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Finding that one true soulmate who understands you inside out, who is willing to stand by your side can be an incredibly special connection. He/she is the one who no matter what the situation is willing to care for you and love you. When you find such a connection, you tend to make future plans of settling down together and start building a future together. These plans culminate to marriage, and you take the biggest decision of your life with your soulmate.

Marriages are made in heaven. We all have heard of this saying, but where does marriage head to, we have no saying for that. Long distance relationships are anyways difficult and challenging. But thanks to the digital communication, you can stay connected all the time. And long distance marriage is especially challenging. Even after being committed, in a relationship and married, you need to stay away from each other. And this distance seems to scare even the most honest of you. Long distance marriages are indeed tough.

Is distance a concern

You may be worried as to how to spiritually connect with someone far away. However, things may not always be that crazy when you are digitally connected. Spiritual connection is hard to come by. Having the blessing of being with a spouse who is spiritually connected with you can help you in more ways than one. However, distance can be of concern for anyone. You may wonder if the spiritual connection will remain even when the distance exists.

As per a recent study, long distance marriages have more success rates than ever. Such relationships have shown more trust, positive attitude, honesty, and this helps built a better relationship in the longer run. How to spiritually connect with someone far away is one of the questions you may be asking yourself.

Here are a few pointers which can help you by establishing a spiritual connection with your spouse in a long distance marriage.

1.  Both of you need to be self-prepared: Once you and your spouse are planning to be in a long distance marriage, you need to discuss it thoroughly with each other. Understand how things would work out and how difficult things maybe. Understand the requirements of each other. The pros and cons of being together and being in a long distance marriage. You both need to be mentally prepared for any challenges which may come your way while you are in a long distance marriage. To understand how to spiritually connect with someone far away you need to be mentally prepared and ready for any challenges coming your way.

Distance can bring unresolved issues to surface and can also bring rifts between both of you. You both need to be sure before you take the decision of staying away from each other. When you openly communicate with each other, you establish a bond which cannot waver even with distance. This realization and understanding preparing for the future is very much required when you are planning to be in a long distance marriage. The success of such a relationship is only possible when both of you understand the intricacies and the importance of each other.

2.     Be open and honest: When you are in a long distance marriage you need to be absolutely open and honest. The communication between two people who are married, and soulmates has to have the benefit of doubt. You are being honest with each other will be of paramount importance in a long distance marriage. Being in an open and honest relationship will help you understand how to spiritually connect with someone far away.

Communicate well

Communication is the key here. Share about your day, your doubts, the silliest of details with each other, so that the other person feels they are very much a part of your life. Being away can be difficult and challenging. You will need to be consistent in your communication skills. It is better to set a time apart for each other. You can have a phone call, video call, where you can connect with each other in a more personal manner. Every Day have a specific fixed time to discuss each other’s day and ask about the day of your connection. You tend to bond more when you have that distance between you. The entire day you are texting, calling, sending funny jokes with each other. This helps in maintaining a better and easier relationship with each other.

3.     Set your priorities straight: When you think about how to spiritually connect with someone far away, the first thing you need to do is set your priorities right. You cannot ignore the presence of the other person in your life while you are in a long distance marriage. The key to the success of any marriage is setting your priorities straight and right. You need to understand how to prioritize your life, your personal and professional life. You need to strike a balance. The real reason behind being in a long distance relationship needs to be explored here and you need to establish the connection which has made all this possible and feasible for you.

Understand the bond

Setting your priorities right will help you realize the importance of your other half. Understand the bond, the connection you share and why you choose this specific person to be your life partner. All these reasons help you understand and prioritize in your life. Also, understand the fact that the distance is a temporary phase for both of you. It is a temporary phase for the betterment of your professional or personal life. This is where your real challenge lies, you need to overcome the challenges to realize that your partner is your really priority and give them their due importance.

