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The Lord is returning. We know he said of the times and seasons, but none knows the day or the hour. The Verse explains that we must be careful and thoughtful. However, it also emphasizes that none can be positive that we are residing in the “end times”. This is at best a contested notion.

To be true, we are living in an era that is surrounded by events and happenings. That could be construed as indications of impending doom. Famines, earthquakes, disasters, conflicts, persecutions, wars, and rumors of warfare are all around us. But, in the history of the earth, has there ever been a time when this was not the scenario? You don’t need to be an expert in the historical past to understand this.

But let’s pretend for a second that this is the end of the world. So, what’s next? What should a Christian do in this situation? According to the apostle Peter, Christians at the time of the end are only asked to do a single thing: practice holiness and do kind to others. To know more about how to be spiritually ready for the rapture, continue reading.

“As we have the opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith” (Galatians 6:10).

“Is Jesus returning?”

Yes, Jesus is returning. He is returning, both spiritually and visually. He will come in strength and splendor to complete His redemptive mission and build His eternal reign. Christians who believe in the Bible may debate on some details about the end times, but this thing is certain: Jesus will return.

“So how to be spiritually ready for the rapture?”

  • Believe in the almighty and in his teachings, live life accordingly.

How to be spiritually ready for the rapture? Do you want to be ready for the second coming of Jesus? Then conduct as if His first coming was significant.

Jesus used parables to explain His return. He told about a nobleman who journeyed to a distant place to become king, according to the writing in Luke (19:11-27). This nobleman summoned ten of his servants, handed each a Mina (coin), and instructed everyone to “engage in my business until I come” (v. 13). The nobleman came back asking after an undefined period and gathered his servants to testify for their loyalty. The first two servants had done a good job with what they were given. Another servant, on the other hand, had conducted nothing. He hid his Mina by wrapping it in a towel. His failure was in taking no action on what he claimed to believe. He spoke something nice regarding his master, but he didn’t live up to his words, and he forfeited his gratification.

Those who confess to Jesus as Lord and live according to their professions will be rewarded greatly.

This is an important point on how to be spiritually ready for the rapture.

  • Be extremely careful, watch out, be discerning.

Take care that none misleads you. Jesus warned his disciples twice Mark. Watch out that none deceives you. False prophets will arise and perform signs and wonders to lead the elect astray, if at all possible. Now regarding our Lord Jesus Christ’s arrival and our being united to him… Don’t let someone fool you in almost any way.

Scripture consistently warns us to exercise caution when responding to individuals who claim to have all the specifications of the end of times. Managed to figure out and to disregard those who use calendars to set the end of times occurrences.

  • Accept the uncertainties on the way.

Now neither the angels in heaven nor the Son, the Lord, know which time that will be. Observe! Be on the lookout! Because you never know when the time will come (according to Mark 13:32-33).

Let us cease wondering about the day and time if Jesus was pleased not to know. Allow yourself to be satisfied with “none sees… only the Father.”

Life would be much easier if people learners all ahead of time. It is unattainable unless we develop a time capsule or an accurate crystal ball. Meanwhile, the more we struggle with uncertainty and worry about when the end of time will come, the further worry we get. Accepting uncertainty and believing that He All-Mighty only knows it all is the way to approach his teachings. We then start to spend much less time participating in problematic thinking patterns. Habits that create worry when we choose to endure not always anticipating and worrying about the end time.

  • Don’t give up hope, believe and live as preached.

Paul reminded Titus that Jesus’ first coming on earth offered redemption and forgiveness. And taught us all how to continue living “wise, virtuous, and holy” lifestyles in this era. Our “glad hope”—the anticipation of Jesus’ return—drives us to act (Titus 2:11-13).

Maintaining physical, psychological, and spiritual growth by staying optimistic about the idea of spiritual rapture and joyous to each moment. We live every day will help you live a healthier, positive, sensible, more satisfying, and happy life in the long run. Another positive perspective is to use our pain to strengthen our personality and improve perseverance. God will come back to offer salvation. This should give us assurance to work and play our part. And give all the believers hope that a brighter future awaits us all. Believe and keep patience.

  • Strengthen and support each other.

In 1 Thessalonians 4:16 coveys, the promise that the God almighty will come down from heaven with a shout is followed by the instruction. Conveying that believers support, inspire and encourage each other with these words.

The lessons of Scripture about the return of Christ or spiritual rapture are offered not to fulfil our own obsession. With events in the future, but to encourage the body of Christ with the assurances and promises.

Moral courage is required to live the lifestyle that God has called the Believer to live in this world but not of it. Praying for each other, expressing the truth in compassion, and praising others with words and acts are always to encourage each other. These words of support can make a world of difference for someone who is on the verge of giving up. Along with support, God’s goal for us to advance in righteousness, and holiness includes building each other up.

“The promise that “the Lord’s day will come like a thief in the night” is followed by the appeal. To encourage each other, to build each other up, to lead a lifestyle to improve oneself and others along the way.”

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  • Spend each day as if it were the last.

If we’re not vigilant, the time it takes for Jesus to reappear will cause us to become complacent. Believing in the hope that He will come today motivates us to serve each day for what means most for eternity.

We should be glad for our lives and the way they have turned out. Appreciate what we have and work for betterment. We should be grateful to God for providing us with our own being and a nice life. We shouldn’t live in the past and reflect on past occurrences, nor should we be concerned about the future. Motivate each day to believe in the greater good and thrive for the meaning that holds the idea and virtue of eternity. This is an answer to how to be spiritually ready for the rapture.

  • Continue to do the work Jesus gave us to do

As we approach the end of the era, Jesus spoke of unpleasant events, along with mistreatment of people of faith (Mark 13:7-9). After that, he went on to say there is nothing, not even hardship, that should keep us from doing what is most important: preaching the gospel to all countries.

But you will acquire authority when the Holy Spirit has come upon you. You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth, conveyed by Jesus before ascending into heaven (according to Acts 1:8). The disciples simply stood there looking up into the sky, according to the next passages. Two angels arrived and said the phrase that the church needs to remember today: Why are you standing there gazing into heaven? Jesus is coming back so get busy! (according to verses 9-11)

According to the already mentioned Jesus’ teachings in John 14:12–14 have a significant effect on your existence and our shared life in these exciting times. In overview, those words are simply implying is that all we believe in Christ. Who believes in the power of All Mighty, who belief in spiritual rapture and salvation will follow in his footsteps. And in some miraculous manner, be doing something better than Jesus’ deeds. As a way to that purpose, we will have a spiritual connection to Jesus in worship. Even today also so that we can pray for and receive it.

These are some ways of how to be spiritually ready for the rapture.