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In this world, the life of every human is in his or her control. Most of the humans lead a life that is controlled by other beings or sometimes by their own superficiality. It takes a person many years to find the meaning of life as well as their own existence. In order to do so, people read books, follow a religion or attend lectures given by gurus. Doing all these things teaches you one thing for certain, which is to connect to your soul. Some may see the soul as a mere metaphor of the human being’s true self while some see it as a spirit inside the body.

All in all, it is very important for us to know the truth about ourselves. The act of being self aware and realizing our true self is known as spiritual awakening or enlightenment. Doing so can change a person’s life once and forever. It can lead you to a path that is controlled only by you and where you are in control of everything. To know how to awaken your soul, you must have a clear mind. Whether you want to walk on this path and want to change your life is a decision that you have to make.

Spiritual Awakening and Love

Love is something that many people experience and many people don’t. We can categorize it into many things and give it a thousand definitions. Yet we won’t be able to grasp the true meaning of the word. It is because love is something that each person has to discover on their own. Yes, it is something that needs to be discovered and not found. When two people fall in love they make a connection that is unique and is only shared by them. It is very important to make bonds and when you’re in love you make the strongest bond of them all.

Once a person is sure to be in love, he or she has much to look forward than to look back. But when we talk about looking forward, people always have a vague idea of it. This is due to the fact that both the people in a relationship are not sure about themselves and who they are. If one of the two knows how to awaken your soul, he or she can help the other to follow the right path. However, this can also create major problems and rifts between them. But when you are mature enough and are enlightened about life, it isn’t difficult to handle these issues.

How to Handle Love Issues?

Spiritual awakening while you are in a relationship can either make things or break them for you. It can also be a test of whether you and your partner are really in love or just following a pattern. The pattern that is being talked about here is the journey that you and your partner have. From being strangers to becoming the closest person that you know. Usually people go out on dates to socialize, meet new people and know more about them. That is the usual pattern that most people follow and there is nothing in following such a pattern. Every human wants to fill the void of existence with the connection and affection that we share with others.

While some people follow this pattern and find someone who they truly connect with, some might also get lost in this. It is like a matrix where you try to simulate into a being in order for people to like you. But while doing this, you forget the important thing which is to be true to yourself. Many people face issues about themselves while they are in a relationship due to the absence of truth. Hence, most of the things that you do in a relationship stop making sense after a while.

Find Yourself while you are in Love

Being in love is one thing but being in love and not having to fake anything is just another ballpark. As discussed above how important it is being true to yourself and when in love it becomes more important. It is common for people to change or to make sacrifices while they are in love. But whether those changes or sacrifices affect your life is a question which you must ask yourself. Those things are bound to change the course of your relationship but apart from that you must have a life. And if your personal life is being affected by these things, it is something to take note of.

You must not forget about your own existence while you are in a relationship. Many people get into fights with their partners because of misunderstandings that are caused by their own confusion. People forget about their identity and start to live the simulation where their personal needs are often ignored. Hence, it is important to not lose the grasp of your own identity while you make sacrifices for love. It is also important to know how to awaken your soul and let your partner know all about yourself.

Try to Know more About your Partner

Love is a two street, so it won’t suffice if only one person is being true while the other isn’t. If there is love and a special bond between two people, then both would have to be truthful. Knowing how to awaken your soul is never enough when your partner is not truthful towards you. You must try hard to know more about your partner and about their needs as well as expectations. Many people try spiritual awakening together to get to know each other better and to save their relationship. There are many exercises to do and events which you and your partner can attend together for spiritual awakening.

When you know more and more about each other, it helps the both of you to grow together and not apart. Change is inevitable and you have to change no matter what. So why not change for the better and together with the person you love the most. While in a spiritual awakening both of you would go through a transition that none of you would expect. If you two have a special bond and understanding, this transition would make you both better people. This can go either way but if it goes the right way, it can make your relationship last forever.

Do the Right Thing

One thing that you must do personally is to listen to yourself and do what your heart tells you to do. Whether it is morally correct or not it doesn’t matter. If you are true to yourself and feel you are doing the right thing, just go with it. It may mean taking a break or breaking up the relationship for once and for all. It could also mean that you are willing to take an extra step or a walk a mile with your partner. But if your heart doesn’t tell you it is right, there is nothing that you can make it right.

One can do all the things in the world for the other person but if he or she doesn’t feel good, it is pointless. Even if you learn how to awaken your soul, it won’t be good enough if the person you are with doesn’t appreciate it. The same goes for your partner if she or he is going through spiritual awakening. If you don’t appreciate their effort, then the hollowness of your relationship has got to you. In such a case, you must look for the answer through communication and self introspection at the same time.

Somethings are not Worth it

Whether it is worth it to be in a relationship is also something you must ask yourself if you’re going through a turmoil. Sometimes the person that we are seeing is too toxic or isn’t understanding at all. In such cases, no matter what you do or ask your partner to do will bring any good. It doesn’t matter whether you know how to awaken your soul unless you are sure about your partner’s behaviour. Sometimes it is not worth it to go through all of the things just in the hope of a good relationship. It is okay to be selfish and think about your own mental and physical health over the relationship.

Some people may not want to hurt their partners by calling it off. But if you are dealing with a selfish or toxic partner, it is best to end things regardless of how you end it. People must learn to move on from relationships in order to gain spiritual awakening. In the end, what matters is the truth and whether you are able to live your life truthfully. If you can’t lead a life that you don’t have control of, then it is best to change yourself. Or in the case of a bad relationship, end things and move on for your own benefits and happiness.