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Are you stuck in a situation that is draining you emotionally and physically? Can’t stop worrying? Well, first you have to accept that you are also on a spiritual journey in this life. These are challenges posed to you, but the almighty has also given you the strength and capabilities, to bring about a change in your circumstances. You need to know how to shift the atmosphere spiritually. It is not a very difficult thing to do and you can do it by staying focused. Read on to know how you can bring a shift in your atmosphere.

Deal with your feelings

Most often, if you are in a bad mood or stressed, you will be easily annoyed. You will find yourself in unwanted drama. You do not have to agree with others’ beliefs and opinions. But that doesn’t mean your interaction with others turns unpleasant. Be more acceptable and respectful.

That being said, it will never be easy if you do not own up to your troubles. First, take time to recognize what’s bothering you. You should always take time out for yourself. A little breather to calm yourself will always work.

Take a step back when you find an interaction is escalating. Focus and try to make it peaceful. Try to relax your mind. If you interact in a calm and dignified way, the second person in a debate or discussion will be respectful too.

This is one of the first steps if you want to know how to shift the atmosphere spiritually.

Pray and Work on your intuition

One of the important ways to shift the atmosphere is to be more intuitive. Pay attention to the vibes and energies that you get from others. You must have sometimes met someone and immediately thought you will not get along with them. This is even before they have spoken anything. This is because you did not like the vibe you got from them.

Whenever you feel that a person is in an extremely irritated state of mind and has negativity in them, take a pause. Say a quick prayer in your mind directed towards the higher powers. Ask for protection and say you do not want to be in that circumstance. Ask your God to bless you and shield you.

If you find a family member or friend is in agony and an unpleasant mood, say a quick prayer. Always try to understand what or how the other person is feeling and try to react appropriately. In most cases, that is a primary step in knowing how to shift the atmosphere spiritually. If you ask God for helping you bring a change in the atmosphere, he will.

Understand when to remove yourself from a situation

At times, everything might seem well and good but in your heart, you feel a little skirmish. You feel tension or unrest without any apparent reason. This is either your fear or God sending you a signal. The message is for you to realize it is time to detach yourself and leave the place you are in.

If you are a believer in God and feel he leads the way, you must recognize his signals and leave. This is also God’s way of helping you deal with your fear. He is shielding you. Do not be overwhelmed with fear, pray to the almighty for continuing to bless you. A vital step in understanding how to shift the atmosphere spiritually is to stop listening to the fear speaking in your mind. You can always evaluate or deal with the actual cause later when you feel less threatened or unsettled.

Believe strongly that God is always there to lead you in your hardships. Obey his instructions to feel a smooth shift in the atmosphere.

You can dictate your atmosphere spiritually

There is a constant battle between the good and the bad in your atmosphere. You might be completely unaware of it, but the evil or demonic force is always trying to snatch the good. You can protect yourself from the lies that the negative powers are whispering to you by dictating the atmosphere. If you are still wondering how to shift the atmosphere spiritually and if it is possible, it is. You have to dominate the atmosphere. We have shared some ways in which you can:

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Cleansing or anointing of a space

If you feel the atmosphere in your home or office has become negative, you should cleanse the space. If you feel stand-offish in your home, it is a sign that evil spirits have entered it. Only God knows what has happened in your house in the past and if any negative power is residing in it. Keeping the house cleansed is also a way of stopping demonic forces from invading your space. So how to shift the atmosphere spiritually by cleansing your home. Follow the given steps:

First, remove anything and everything that can be associated with sin. Go take a tour of every room in your house, take a garbage bin bag in hand, and scrutinize your belongings. Focus and you will quickly see you can find multiple things that somehow celebrate sin. Dump these things in the bin bag. Don’t forget to go through your movie, book, and music collection. Hint: Consider throwing out things related to lust, murder, and such sins. Look at your jewelry, home decor, and furnishings too.

Second, order the evil spirit to leave your space in the name of Jesus. Yes, like how you have seen in those horror films. Remember you have to command the demonic force to leave your property. There is no prayer involved.

Thirdly, pray to Lord to manifest his glory in your property. Request him to send his angels to shield you and your family members. Welcome God in your den.

Fourthly, anoint the doors and windows with your home. You can apply any oil you have on the top and side posts. Walk from the front to the back and anoint the doors from both sides with dabs of oil. You will feel a shift in the atmosphere even before you finish.

Fifthly, decree the lord’s name while you anoint. As you walk across your home, keep speaking his name till you finish anointing.

Sixthly, while walking on your property lines while anointing (and continuously decreeing his name), anoint the four corners of the ground of your property.

Lastly, take the seventh step which is the last one in how to shift the atmosphere spiritually by cleansing your home. While anointing, you are already almost circling your property. If not, try to go in a circle and end where you started. Now make a decree so that this circle of protection stays intact. Dab the ground with oil when you do so.

Lift the name of Jesus

After you are done with anointing your space, this is another way to dominate your atmosphere. It is one of the easiest ways. Sing songs or play songs that celebrate Jesus. You can also continually chant his names like Prince of peace, savior, etc. Jesus will dominate your atmosphere.

Now all you have to do is to maintain the cleanliness of your environment. Things like negative attitudes and cursing affect the atmosphere. Even if it comes out from your laptop, mobile, or T.V. screen. If you think something bad is happening or has happened, anoint and lift the name of Jesus again.

Let the Holy Spirit take charge of your environment.

If you want us to put it even more simply, we would like to say that there are six easy steps. Six steps to bring about a change in the atmosphere spiritually:

  1. Understanding and identifying the spiritual atmosphere. Is it an internal or external atmosphere that needs a change? You will know it’s internal when your emotions and feelings are involved. The negative ones will remain till you are spiritually healed. You will understand it’s external when there is a shift when you move away from a place or person.
  2. Practice rest and peace. Don’t partner with stress and chaos. Agree with God, his perspective, and what he has in store for you. Learn to calm yourself by taking deep breaths. Say a prayer and compose yourself when you are faced with stress, chaos, anger, and tension. Do not partner with them. Agree with God and thank him.
  3. Bring God in by praising and worshiping him. The moment you worship when you feel troubled, you will be able to see things much more clearly. As soon as God’s presence steps in, the negative spiritual atmosphere has to end. Praising God will help you feel more light and joyful. There will be an instant shift in the spiritual atmosphere.
  4. Express gratitude to God. Be thankful for what he has done for you and what he continues to do. Thanksgiving is very important. Keep your faith in him and thank him for what he will do for you in the future.
  5. Start anointing your home to declare it a place for God, where no evil has space. You can anoint everything in your home, all the furniture too. Keep praying while you are at it.
  6. Be gracious, even when it is difficult to be graceful. If a family member is feeling frustrated, try to understand why they are feeling grumpy. Being gentle is the best way to honor not only God but yourself and your family too.

So do not be a victim of your circumstances. God resides in us. You need to change your thoughts. Worship, praise and change the atmosphere. You are blessed with the authority to do so.