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Angels are celestial messengers between God and Humans. They are our benevolent protectors and spiritual guides. They are an inevitable part of all religions and traditions. The literal meaning of the word angel is ‘messenger.’ They reveal the Divine truth and help us attain salvation, graces, and favors.

Angels appear before us in the time of need as signs or omens. They are spiritually powerful and energizing. This article helps you find out if you have experienced an angel sighting? Angel signs will always be positive and will make you feel calm and good.

We can feel the presence of angels, hear their voices in our thoughts and dreams. They place images in our minds and gift us with angelic insights into difficult tropes even though all logic fails. We receive signs and alerts from them. In rare cases, angels are believed to even take physical/ Human form.

Angels send signs as guidance, answers to your prayers, or even as a loving warning. Keep an open mind and be receptive to their messages. It is highly likely that you have experienced angel sighting if the following incidents have occurred in your life.

Hearing Voices

Have you felt any difference in your sense of hearing? There have been many accounts of hearing a ringing. It can be an answer to a prayer, a song that eerily relates to your thoughts, or a disembodied voice.

Hearing angels is seldom like hearing an actual voice speaking to you. It could also be a slight ringing or buzzing to get your attention to the signs that you may have overlooked. These would not be painful or disturbing.

If you suddenly hear a ringing sound in your ear, take notice of what is happening around you and what you’re thinking about. Angels may effectively be trying to “underline” a particular thought or idea you’re having.

As our vibration lifts, we continue to grow spiritually, our energetic body becomes more tuned to these higher frequencies.

Physical Signs

We chose to believe only in physical signs as they are more reassuring and evident. There are many physical signs associated with angel sightings ranging from rainbows to feathers.

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Our Angels choose the signs they display depending on your individual situation. Each sign or symbol has a different message but is from the same source. The source of greater power, love, strength, and protection. Repeating striking shapes is a way to change or focus your attention on something important.

These signs may be strong or subtle. Some common signs are:

  • Clouds take various shapes like that of an angel, heart, or something soothing. Each shape might have a direct message intended only for you.
  • Rainbows are a reminder to not feel lonely. Your guardian angel is always with you. It is a beautiful symbol of luck and interpersonal connections.
  • Angel numbers carry different energy and meanings. Angels use numbers to communicate different messages. They usually appear repeatedly or in sequence to catch your attention.
  • Angel shapes may appear in the form of clouds, tea leaves, or soap bubbles.
  • Feathers are a sign of protection, love, and support. It is a reassurance that they are watching over you and listening to your prayers.
  • Light in the form of bright flashes or colors indicates the presence of your angel. The colors can vary from white to purple depending on the angel.
  • Butterflies and dragonflies in a large group are messenger creatures. They are connected to the energy of angels.
  • Pets/Babies do not have filters that can block their ability to see the angels. If their attention is caught at something you are unable to see, it is highly likely that they are looking directly at an angel. They will be at ease and comfortable.
  • Coins appear as a sign of luck and good fortune. It means you are being looked after, especially at a time when you are in need of physical and materialistic needs.

However, these signs can be anywhere. Any time something like this happens, try to connect the image with something you’ve been struggling with or wondering about.

Spiritual Chills

Your sense of touch is heightened when an angel visits you. You may experience goosebumps or a chill breeze at an unlikely place or time. A tingling sensation or as you call it a chill should not be ignored. These feelings are likely to be an embrace from your angel.

You are precious and are being protected under the wings of your guardian angel. As with many other signs, chills should prompt you to give more attention to what you’re seeing or thinking. An experience of chills can also tell you that you’re on the right path.

This can be a sign that angels are nearby, and are attempting to communicate with you. It gives you a refreshing sense of newly found energy. These are known as spiritual chills. Spiritual chills, or the sensation of being touched, can happen anywhere on your body. Most people feel this sensation on the top of their head, the location of your crown chakra. Opening your crown center allows you to better attune yourself to the messages from Divine powers.

Sense of peace

An immense sense of peace and calm washes over you in the presence of your angel. You would not have experienced such an exhilarating feeling elsewhere. It assures your being that everything is going to be alright as your angel is always protecting you.

It is a feeling of euphoria only the most blessed gets to experience. This sense of peace provides you comfort from all your worries, stress, anxiety, and depression.

This is because the energy of angels is peaceful, calm, loving, and exhilarating. It fills your body with positivity and strength. We are wrapped in a cocoon of love and protection, which can instantly dry tears, calm hearts, and quiet nerves. This feeling of peace is a wonderful gift.

Enhanced Perception And Intuition

Pay close attention to your thoughts and feelings at all times. Do not dismiss sudden thoughts because they may be a message from your angel. You may have a simple thought or even a feeling about something in response to a decision you are trying to make.

Your angel is likely assisting you by helping you focus on your inner spiritual voice. Your intuitions will be heightened. Always listen to your gut instincts. It is the most powerful sign your angels can show you.

A Sense of not being alone

Angels appear before us at our most critical times. The times when we feel alone, helpless, and lost. The sense of having your angel next to you can be extremely comforting. Whether you see the signs or not, they are always around you.

Each of us is receptive in different ways. Some feel the constant presence and protection while others feel them only when they are desperate.

Dreams Or Premonitions

It is a true blessing to see your guardian angel or spirit guide in your dreams. It proves your strong spiritual connection to the supreme power.

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Dreams are the easiest way for angles to communicate with you. You are in your most relaxed state with a calm mind. Your conscious mind is sleeping and your subconscious is aware. They can appear as someone you care for or even as a beloved deceased family member. They send you thoughts, memories, or messages through your dreams.

It is wise to keep a dream journal to jot down all your dreams. This would ensure you do not miss any signs in the future. Sleep is the best time, as there won’t be any mental block or stress factors affecting you. The message gets delivered to a clear and open mind.

If you are wondering how are these dreams special from other regular dreams you are, keep in mind it would be vivid and repetitive. It will be more pleasant and in tune with your soul. You will also feel intense emotions as you establish a connection with your spirit guide.

At other times, you may also have experienced premonitions. These are thoughts or insights into your future. It would have been very clear and probably judged as a gut instinct. Angels use these signs to warn you of uncomfortable situations or difficult decisions.

Favors and success

Angels are benevolent and giving. Your prayers are always answered in different forms. But at times they even give you unexpected favors and success. It might be through others in your life or by opening up new opportunities.

These spiritual favors should help you move ahead in life and do not forget to give it forward to those in need.

In conclusion, at your best and worst, your guardian angels will send you definite signs. Be open to them and keep only positive thoughts in your mind. Angels are positive and show you the right directions in your life. Be in tune with the flow of your spiritual energy to not miss these signs.