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Most of us who own pets know that animals can understand our emotions. They are aware of what we want. Most of us have requested our pet to “sit” or experienced the constant meows of the cat during dinnertime. Additionally, we can engage in meaningful, non-verbal conversations with our pets. Yes, that’s right! Do you realize that you can comprehend the “words” they don’t speak but intend to say? Did you know that you don’t need to speak aloud as your pets can understand what goes on in your mind? The article will teach you how to communicate with animals spiritually.

Yes, it’s the truth. Animals are exceptionally adept at recognizing non-verbal communication. But don’t limit yourself to this. Learning further than verbal or gestural communication with your pets is possible. It is possible to interact with them spiritually by the method of telepathy. You can have conversations with them.

If you have a mystical bend of mind, you would have asked yourself at some point how to communicate with animals spiritually. You can use your raw instinct and psychic abilities to communicate with any species spiritually. We all are subconsciously familiar with Interspecies communication as a natural process. Remember how children are more attuned with nature and often talk to cats and dogs. However, since we rarely use this technique once we lose our childlike wonder, we’ve subsequently lost the ability to communicate with our pets.

What is Telepathy?

“Telepathy” comes from the Greek word “”Tele”, which refers to distance, and “path” means feeling. Telepathic communication is essentially the transmission of thoughts. It’s a two-way communication that involves the five senses. Telepathy isn’t limited to only animals. We can also communicate telepathically with birds, insects, fish, plants, and landscapes. Nature in all its forms, with all species, including humans, is incredibly skilled and proficient in spiritual communication.

The ability to communicate spiritually manifests in many little ways throughout our lives. For instance, when you felt connected to a person or intuitively knew that a close one requires help or finishing each other’s sentences. You need to be present and harmonize with nature to be aware of these happenings. As humans have evolved and become more sophisticated, we’ve stopped relying on and practicing telepathic communication. We tend to overlook this inherent capability in our daily lives. However, not all is lost- all we have to do is relearn the ability. With practice and patience, anyone can connect to animals and the natural world.

Animals, on the other hand, haven’t lost their telepathic powers. Animal communication is a mind-to-mind exchange. It’s not mind-reading- it’s two-way interactive communication between two living beings. Pets have the remarkable faculty to communicate with their Pet Parent using telepathy. They do this while they live and continue to communicate even after their passing. Your cherished pet can also become your spirit animal guide from the other side. Sometimes, you’ll catch glimpses of them, or they might appear in your dreams. Whatever happens, they’re always close to you. Even if it’s difficult to sense their presence or even feel them, they’re in your midst. Believe that their energy lives on and does communicate and visit you.

Sometimes a person will sense their deceased pet in their surroundings. You may feel them jump onto the mattress, hear them making noises, hear the jingle of the collar or feel their footsteps. Such events can occur long after the death of your pet. These are the most common signs of a pet who has passed away. These are typical indicators, but what should you do when you’re looking to spiritually communicate with an animal that’s alive?

How To Communicate With Animals Spiritually Without Barriers

What about a pet that is alive and thriving? Are they attempting to talk to you? However, only some of us can pick up what they are trying to convey, while others dismiss it as imagination running wild. Their communication takes place on a spiritual level and uses the telepathic method of communication. They are far more advanced than we are in that they can instantly communicate telepathically. On the other hand, humans have to re-master the art of spiritual communication.

Be it a pet, a domestic animal, or a stray you have a connection with, each animal you encounter serves a purpose. Also, they have much to tell you if you open your minds and hearts to them. The things they share can surprise you – from everyday things like how they’re experiencing the seasons to their preferences and dislikes. At times, they can also share things that may become life-changing such as their spiritual soul purpose in your life.

In her absoluteness, the nature encompassing you is a limitless treasure trove of knowledge, ready and eager to communicate with you and help you. Animals, especially those close to us, often relay nature’s messages. The only question is, do we have the ability and willingness to hear? Most of us have forgotten our natural ability to transmit and receive messages via telepathic channels. Nonetheless, the ability is latent within us. Nature is often willing to teach you how to communicate with animals spiritually. It is a matter of tapping in, believing, and letting go.

