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A spiritual journey is a process to find your self and grow your bond with your significant other. It requires time, patience, and understanding to bloom. Starting any journey takes some time and commitment. It does not need to be attached to any religious beliefs but if you and your partner do share any, you can use them to grow. If you want to begin a spiritual journey with your partner, here are some ways to guide you :

1. Be realistic.

When you start your spiritual journey with your partner, you might expect to reach and master your practice right away. You might expect miracles to happen immediately. This might not be the case. It takes a lot of time and effort to reach a heightened state with your partner. When you begin your spiritual journey with your significant other you need to remember that it is a life long journey and it is unique to both of you. You cannot reach the final stage first. You need to work your way together and invest your time in each stage. Create realistic goals and plans to start this journey.

2. Cleanse your past relationships.

Before you begin your journey together, it is essential to remove any negative thoughts, baggage within you. This will ensure that none of those feelings interferes with your relationship. Make sure you are on good terms with your past relationships and hold no negative feelings towards them. Instead of hiding information about the people who were in your life, talking about them to your significant other is a healthier way to begin this journey. Both the partners have to open their hearts and accept each other.

3. Have a daily practice together.

Set some time aside during the day to engage in any activity that will help you both grow. You can begin your day with a meditation practice. This helps in increasing self-awareness, patience, and reduces your stress levels. Spending quality time with each other is a way to strengthen your relationship. Other than meditation, you can also practice yoga together or read a book together. Spend time doing something you love and enjoy. If you both have had a long day, you can sit together for some time. Talk about your day, cuddle, or even lay on the sofa and watch a movie together. These little activities give an insight into each other and make you closer to the person.

4. Remember the Intention of your relationship.

When you begin your journey with your partner, always remember what your intention and purpose is for this relationship. When two people come together, a third entity is formed, which is your relationship. Nurture this entity and grow as individuals in this journey. Focus on yourselves as well as the relationship. You need to push aside the ego and feed the relationship. Having meaningful conversations and sharing your feelings with each other will help you understand each other. Opening up about your insecurities and feelings to your partner will make you both more empathetic and caring.

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5. Be Intimate.

Touch and intimacy are important to begin your spiritual journey with your partner. Holding hands, kissing, and hugging is a simple love language you can share. Intimacy is very personal and helps connect with your partner on a deeper level. Exploring and admiring each other’s physical aspects builds your energy chords. Compliment each other, share an intimate space where you feel comfortable with your significant other.

6. Providing space for growth.

As important as it is to spend time with another, it is also essential to have some “me” time. Giving each other the space to engage in activities is a key factor of a spiritual relationship. Your partner requires some space to unwind and spend on their hobbies. You don’t always have to be around your partner to create a spiritual connection. Give some space; sometimes laying in silence with each other is stronger than always trying to converse.

7.Acceptance and Trust.

To begin a spiritual journey with your significant other, you need to accept each other’s similarities as well as differences. You might not always agree with everything. Having the capability to accept and understand is essential. Trust acts as the foundation for many relationships. It takes time to build trust. Make sure you both say what you mean even if that might hurt the other sometimes. It is better, to be honest than hide. Lying to your partner can break the trust. Accepting and trusting each other is a step to reach a spiritual level with your partner.

8. Work on yourself.

Try to be the best version of yourself and it will automatically reflect on your relationship. Invest the same amount of time on yourself as you would on the relationship. Being comfortable in your skin and enjoying your own company makes you more amiable even with others. Create a sacred space in your relationship as you begin this spiritual journey with your significant other. Invest at least five minutes of your day on reflection and self-growth. If you are healthy, your relationship will be healthy.

9. Embrace change.

As you begin this spiritual journey, keep in mind that both of you might change. This change will be for the better. Embrace it. Your partner may not be the same person that you met and that is okay. Change is inevitable. Every relationship goes through different phases. Some may not be as bright as the others. Accepting this change is crucial. It is good to change. Looking at it in a positive light is more helpful for you and your significant other.

10. Commit yourself to this journey.

It might seem like a great idea in the start and you might be ready to start your spiritual journey with your partner. Sometimes things may not go as planned. It may not be a smooth journey but do not give up. You both need to commit and work on it every day. These steps are not very hard and the effects of them are long-lasting.

Beginning a spiritual journey with your significant other is a new leaf on your tree of growth. Make sure to water it every day. Have fun during the process. Laugh with each other, create memories with your partner and most of all grow and learn every day.