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When we’re constantly surrounded by problems, we may lose focus on the things that matter to us most. It happens all the time. There’s absolutely no way you can permanently get rid of your problems. However, you can learn to live with them and spirituality is one way to do it.

There exists an infinite loop that destroys your work life and your relationships (especially with your wife) if you don’t quickly find your way out. The progress in your career life must be in harmony with the progress in your spiritual life. That’s the only way to gain and maintain a spiritual connection with your wife and loved ones.

A healthy relationship with your wife can be a key to solve the majority of problems of your life. You have to take care of that relationship if you desire to achieve success and prosperity. You and your wife have to resonate with each other’s thoughts for a better relationship. In this article, let’s see how you can share a spiritual experience with your wife.

What Is Spirituality And Why Is It So Important?

It’s so easy to get distracted by the material things around us. However, spirituality deals with things above one’s general thought, like the human spirit and soul. It teaches letting go of material things and focus on the deeper meaning of life. Beliefs like something greater than ourselves and our sensory responses that exist in the universe are dealt with in spirituality. Spirituality effectively helps in becoming the best version of ourselves. To achieve spirituality, we must lose our identity and realize our divinity.

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How To Share A Spiritual Experience With Your Wife?

When one lets go of his/her ‘I’ and experiences oneness, it can be called a spiritual experience. It’s an experience where things like religion, caste, jealousy, hatred, etc seem out of context. Simply say, a spiritual experience is when you get in touch with your spirit or inner self. When you don’t crave material things and try to achieve inner peace instead.

Things like spiritual intimacy act as the key to achieving or sharing a spiritual experience with your wife. Spiritual intimacy is when the couple feels safe to open to each other, and unconditionally accepts each other. They share the same goals, spiritual values, and purposes.

When one shares this experience with his/her loved ones, the bond between them becomes unbreakable. This type of connection goes beyond things like caste, religion, traits, likes, dislikes, etc. Sharing a spiritual experience means sharing the fundamental values, beliefs, and dreams with each other. It’s when you both resonate with each other’s thoughts and beliefs. Just like that, if you want to achieve the ultimate stability in your relationship with your wife, you have to share a spiritual experience with your wife. Here are a few effective ways to do it.

1.    Achieving Inner peace

Achieving inner peace is crucial before attempting any of the other ways that’ll be discussed in a while. This will help you achieve a greater understanding of your wife, improving your relationship with her directly. Let go of your ego and always try to see the bigger picture. You reach the state of inner peace when you stop seeking the validation of other people. Spiritual practices like meditation, yoga, and prayer can help you achieve that state of mind.

2.    Being Honest With Your Wife

You have to be completely honest with your wife. There is no way you can share a spiritual experience with your wife if you’re not completely honest with her. Honesty and trust act as the very foundation of any relationship, especially with your wife. Never hide anything from her that can damage your relationship with her if she finds that out by any other means.

3.    Being A Good Listener

Listening is probably one of the most underrated skills one can have. Being a good listener is way more important than being a good speaker if you want to expressively communicate with your wife. People wait for their turn to speak instead of actively listening to what the other is saying. If you are doing that, then it’s time to stop else you may end up ruining your relationship with your wife.

4.    First Know Yourself

Before sharing a spiritual experience with your wife, you have to experience that yourself first. Ask yourself questions like What do I want? What are my life goals? What are my beliefs? Am I even interested in spirituality or I find it nonsense as most ignorant people do? Self-reflection is important if you want to understand your wife better. How can you do that if you don’t fully understand yourself?

5.    Find Ways To Laugh Together

“Laughter is the best medicine”, this saying is remarkably true. Having a short laugh with your partner can get rid of stress and tension in an instant, allowing you to spend quality time with your partner. Besides the stress-relieving power, laughter creates openness and openness directly creates understanding. Laughter is so powerful that it can deepen the connection with your wife immediately. If you don’t have reasons to laugh, find them. Laugh at the old embarrassing moments of you and your partner, laugh at how stupid your neighbors are. Even watching funny videos together would do the trick.

6.    Practice Self Love

Loving your partner without even loving and embracing yourself is not possible. Even if you somehow do make it happen, it won’t last long as the foundation is too weak. Your wife may feel duplicity in you which will make the situation even worse than before. You will soon find yourself struggling to unconditionally love your partner. The old saying “True change comes from within” is true. If you don’t change yourself, how can you expect the surrounding people to change? The meaning of self-love is not limited to loving yourself. Instead, it means you accept all the good and bad around you and you’ve learned to live with those differences in you. Once you do this, the spiritual connection with your wife is destined to improve.

7.    Don’t Ever Talk About Past Arguments And Conflicts

To forgive is a very rare quality these days. Letting go of your ego is crucial for maintaining a healthy relationship with your wife. People find ending the relationship comparably easier than forgetting the other’s past hurts. You should not discuss past wrongdoings of your partner and try to forgive her instead. Forgiving the past is the first step of rebuilding a strong relationship with your wife. Besides that, remember to openly communicate with your wife with respect to prevent future conflicts.

8.    Practice Spirituality Daily With Your Partner

Find time for daily spiritual practice with your wife. It deeply cleanses your mind and your wife’s. If you find practices like prayers and going to church daily hard, find time for half an hour of meditation in the morning and night. Meditation at the beginning of the day and the end of the day is helpful in making your day better and preparing for the next. It also induces a sense of calmness in the mind which is very rare these days. Practicing spirituality is one of the best ways to share a spiritual experience with your wife. However, very few couples maintain this routine.

9.    Solve Each Other’s Problems

At some point in life, you may find yourself stuck in a very difficult situation. You should not hesitate to take help from your partner, this is beneficial for you and your relationship with your partner. The same applies to your wife too, you should help her in every difficult situation and return the favor. Apart from that, solving each other’s problems is directly responsible for building trust which is the very foundation of any relationship. 


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We’re getting lost in the world of technology. We are indulging ourselves in things that don’t matter much in life losing things which matter in life, as a consequence. The crucial relationship with your wife is one of those things. Sharing a spiritual experience with your wife is very rare these days. However, you can achieve that using the ways/steps discussed above. To follow those steps you have to first indulge yourself in spirituality to control your mind and actions better. You have to let go of ‘I’ and achieve oneness. 

Sharing a spiritual experience with your wife can be directly responsible for the overall betterment of your relationship. It’s also said that having good personal relationships reduces half of the problems that you’ll ever encounter in your life. It’s important to keep your work life and personal life in tandem with each other.

However, following these steps and maintaining that for a longer time is very hard for most people. Most couples fail to build a spiritual connection between them, maintaining that connection is even harder. If you still achieve that state with your wife, your life is destined to be filled with joy and prosperity.