Before communicating with an animal spiritually, you must accept these three principles with all your heart and soul to ensure barrier-free spiritual communication. The 3 Big Truths we believe about animals are:

  • Animals are astute, thinking, feeling beings with knowledge and distinctive perspectives.
  • It is crucial for pet owners/caregivers, and anyone who interacts with animals need to communicate with them.
  • All animal lovers can learn how to communicate with animals spiritually, heart-to-heart, mind to mind.

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Start With an Animal You Are Familiar With

It is best to test your skills on your family pet before working with strays and other animals. In the beginning, choosing a dog or cat that you know is the best option. Cats are slightly more difficult because they usually select and decide who to speak with (listen to). A pet dog would be easier since they are pack animals and are more likely to listen to the one who leads their group – you.

Begin by bringing your pet to a calm area. They are already familiar with your tenor- therefore, you are one step ahead of the game. Sit on the floor couch or bed next to them. Give them tummy rubs and pets until they’re comfortable, and start whispering things to them in a sweet tone.

Choose a short phrase or word, and repeat the same sentence repeatedly. For instance, “There you go, honey. There you go, honey. There you go, sweetie.” This is the key phrase. Once you’ve repeated your key phrase ten times rhythmically, close your eyes and remain completely silent. Do not pet your animal anymore and begin to create an image in your head of what you would like them to understand. Animals such as cats and dogs, and some bigger mammals quickly grasp this.

If you’d like to request for them to place their head on your lap, create an image of them doing this in your mind. Combine this with a picture of you petting them afterward as an incentive. When the vision is developed and straightforward, visualize the image wrapped in a fluffy, blue cloud.

Float the cloud image out of your forehead where your third eye is present and into the animal’s head straight between their eyes. After you’ve done this, repeat the phrase once more and slowly float the cloud again into their head. Repeat this process until they either rise and leave or place their head on your lap. Congratulations! You’ve spoken with your animal.

If your pet is a reptile/bird such as a parrot, snake, cockatiel, or budgie, here are the general rules you should follow:

If you are trying to speak to smaller animals, be aware that animals have smaller brains. The way they process images will likely be slower and take more time. If your animal is a pet, it will be used to your voice. It is not advisable to talk to stray animals of this size immediately if they’re not your pet. Also, be patient. Once you’ve mastered talking to the family pet, then the rest will follow. Remember: Practice makes perfect.

How Will Learning Spiritual Communication With Animals Help You?

There are pets in your life, which must probably be why you want to communicate spiritually with your animals. Mastering this skill or even being open to the idea of improving connection with your animals can bring along with it several benefits. Imagine being able to:

  • Find out how to solve your pet’s behaviors or training problems.
  • Talk to your pets, even when you’re not near them.
  • Prepare them to adjust to changes in their routines, guardianship or give them solace during surgical procedures to ensure they don’t feel anxious, overwhelmed, or scared.
  • Help them recover from injuries or accidents and get over abuses meted on them in the past.
  • Help shelter, rescued, and foster animals find their new homes.
  • Find out what makes your pet feel loved, accepted, and valued.
  • Find out what they feel when suffering from pain, what makes them feel better, and why they feel more uncomfortable/comfortable.
  • You can also use the ability to find an animal that has gone missing or lost.
  • Find out when, how, and if your pet is ready to pass to the other side.
  • To talk and interact with deceased animals and pets.
  • Find out when/if they are returning to you.
  • The most important thing is that knowing how animals communicate can strengthen your bond with your pet, unlike anything before. Animals always try to be your most trusted companion, but you won’t be their most trusted friend until you communicate with them one-on-one.

Animals Are Born Communicators! Once you learn how to communicate with animals spiritually, you can save a life, make a difference, and hear the voice of the voiceless.