4.     Show mutual respect: While understanding how to spiritually connect with someone far away, shows a mutual sign of respect for each other. Distance cannot alter the connection you have established with your better half. If distance can help, then you should keep distance to your advantage and use it. It is during this phase of life that both of you will understand the importance of having a new relationship and staying away from each other. However, mutual respect for your spouse and the need to show it, is the requirement of the hour. It is through respect that you will learn to understand each other, respect each other’s shortcomings and needs. Hence showing mutual respect is definitely a major factor for both of us.

5.     Have meaningful conversations: Throughout the day you maybe busy and your professional life can be taxing. But this is not an excuse to stay away from your spouse. You can always take out time and have small yet meaningful conversations with your spouse. This also shows how much you are willing to have your spouse by your side and in your life. You keep your spouse involved in all the activities in your life and you expect the same in return. You will be texting and calling each other up the entire day. But those specific 5 or 10 minutes when you were pouring your heart out for your spouse is what meaningful conversation comprises. You can discuss on how things are without the presence of your spouse and how things will be when your spouse returns.

6.     Always lend an ear to your spouse: While being in a long distance marriage is difficult, more difficult is to understand the other person’s mood and liking. Since you have a physical distance between both of yourselves, there is a high probability your spouse will need you now and then. Physically it may not be possible for you to travel across the country, there will always be challenges for maintaining a deep conversation. So it is advisable that at times, you too should lend you ears, and let your spouse do the talking. This is an excellent method where long distance lovers can come together and express their own selves.

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7.     Find ways and means to show you care for each other: Sending across food and care packages show that you have not forgotten about your spouse. It will show that you are making efforts to spiritually connect with them. How to spiritually connect with someone far away will be answered when you read all the pointers.

8.     Make plans together: Even though you both are far away from other, making plans together is like a silent promise to each other. It is like you both know you will come together, and you are getting mentally impatient. Understand plans are like future prospects for both of you. Discussing The plans will actually be reassuring knowing that you will return home and go sagely.

9.     Do a physical activity together: You may be wondering how an activity is possible when you are physically away from each other and to put it simply, distant from each other. Make use of the digital word where you can reach out to each other via phone call. You can play an online game together, watch a movie over OTT or any series which you both can enjoy together over the internet. You can even practice yoga, do few asanas together on a video call to boost each other’s moral. Also you can work out together. These physical activities can help built such a bond which will be difficult to come by and yet you will not want to quit.

10. Spend time: Lastly, you can spend some quality time together over a phone call or a video call discussing a book which both of you may have read. Later, you can share your notes with regard to the book or the movie. This is like a mental exercise for both of you. And it can help relax and rejuvenate from a hard day’s work.

Take care of above points

Each of these pointers have something new and refreshing to offer to you. Everyone who is or who is planning for a long distance relation. You can make use of these pointers to help form the bond, the relationship you need to keep you sane while you pursue a long distance marriage.

You need to understand how you and your spouse is going to maintain a long distance relationship without having to give up on your love for each other. Each day will throw a new challenge towards you. You both will need to handle it adequately and need to work on it together to ensure there is nothing which can come between both of you. Being in a long distance marriage is an arrangement which you and your spouse have taken so it becomes both of your responsibility. You have to ensure that the relationship is maintained, and the dignity is not lost by either of the parties.

Be calm and patient

The marriage may not be a typical marriage, but you will always have your spouse by your side. Distance only makes the heart grow fonder. And that is what a long distance relationship tends to do. You will need to be calm and patient while the distance is still very much a part of your relationship. And this is where you need to understand how deep your connection runs. How close you both are and how compatible you are with each other. This is a test of time and a test of your patience. If you manage to survive through these difficult times, there is nothing tougher than being away from your one true love, your one true connection.

While you indulge in a long distance relationship, always remember to be the one who is patient, loyal, true, open, and honest in the relationship. Once your spouse is able to see how well you have conducted yourself staying so far away, your spouse too would try to be well the same things. It would definitely be a rewarding experience for both of you.