Jenny Roland

Spiritual Grounding

Spiritual Grounding: A Quick Guide

Our life today is surely hectic. Most of our daily schedule only consists of waking up-eating-work-eating-sleeping; then the cycle goes on. Given the pressures of everyday life, it’s no wonder that most of us are stressed. Long-term exposure to constant…


How to Heal Yourself Spiritually

Image Source You must have encountered certain wounds that you do not get to see, but keep on hurting you. The source of these pains is at times due to the traumas or emotional pains you may have experienced from…


How To Spiritually Deal With a Narcissist

Image Source People who believe in narcissism find the spiritual root in Greek mythology. It is the mindset of self-absorption that calls for their self-starvation and death. Even God advises such people to exercise control and restrain their thoughts. It…