually connected friends when you just need each other to complete yourself. You inspire each other and encourage each other’s growth. Truly connected friends teach other to be independent and to inspire you to complete yourself. If your friends allow and provide you space to become better versions of yourself, it means they share a real spiritual connection with you. If the world and burdens seem lighter around them, it means that you are spiritually connected. Other signs of the connection includes if the world seems easier, your mindset seems brighter and you have better clarity around the future. If you feel inspired to a better, more well rounded, kinder and more complete person around them, it means there is a spiritual meaning behind your bond.

You Feel Grateful for Each Other’s Presence in Life

A big sign that you’re spiritually connected with someone is if you are consciously and actively thankful for the presence of the other in life. If you don’t take each other for granted and regularly thank each other for things you do, it means your connection is deeper than normal. Gratitude and gratefulness for their presence is a big sign of a spiritual connected friendship.

You love each other unconditionally and without demand

One of the strongest and most potent sign of a spiritual connection is you accept each other’s flaws without judgment. If your love is unconditional, without limit and without desire for repayment, it means it’s a soul connect. If you are happy for each other’s happiness and in fact feel happier when the other is happy, it means there are deeper aspects at play. When you don’t need to list reasons or force each other to love and care, the selflessness speaks for itself.

Always Remember to Keep Your Eyes Open for Magic

All in all, the world will show you many signs that point that you have spiritually minded friends. What you have to do is be open and welcoming when these signs come your way. Also remember to keep your eyes, ears and hearts open for magic. Once you do find friends that you share a spiritual connect, remember to hold the connection dear and not let it go. Spiritual connections may be destined but like all connections they require nurturing and respect. These connections are rare and therefore precious beyond reason. But if you haven’t found your band of spiritually connected friends yet, don’t give hope as you can come across them at any time. Keep believing.